Taking One For The Team: Part Three


The last three weeks have been very hectic for me. Especially at work Lauren was insatiable when it came to sexually pleasing her. Not that I was complaining that I had never had so much sex in so many positions and public places as I had in those weeks.

I opened the door to my apartment, putting my keys on the table next to the door. I slumped on my couch. Today was the only day I had done real work without Lauren seducing me with her cleavage or in body-hanging skirts. She had taken a day off for personal reasons.

After a while I settled down for the night, after having dinner, I sat down and started playing on my game console.

“Okay, I’ll try to get the flag,” I told my online friends that we played a first-person shooter.

“I understood,” replied one of them.

We won a few games and lost some. I was about to call him one night when my phone received a text message.

“Talk to each other tomorrow and girls,” I said, turning off the game.

Looking at the time, it was just ten o’clock. I took the cell phone. It was a message from Lauren. “Miss me?”

“Of course,” I said, falling back on the couch.

“I had papers to sign to finalize the divorce.”

“Well, it sucks, sorry.”

“Not really, I finally feel free.”

“In that case, I’m happy for you,” I smiled as I sent the text. Even though Lauren wasn’t near me, my dick was already hardening at the thought of her.

“I saw this T-shirt shop today, and I made them make a shirt for me that I think you’d like.”

“Really?” he said.

There was a moment of silence before the next text arrived. Lauren sent a picture of herself standing in a bright pink shirt. In large, bold black letters stretched over his chest, the words read KEVIN’S CUM DUMPSTER.

I had to make a double take to be able to read it correctly. “Do you like it?”

“Yes, I mean of course,” I smiled, “He caught me off guard.”

“Did you take a good look?”

“Yes, how can I not?” I responded by looking at the photo again. His chest made the words seem tense.

Okay, really look at the picture and not just my.

I looked at the picture again this time looking at his face. Then it hit me. She was outside the door of my apartment. I rushed to the door.

“You’ve taken enough time,” she said as she entered.

“Well, I was a little distracted,” I smiled. “How are you in the dark?” I asked when I realized that I didn’t have to press the buzzer to let it in the door down.

“I pressed all the buttons at once,” Shrugged Lauren, enshrining her coat revealing the pink shirt. It was much better to look in person. He hugged his chest firmly. “Someone hit the buzzer, and I came.”

I knew she was talking, but I could stop looking at her shirt, the more I looked at her.

“Well, I’m glad you like her, like most shirts, they’re too tight around the chest,” she smiles as she grabbed her breasts and bounced them.

I quickly took my signal and started pressing them. “Well, it looks like I should get a shirt that says it’s Kevin’s property,” she smiles.

“Absolutely,” said I, “re-sleeved his shirt.”

“Hold on,” she says with a smile, she pushed me away. “The shirt says sperm cooker, not breast grabbing. Where’s your room?

I showed her to the room, she smiled as she looked at the room. “I was expecting a mess,” she says, re-reading to look at me.

“What can I say, I am a neat monster,” I shrugged.

Lauren quickly grabbed me and shot me as she fell back on the bed. We kissed as we slowly removed each other’s clothes. She knocked me over, so she was on top, her hair was lying on my chest as she kissed her in my chest. She bled her lips around my cock and lowered her mouth from the head down on it.

“How I missed it today,” she said.

“I think you missed my dick more than I missed you,” I said.

“Don’t take it personally. If it makes you feel better, I missed telling me everything will be fine,” smiles Lauren, licking my cock from the bottom up.

“A little,” I smiled.

“Oh dear, there’s nothing little about it,” she kissed her way back to my face. We kissed again as she lowered herself on my dick. Her eyes closed slowly as she took me all the way into it. “There’s nothing better than that.”

She sat down as she slowly bounced up and down on me. I made life tense and held her breasts as they bounced. Lauren reached back as she rolled her hips. I loved looking at my dick inside her, and she loved to look at me.

