Taking it Like a Bitch 2

It was a week before Jonas got in touch. I confess that I had been a little sure i had heard from him. Still, there was no chance I’d text him first.

Ok, I probably shouldn’t have slept with him the first time we met, but I was excited. And, anyway, I don’t buy these three date or anything that girls and guys fix themselves. My friend Cassandra is a big fan of this rule and, believe me, she has many more sexual droughts and longer than me.

“I haven’t had sex in three months,” she moaned at our weekly lunch at our favourite Italian restaurant. I feel like my is closing.

I wanted to say it was because she was so hell bent on maintaining the three-date restriction, but I was too busy eating my garlic bread. In addition, I was also busy thinking about Jonas and how he had fucked me.

Of course, I hadn’t told Cassandra about it. She would have looked at me wide-eyed, dismayed that I could be such a slut. There are times that I like to shock Cassandra with her tense ways, but today was not one of them. I was too busy wondering if Jonas would ever get in touch. To be honest, he me off. I needed a rerun that night.

In fact, a text from Jonas came in when I was in the middle of my shrimp linguine and Cassandra was telling me about the last guy she thought was at work.

It’s so beautiful. I mean that kind of beautiful Colin Firth. You know, all enigmatic and sensual.

I raised my eyebrows. “I never found Colin Firth attractive; too skinny and too like a good boy for my liking.

Cassandra laughed. “Oh, you have to stop chasing the bad boys, Natalie. You’ll be single forever if you keep going like this.

I put down my fork and wiped my mouth with a towel. Peeved, I asked, “What does that mean?

Cassandra twirled her creamy tagliatelle around her fork and shrugged. “You’ve always gone for the types of gangsters. I blame him on us watching Scar Face all these years. She laughed out loud, so loud in fact that a few other guests turned around to see what the fuss was about. Cassandra has a foghorn laugh, if you didn’t know.

It was in the midst of the embarrassment I felt because of my friend’s very unattractive guffaw, which my phone vibrated and whistled on the table, announcing the arrival of Jonah’s text. (Yes, confession: even though I’m as cool as iced tea, I always assign special rings and text tones to my contacts. It’s an TOC thing of mine.)

I took the phone and, with my stomach swirling in anticipation, I opened the text.

Are you free tonight, bitch?

My phone sends a reading note when I opened a message and put my phone back on the table. Jonas could wait. After all, it wasn’t a good look for a girl to respond right away. I wasn’t betting on letting him wait a week, like he had, but I thought waiting the rest of the day wouldn’t kill him.

I intended to be free tonight? Hell, of course I was!

After receiving the text, I couldn’t really focus on everything Cassandra said for the rest of our lunch. I left her rabbit on how much she felt love was always going to snare her as I pondered what to wear for my meeting with Jonas.

I decided halfway through the dessert that I was going to indulge in a new outfit of sexual nature. I also thought I needed my hair and nails fixing, so the sooner I got rid of Cassandra the better.

You see, for me, preparing for a fuck is the best part, but as I kissed Cassandra on each cheek and say goodbye, I realized that I needed to know exactly what Jonas had planned for our second date. If he thought he’d go up those damn steps and this abandoned hill, it wouldn’t be a reason to buy a nice little black number.

After getting my hair done and getting my nails done, I texted: What are you planning for tonight? I need to dress accordingly.

His text came back immediately, which gave me a thrill. It made me think about the idea that he had been waiting for my text for a few hours.

“I want you to wear black panties, the rest is yours. Mine for drinks and fun. Remember, you’re my now so I’m going to do whatever I want.

I have to be honest, I liked the idea of being his slut. We exchanged messages, made arrangements, as I walked through the department store to decide what I should wear for what I hoped would be a fuck ingest with Jonas.

I jacted between a black catsuit and a short black dress. I really liked the catsuit. It accentuated my curves and showed my long legs and cleavage to perfection. But I thought it would be a bit embarrassing to take off. I was sure that Jonas would not be too eager to unravel me from his constraints.

I tried on the dress and it fit perfectly. Ok, it was a little short because I’m so tall, but I thought it would give a glimpse of my downs for Jonas. I hope this view would guarantee me a fuck as hard as last time.

As I chose a pair of patent high heels in the next store, I suddenly remembered what Jonas had said last time about giving me anal. That was all I could think I had to guess bought my shoes with a credit card that had recently been beaten within an inch of his life. I waited while the assistant put my shoebox in a large brown paper bag. Taking it from her, I smiled at her and left the store with all my shopping, feeling very happy with myself and swinging the bags for good measure.

