Sexy Gifts To Buy Your Partner (Naughty Gift Ideas)

Getting a sexy gift for the holidays, birthdays, thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or even just “because” is always a winner in our relationship. You can use it together if it is a sex toy, wear it for them if it is lingerie or role play outfit and even send you naughty texts about this new gift. I love sexual gifts, it both allows you to bond with it and it always makes us happy.

Below I have listed all of my favorite sexy gifts for men and women, all of them are ideal as Christmas stocking, birthday gifts, sexy birthday gifts and just about any other special occasion you can think of. I hope this list meets your needs and that you will find something they will love if you need help choosing something for your special person, be sure to leave your comments in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Sexy gifts for him

Let’s start this list with men! I have compiled 6 all my sexy gifts of all time for you and put them all below, I hope you will like it as much as my boyfriend.

penis extender

Let’s start with a penis extender. I wrote this article on the best cock extenders this will give you a little more information about the wonderful world of penis extenders, but if you want a quick summary, they are so easy to use. You slide it over your penis and it can add up to an additional 3 inches to your length and an additional girth to your shaft.

It is a realistic form of authenticity and made of transparent material so that you can see your penis through it. It snaps into place, you don’t have to worry about it falling, it feels just as good for it, I love it when my boyfriend wears it, it slides everything in me and looks like to a completely different penis.

stoya standing next to his fleshlight

I had my boyfriend his first fleshlight years ago but he loves it this stoya masturbator, he comes back to it every time. He did not know the adult actress “Stoya” before I bought him this Fleshlight but it is sure that hell knows her now. He uses this Fleshlight alone and with me, I love watching him use it.

It is made from SuperSkin for an ultra realistic feel, the internal length is 9 inches so that it can accommodate most of me, it is also lined with bumps, ridges and other stimulating textures so you can be sure of a delicious submersion once inside. The outer lips are also very realistic and it makes me excited to touch it and lubricate it for my boyfriend. It is also incredibly easy to clean with its removable handle.

sliquid lubrication bags

Fun, easy, useful and inexpensive. I love having my boyfriend lubricant sachets like these, they give you a great assortment of different flavors and types of lubricants. It comes with 12 different sachets with 2 of each variety so you can really test if you really like a particular lubricant or not.

Having all of these different lubricants is really helpful and makes a great excuse for escaping into the room and whirling around.

remote controlled prostate massager

Your male partner can use this masseur during sex or for solo sessions, this is a crazy prostate massager. My boyfriend loves this sex toy, he was uncomfortable at first, but overcoming this initial thing of “ anal sex toys ” & # 39; & # 39; and realize that they feel damn good, you didn’t have to be shy about your asshole was a big step for him, but once he set off that first orgasm of prostate, it was hooked.

We don’t use this prostate massager together, he likes to use it alone but I saw him use it while I was using something else and it was a sperm and delights festival. It stimulates your P-spot and massages your perineum, producing breathtaking orgasms at the touch of a button for men.

realistic ass and vagina

On the expensive side but if you have a larger budget, Alana vagina and buttocks is sensational. It is made from realistic TPE material, which makes it realistic to the touch, it is heavy and stable, so you can place it pretty much anywhere and it has a pussy and ass that you are free to take advantage of.

Diving into her tight pink pussy or wet ass always makes my boyfriend moan, we use it together, stimulating trios and playing with her body. My boyfriend loves watching me fall on her and I love watching him kiss her, it’s been a great bonding experience for us.

spray delay bottle

Made from natural ingredients this delay jet temporarily numbs your penis, allowing you to last longer in bed. You only need a small amount on your penis to feel its effects, which are always appreciated. This gives you more assurance that you are not just going to enjoy instantly and that it is always fun to last a little longer.

Sexy gifts for her

Now it’s time for women, I’m going to include all of the best female sex gifts that have been welcomed in my arms. I haven’t included any lingerie in the gifts below, but if lingerie is your daughter’s thing, be sure to read this article that I wrote: Lingerie sets that I love

jessica rabbit vibrator

You can’t go wrong with a rabbit vibrator (unless your daughter hates internal stimulation), this Jessica rabbit vibrator is a classic and loved by thousands and thousands of people.