I watched as she got up all the way up my cock, then slowly slide all the way down. She did it several times before coming back to me. She put both hands on the side of me as she looked at me. Her hair fell on us as she went back and forth.

“Say it,” she said, knowing I was getting closer.

I tried to hold on, but she squeezed around my cock, squeezing it with every move. “Go say it,” she smiles.

“I’m cumming,” I gave in.

“I knew it,” Lauren says, sitting upright. She crashed into me as I began to enjoy inside her. Lauren moans. “I like it when you do that,” she says as she lay next to me.

I said, “What do you do?” I smiled when I was saying.

“Throw this beautiful sperm into me,” she smiles, resting her head on my chest.

A short time later, we both fell asleep. My morning alarm woke me up with a start. I pulled up looking from the other side of the bed. There was a note on the pillow.

Thanks for the good night, we have to do it again one day. See you at work.

I smiled as I read it, and then I prepared for the day ahead. When I finally got to Eric’s door, the security guard beckoned me to stop on my side.

“What’s going on?” I asked how it came to me.

“She’s back,” he said to the main building.

I said, “Who?” I asked.

“Samantha,” he glanced at me. “She’s already causing the chaos, so be on your guard.”

I went into my building thinking about all the things Samantha could have said that would stir the place.

“Hi again,” a voice greeted me as I deliriousfrom from the elevator.

“Hi Samantha,” I said as I walked towards the row of computers.

“Are you usually the first one here?” she asked, following me.

“Yes, I like to get everyone started on orders and pre-orders, before Lauren comes in,” I said I sat at my computer.

“Very thoughtful,” she says, looking over my shoulder.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked politely.

“No, not at all,” smiled Samantha. “Just go around, after all, I’m going to take over for Ethan next month, so I’m going to get to know everyone and everything between now and then.”

“You’ll be the factory manager?” I asked. I knew that Ethan the current manager was retiring. Everyone thought it would be the big, bulbous guy or Lauren who would take his place.

“Yes,” said Samantha, sitting on one of the other chairs. She was wearing a white business skirt that went down above her knees. She crossed her legs her white high-heeled shoes pointed directly at me. “I’ve had enough of all the trips and asked to resign. They gave the option of any factory in the company. I chose this one.

“Well, that’s a good thing for all of us,” I smiled.

“Oh, relax,” she said, shaking her head. Her long red hair trembled with her. “I’m not the mean bitch; everyone thinks I am. I like things done in an orderly and timely way that is everything. If everyone does this, they will rarely hear from me.

“I’m sure most of us can,” I nodded.

“Well,” she smiled, herself. It took me everything I wanted to not look at his chest. I liked it when she wore red better. The white top hugs its upper half tightly. “Tell Lauren to come to her old office; that’s where I’ll be until Ethan retires.

I watched her go away. Samantha had a beautiful figure from the front and back. Her wasn’t as big or as curved as Lauren’s. She turned around and beckoned me as she entered the elevator. I sighed as the doors closed.

“Where is she?” Lauren yelled at me when I anned heronset the news.

“Your old office,” I shrugged and sat down in front of it.

This! Lauren screamed again. “She’s always wanted to make me a one-up, since we started together.”

“Why do you think that?” I asked.

“Any plant?” Lauren asked. “She had to choose this one. She’s blatantly pushing her success into my face.

“Didn’t she start here?” I asked. “Maybe she just wanted to go back to a place she knows.”

“Don’t try to defend her. I know she has a huge rack, but don’t fall for red hair, blue eyes, and huge breasts.

“I don’t know…” I started saying.

“I know what you saw, and I don’t blame you,” Lauren smiles. “Believe me, if I were a guy and I had a boob fetish, I’d be all over it.”

Lauren got up and stood up. “I’ll come back after seeing what she wants, so we’ll see about it,” she smiles, looking at my pants.