Finally, I needed to buy underwear. Jonas had said to wear a pair of black panties, but surely he expected a little more spice than that? Sure, I had a ton of underwear at home, but that’s where my kind of TOC kicks in. I always like to wear something new when I’m ready for a fuck. As I said, it is a matter of preparation.

“You would suit this corset, ” said the girl in the sex shop said I was thinking through the rails of sexy equipment. I turned around and looked at the corset draped from the hanger in his hand.

“Uh, I’m not so sure.

It looked like a complicated case, the kind of thing that would take at least two friends to tie up for you and I wouldn’t have time for it all. In the end, I plumped on a black leather peephole bra, matching crotch-free leather panties and a pair of straps and stockings with a seam.

I went home after I threw out the receipts. I didn’t want to be reminded how much this fucking with Jonas cost. Once home, I ran upstairs and placed my outfit on the bed to admire it. While rummaging through a bedside drawer, I pulled out a pair of fishnet stockings. I took a step back again to admire my set, much like a worker could stand behind his tidy workbench and admire his tools. Jonas was in for sure, but this time I was hoping to be in for a treat too.

As I lay down in the bath, soaking under the bubbles and taking in the vanilla scent of my Jo Malone candle, I thought of the last time. In addition to killing me almost half with his trekking challenge, Jonas had been quite selfish.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked it. I love being possessed and he really fucked me. However, I hoped that this second evening he would consider me a little, since I gave him what I personally consider to be the best price a woman can give to a man. Well, if they’re in anal, that is, but you know what I mean. If I have to take it up my, then I want at least a few orgasms. I’m entitled to it, right?

Once I had finished my bath, it was time to apply the makeup. I found myself in another dilemma. What look should I look for? The charcoal eye shadow associated with a plum-colored lipstick? Or a more natural application? I didn’t want to look like I went too far. But, again, I didn’t want to look like I didn’t make any effort. I opt for an average look. When everything else fails, compromise.

By quarter to eight, I felt this dolphin of excitement begins to jump and do its spinning ball trick in my stomach. As I waited for the taxi, what gave me the biggest thrill was the fact that, when I got to Jonas, he wouldn’t have a clue what was under my dress. Now that, my friends, makes my wet.

Finally, the taxi arrived and Amjid is clearly quite taken with my legs. I caught him looking at them, so I maliciously hung my dress and gave it a flash of my bottom studs. If he wanted a look, he could have one and put it in his rickety bank for later.

I’ve gotAmjid. Normally I point taxi drivers, but I thought Amjid had received his bonus and, if there’s one thing I don’t like it’s greed. So I waited for my change.

Taking it from him, I pushed him into my purse and came out, leaning a little so he got a quick glimpse of my for good measure before I slammed the door closed. I straightened my dress and suddenly felt a wave of nervous nausea sweeping over me. I needed a cigarette – but I didn’t have any gum, so it was out.

I took a deep breath by pressing Jonah’s doorbell. That, I thought, can’t back down now. The door opened and Jonas was there, all dressed in black: T-shirt, jogging pants, and a pair of canvas vans. Jesus, he looked so excited and immediately my nerves disappeared, unravelling in my stomach to be replaced by desire. I had a deep desire for his cock to be in me, where he wanted to penetrate me.

“There she is,” said Jonah, kissing my lips. ‘My bitch.’

I curtsied. “I’m here, at your service.

He laughed. Why don’t you sit down? We need to have a little conversation.

I went by the living room and sat down, placing my handbag on the floor. As I bend my hands, I squeeze them tightly to contain my excitement. I ilard Jonah opening the fridge, banging cupboards, then he came back with a drink for me. “Here, gin and tonic, I thought you might be a little chic for a night. A friend bought me and I hate this thing. It’s like fucking rat poison.

“Oh yes, so it’s okay for you to poison me, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t do that. Jonas smiled, then inhaled and said, “Anyway, our conversation. Tonight, I’m going to bring you here. I want your buried in the back of my face and I expect you to trample me through. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn you around and stick my dick up your ass and fuck you hard. Now, what I need to know is that you think your will need lubrication? Or can you take it dry?

“Why are we talking about it? I asked, puzzled. “Isn’t it better to let things take their course?”

Jonas shook his head. “No, because letting things take their course usually resorts to wasted time. I mean, we could sit here and have a little chat all night and then you’ll be poisoned on that and we won’t have done anything. Plus, I’m TOC on time and preparation. In my field of activity, time is precious and preparation is the key.