It has a rotating shaft which has 3 different speeds and is reversible and it has external stimulation thanks to the “rabbit ears”, this clitoral stimulator has 3 speeds and 7 delectable models. You can enjoy mixed stimulation with this rabbit vibrator, G-spot and clitoral orgasms at your fingertips. It is beautiful in you and always makes my legs tremble and my pussy explode with orgasms, it is a classic sextoy that has just innovated over and over again.


I am always grateful to skirt-chaser for creating something so wonderful. I am a big fan of clitoral stimulation and this powerful little sex toy is great for women like me. It stimulates your clitoris without touching it or making it too sensitive, so you can enjoy it again and again.

It gently sucks your clitoris and delivers vibrations that push you every time. It is non-intimidating and so easy to use, you can also use it during sex if you want to try mutual orgasms with your partner. It is the perfect little sex toy gift for women who want to try something new knowing that a strong, trembling knee clitoral orgasm awaits them.

orgasm balm

Infused with peppermint and essential oils this orgasm balm promotes blood circulation to the clitoris, which makes your clitoris more responsive and your orgasms more intense. The increased blood flow makes my clitoris thrilling with pleasure and makes each contact even more, oh so satisfying.

massage wand vibrator

Another of the best gifts I have ever received. It is a plug-in wand vibrator (you’ve probably heard of the “Hitachi” wand before), it has a scroll wheel that increases and decreases vibrations, these strong vibrations radiate through the oversized head of the vibrator and spread all over your vagina.

The long plug-in cord is very useful and it also means that you will never run out of power when using your vibrator. I find that I can enjoy over and over again using this wand vibrator, playing with the vibrations and pushing myself over the edge again and again. It is incredibly easy to use and can also be used on its sleeve and during sex, you just need to hold it in place!

Lovehoney 6 inch dildo

A realistic dildo with suction cup made for an exciting night, with realistic crests, head and veined rod this dildo is always at hand for me. It has a suction cup base that makes hands-free fun a reality. This hands-free freedom gives you the opportunity to stimulate your G-spot in different positions and even to simulate trios.

It is rigid enough to look like an actual erection, but it also offers some flexibility so that you can fold and move it as you wish.

woman in black lingerie newxt remote control vibrator panties

One of these panty vibrators is a beautiful gift that most women will love. Put on the soft panties, secure them in place with the silky ribbons, then block the powerful high-end panty vibrator in the soft panties. With 12 speeds and 8 models to play with, there is an endless orgasm.

Control these vibrations and these patterns via the remote control which operates 8 meters away. Wear these panties in the bedroom and give your partner full control or wear it to the world and see how much you can take.

Sexy gifts for couples

Finally, I wanted to share some of my favorite couple sex toy gifts, great as Christmas stockings, birthday gifts, or even just for a little weekend fun. My boyfriend and I love these gifts for couples, we hope you do too.

sex toy kit

We like these sex toy kits, it gives you the opportunity to really experience some things that you might not have done otherwise and you also get what you pay for. This sex toy kit includes 11 different sex toys for you to play with and enjoy.

I wrote an entire article on sex toy kits that include everything from BDSM kits to anal sex kits, so be sure to read it here.

deep throat spray

This deep throat spray is a staple in our bedside cabinets, it temporarily numbs your gag reflex so you can have blowjobs like a pornstar or someone without gag reflex. A little goes a long way and it definitely gives me more confidence in my abilities knowing that I’m not going to gag.

Under the bed constraints that fit under any bed while the fasteners adapt to your needs. Tie your partner to the bed by the ankles and wrists and explore his body while plunging your toes into the world of submission.

The cuffs are velcro, so they are easy to remove and comfortable to wear. We like to use these constraints and take turns exploring the bodies of each other as we want.

vibrating penis ring

Finally, we have this cock ring. Penis rings if you do not know how to give you a stronger erection while helping you last a little longer in bed, they are comfortable to wear because it is made of stretch silicone, you do not feel it once It is on. This cock ring comes with a vibrator so that you stimulate the clitoris and your balls and rod, making it a truly exciting bonding experience.