The meeting appeared to last most of the day. I was getting nervous. I was hoping Lauren wouldn’t get mad and say something she shouldn’t or Samantha didn’t push her success in Lauren’s face, which would make them both angry.

I heard laughter coming from the elevator. When I looked over the computers to see who was laughing, I saw Lauren and Samantha heading to Lauren’s office. They were both laughing and smiling. I sighed a breath of relief, it seems that everything went well. After entering Lauren’s room, they closed the door behind them.

“Kevin, come into my office,” Lauren said over the intercom.

“Yes,” I smiled as I entered.

“Close the door,” smiles Lauren

I closed the door and then stood by the office. Lauren was in her chair, and Samantha was sitting in the chair in front of her. “Relax,” smiles Lauren. “We are not angry with each other.”

“Not now,” said Samantha. “We had some objections this morning, but we settled everything.”

I nodded it. “It’s good to hear.”

“Samantha has a question for you, ” Lauren said as she turned on her computer.

“What are you doing this weekend?” Samantha asked.

“Nothing important,” I replied.

“Well, I’d like you to come with me to the new factory that will be in place next week,” she said sitting in her chair. “The sales assistant has not yet been chosen, and the distribution manager is new, so the corporate office would like someone with experience to oversee the shipment for the opening.”

“I’m still going to take care of some personal things,” Lauren said. “I told them you’d be the next best candidate.”

“Okay, I can do it,” I smile.

“Great,” Samantha says. “I’ll let them know you’ll join me,” she said as she stood up. Again, I kept my eyes open.

“Are you going?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m going to train and sign some of my transfer papers,” Samantha said as she walked past me. “Meet me at this address. We’ll take my vehicle.

Samantha nodded and then left the office. “What is hell?” I asked.

I said, “What?” Lauren answered.

“You gave me party?” I asked that I sat in the chair in front of her.

“Yes, it’s a great opportunity,” she says, ceding the office. Lauren sat down on the desk and faced me. “I know you don’t like dealing with highs, but think about it. They’ll see what you’re capable of, and then they’ll promote you in the blink of an eye.

I nodded it. “Okay, I just hope I don’t screw it up.”

“Oh, you’ll do very well, you can manage this place with its holiday rush. All you’re going to do there is make sure they have it all before it opens.

“You’re right,” nodded. I said, “Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Lauren moved so that she was now sitting on my lap with her back to me. “Then, were you looking at his chest?”

“Yes, they are difficult to avoid,” I replied.

“He’s my boy,” she says.

Lauren got ripped off me. She pulled her skirt up to her waist. I loved looking at her in the lace underwear she was wearing. I dived forward as she bent over. I pulled her panties down and started licking from behind.

“That’s it,” she moaned, burying your head between your legs. Eat that, lick it!

I clung to her hips as she pushed her back over my face. Lauren moaned and trembled as I fingered her. She pushed me back harder, grinding my on my face. I could feel his jolt with every lick and nibble. I buried my tongue inside its blinking as fast as I could.

“Fuck me!”

I would get up quickly and take my dick and push it into it. Her back arched as I buried myself in her. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard and fast.

“That’s what fucks me,” Lauren shouted. She started pushing my dick away.

I slapped her bare cheeks as she bounced towards me. “I love that fucking ass,” I say with every slap. I left my handprint on his cheeks.

She might have bigger breasts, but I her any day, she smiles as she looks back at me.

“Definitely,” I said, grabbing his hips again.

“Fuck it, ” she said as she pushed her ass higher up the air against me.

“Oh, I am,” I said fuck her pussy as hard as I could.

“No, fuck my ass,” she said.

“You mean that?” I asked that I took out my dick.

Of course, I know you’ve thought about it, she says, looking back, waving her from side to side.

“Yes, but I hadn’t done anal before,” I admitted.

Lauren turned shocked. “Didn’t you?”

“No,” I shook my head.

“It’s no surprise,” said Lauren. “You have a very thick cock, and long, most women would be afraid to get into them and thought of you putting it in their ass, well I’m sure they would run.”