He paused and shrugged. “It’s just the way I am. An apologetic gaze crossed his face, disappearing as fast as it arrived. I guess I’m a little weird like that.

I sipped my poison. “You can be who you want to be.

He raised his eyebrows on me. “Really?

I nodded the tooth: “Yes, really.

He took my drink and placed it on the coffee table before getting his hands on my hair. Stand up.

He pulled my hair slightly to the side and there was just enough pain to light me up, enough for it to be tolerable before it roughly kissed my neck and mouth. I’m going to ruin you tonight, bitch. Do you understand? Follow me.

He picked up the remote and turned off his TV before taking my hand. He led me down the stairs to his room and threw me effortlessly on the bed. It turned off the main light and a bedside lamp gave the room a softer glow.

I lay down on the bed and he leaned over me, pushing my dress up. Grabbing the straps on my straps, he pulled them back and let them flash back against my thighs. “You look like a good bitch,” he murmured, putting his mouth on my pussy and blowing his warm breath on my mound. “Beautiful touch without crotch, I love it,” he added before his tongue entered me.

I felt the roughness of his beard against my inner thighs and I gasped when he pushed his tongue further into me before taking it out and licking it in slow circular motions around my clitaction. Delicious. No, more than delicious, it was the oral sex of such decadence and delivered with such expertise that I had to grab the wooden slats of his headboard to stabilize me as my legs began to shake.

He licked my clit/h faster and pushed his fingers inside me. Slowly, he inserted them further and further away until he reached that special place that is guaranteed to make me spring. In a few minutes, my juice splashed out of me, dipping the sheets and my. I would have felt embarrassed if I hadn’t been coming.

I came with such strength that, when the orgasm subsided, I felt like my legs had left my body and my mind went totally empty. In the middle of this but blank mode, I felt Jonah’s mouth on mine. His beard was wet and it seemed that I had moved into a parallel sexual universe. I tried to gather my thoughts.

As I tasted myself on the tip of Jonah’s tongue, his cock pressed against my pussy and he roughly pushed my dress, exposing my breasts. “I want to fuck this beautiful wet conque elle before you fuck your ass,” he said, “just doing it as he bit my neck and his fingers shook my nipples.

Pushing inside me, he lifted my legs for deeper access. On his knees, he fucked me as his gaze wandered all over my body, his eyes thick with lust and approval.

“You look like an excited bitch, I’ll give you this,” he says, coarsely pulling my thighs. From now on, you’re no one but me, bitch. Get it?

I nodded the one as he drove his cock into me, pumping harder and faster. He slapped me. “Do you understand what I just said?” he asked, leaning his face near mine, grabbing my hair and pulling my head to one side. “I want you to tell me that you understood what I just said.

By nodding my hand, the movement made me wince in its hard grip. “I won’t let anyone else fuck me,” I murmured.

“Stronger, I want you to say it louder and make my cock even harder.

“I won’t let anyone else fuck me,” I almost shouted.

“Well,” said he, through the creaked teeth. “Now Can I fuck your ass?”

I nodded and bit my lip because his dick was hurting me. Besides, he was pulling my hair. “I want to hear you say it, Natalie,” he whispered in my ear, a sinister tone in his voice that made me shudder.

“I want you to fuck my ass.” I said it loud and clear because the last thing I wanted was to have my hair grabbed even tighter. I was afraid that Jonas would leave me with a bald patch at the time he had done it!

“Good girl,” he said, pulling his cock out of me and effortlessly knocking me over on my forehead.

I felt his hands be part of my cheeks and the tip of his cock pressed against my hole. He pulled me on all fours, lubricated my hole with saliva, and slipped me into me. The pain was exquisite. But what excited me even more was having Jonas tell me over and over again how much he had thought at that time and how many times he had jerked off on it.

You’re a dirty, tell me how dirty you are and how much you love my dick, Jonah moans, slamming into me. I knew he was heading for his heyday. His pre-cum stung the inside of my.

I’m dirty and I like, I told him. And it was true. I wasn’t lying, I love it. Anal makes me feel possessed like no other sexual act can.

, you’re a… I’ll come,” Jonas gasped and instantly pulled his load inside me.

It took a while to recover and then I collapsed on my forehead. He was above me, tenderly kissed my neck, before he whispered in my ear: “You’re my bitch now, Natalie. Don’t forget that.


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