The Best Bondage Tape Ever Made? (This Tape Is A Must-See)

It can be hard to find anything in life worth buying, we all go from thing to thing, upgrade and downgrade, try new things, go back to old things, etc. I’m also guilty of it, I can find a candle that I really like but that doesn’t stop me from deciding that I could do better.

However, sex toys are different for me, when they are good, they stay. I know I try so many sex toys, too much to even house more (who wants a second hand sex toy auction? Nobody? Ah ..). I have so many but I still have the golden favorites that have accompanied me for years and even sometimes months that I know I will not cut and change, they will always stay with me . Sex accessories are also part of that and one of those things is the bondage tape.

I don’t use bondage tape all the time, it’s not like I’m walking around my house with my ankles tied together while waddling like a seal. I use it several times a month and I love it. It is different from the rope and ties, there is something very erotic about the bondage band, the sound, the smell, the restraining aspect and the fact that she is so versatile.

What is the bondage tape?

bondage tape used on the table to show colors

Bondage tape is a thin plastic that you can use to hold and stimulate your partner. It only adheres to itself, unlike tape or standard tape. It also doesn’t stick to hair, so it won’t be painful to remove it wherever you place it.

Bondage tape can be used to hold arms, legs, wrists, ankles, nipples, mouth, eyes and just about anywhere you go down. It is easy to use, but it is best if the person you are holding is still while you are holding it, as it can get a little tight if there are a lot of tremors.

Another reason why people LOVE the bondage tape is the fact that it doesn’t leave traditional marks like handcuffs, ropes and other fasteners do. It also offers an excellent retaining mechanism, just make sure the ribbon is not too tight.

The best bondage tape we have used

This is what i like this bondage strip, there are no thrills, no original designs, no batteries needed, that’s just what it is.

black bondage tape

The price is incredibly good, for just under 9 dollars, you get 20m of reusable ribbon and it is available in three different colors (I put them below for you), I just prefer black. It does not stick to hair or skin, it only sticks to itself, so it is easy to use and it is not painful to peel off.

You can reuse it over and over again, just make sure you take your time to keep it from regrouping, however, if you don’t care about reuse, you can just remove it in seconds.

The restraint it offers is perfect for me, you are well in place with such erotic bondage. I love its smell and feeling of fixing my wrists and ankles in place, my partner also places a small amount on my mouth to prevent me from moaning and making noise.

We also found that placing a small amount on my nipples and pressing and peeling off is amazing, so definitely try it if you like to play with the nipples.

Why it beats all the other bondage bands

I find the price unbeatable, for 20m of bondage tape, I have never found quality quite like it. I love being contained by it and I find that once you use it multiple times, you can really get the trick and figure out how to reuse it.

The bondage tape for me should only be wrapped a few times before it is perfect for me, so if you are new to compression, a wrap should be enough. The 20m of tape goes a long way, so you don’t have to worry about running out of time, it sometimes seems endless.

I also like that it’s so simple, it doesn’t scream BONDAGE, it looks like a normal tape, its hidden secret lies in the tape and the way it sticks. It could be kept literally anywhere in your home, it is not a sex accessory in front.

Different colors available

different colors of bondage tape

I know not everyone likes black, so I wanted to show you purple bondage ribbon and red bondage ribbon they also available. They are exactly the same as my black, just different colors. The color depends on your personal preferences and what you would like to work with, the paperwork is very popular, it is sexy and erotic to look at.

Amazon bondage tape

pink ribbon

Some of you prefer to use Amazon as a supplier of sex toys, I don’t like using Amazon too much but I found this bondage strip that they have available. It measures 2 inches in width and does the restraint work elegantly, it is recommended to buy two rolls, as this one wears out faster than the one above that I like.

It is available in a range of different colors, which is ideal if you are looking for a particular color.

How to Use the Bondage Tape (Complete Guide)

man with tape over mouth

Go slowly: If you are new to bondage tape, take your time to get used to the seal and how it works. The best thing to do is wrap it around your own ankles or wrists, that way you can test what is good and what is not.

Don’t squirm: When applying the bondage tape, be careful not to move around too much, as this could cause the banding and knot of the tape to become too tight, which can be very frustrating. Stay still while your partner holds you back and you will have a much better experience.

Experience: Learn what you like, you may like just your arms restrained or just your ankles, you may like your whole body restrained, don’t forget to take your time and test what you like

Too tight: Do not wrap your tape too tightly as this can cause loss of circulation and it can be painful, you do not need to wrap it tightly, just lay it flat and put it down fix in place.

Bondage tape positions

I thought it would be incredibly useful for some people as it will give you exciting ideas on how to actually use your bondage tape and the sexual positions that are most valued by bondage tape users. .

Basic restraint of handcuffs using tape

This is not the best quality video, but it is very informative and will give you an idea of ​​how to use it, which will ensure you are up to date when your bondage tape to arrive at. It is the easiest way to use bondage tape and the position that most people choose.

Use it on the mouth (calm weather)

I love doing this, just a small square of duct tape over your mouth works. Make sure you can still use your nostrils and that it’s not too tight on the mouth and that it makes your moans muffled, I also like what it looks like, I find it so exciting. I also like it when my partner pulls it out to kiss me and then puts it back on my mouth, it makes me wild.

Attach to objects (chairs, bed, etc.)

You can actually use bondage tape to hold on to the things I like to have my wand vibrator glued to my clitoris while my hands are tied behind my back. You can also hold your arms on your bed, chairs or just about anywhere you can think of. It is so much fun to experiment (remember what I said earlier!) And learn what you like, just take a little time to test outside your comfort zone.

Why You Should Try Bondage Tape

I think this video gives you an incredible insight into the world of bondage tape and why it is so fun to use. Give her a watch and let me know what you think of the bondage tape in the comments below and how you are going to use it.

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