“Yes, it usually is,” I smile. “It’s good if we don’t …”

“I’m not most women,” Lauren said, pushing me back in the chair. She looked at my still sparkling cock with her pussy juice. She looked at it as if it was something she wanted wrong. “I want it deep into my ass, and I want you to cum inside me.”

Lauren turned as she spread my legs wide. She rubbed her ass against my dick. I watched him slide up and down between his cheeks. “Damn, it feels good,” I say.

“Never rubbed your cock between an ass like this have you?”

“No,” I replied, looking at my dick wedged between his cheeks.

She reached between her legs and held my cock steady as she stooped down. I felt my cock at the entrance to his ass. She held her head tight as she went down. I felt the head pierce her, then she let go as she began to take it inside of her.

I moaned as I felt the tightness of her rectum grip every inch of my cock as she lowered herself. Lauren paused for a moment, then slipped up, then down. “It’s a big fucking dick, have to take my time with it,” she said.

I grabbed her from behind and squeezed them. “That’s what playing with them is, squeezing them,” she moaned. Lauren clung to my knees as she slowly bounced up and down on my dick. “Damn, I can feel every inch of your dick in my ass.”

His dirty conversation made me beat harder. “Keep doing that,” I moaned in my ear.

“What do you say how much I love the feeling of your cock in my ass,” she looked over her shoulder at me.

“Yes,” I moaned. I felt my cock go further in it as it took over from it inside of it.

“I love it, I want everything, I want to bury your balls in the back of my ass,” she moaned. I could tell he was around her too. “I want you to fuck my ass until you throw your hot cum inside.”

She bounced faster now, taking more of me inside her with each move. I opened his shirt and squeezed his chest through his bra. “Oh fucking, ” she moaned as I pressed them together. “Don’t stop,” she ordered. Bounce harder.

I took every breast out of the confines of her bra. Squeeze and pinch the nipples. Lauren shook her head back as she took me all the way down. She stopped as she pushed her ass down on my cock and rolled her hips into small circles. “You have taken everything,” I whispered in his ear.

Lauren nodded and started bouncing and grinding me. I pushed her up and leaned her over. “That’s fucking my ass, shit hard, ” she yelled.

I buried my deep dickbetween his cheeks. I looked like she took everything inside of her. I slapped her on every cheek. “That’s right, use me, fuck me, treat me like your fucking boss bitch!” she said. “Fuck your boss in the ass!”

I fucked her as hard as I could. “I am cumming,” I roared. I shot her hair.

Dump it, fill my with your, she shouted.

I prowled forward and stood on tiptoe as I walked inside it. With each spasm, I beat sperm shooting inside it. Eventually, I fell back into the chair.

“Thank you,” she smiles, kissing me.

“I should thank you,” I said.

“No, never,” she shook her head.

“Now you better go,” Lauren said as she tried to get up. She stabilized using the office. “It might be a while before I can walk properly. I should get used to that feeling already.

I gathered my clothes and then put them on as she sat down in her seat. “Don’t forget you’re meeting Samantha tomorrow.”

I left the office almost everyone was gone, except for a few who had come late. I walked by the elevator. When I got to my car, Eric was standing nearby. “I hear you’re on a road trip with the Ice Queen.”

I shook my head when I opened the driver’s side door. It was surprising that he already knew, the news traveled quickly to this place. He was standing next to me. “Yes, how long is the reader?” I asked.

Eric had been in every state at least once while he was in the military. “Oh, about eleven to twelve o’clock give or take,” he smiles.

“Great,” he shook his head.

“Do you want some advice?”

I said, “Of course.”

“Don’t look.” He said he was walking away from the car.

I said, “What?”

“I may be older than you, but I notice things, let’s leave it to that,” he walked to his car before entering.

I shook my head again, then Got in the car, thinking about what was going to happen on a twelve-hour road trip with Samantha.


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Take one for the team: Part three