Talking Dirty Pt. 2: Anal

Two days after night (or, as Max calls it, “the night I bloomed sexually.” Max left town for the week to visit an old friend from college all the way to Chicago. I will not lie; He sucked. That night (yes, we gave him a capital N) with him was amazing. It was a whirlwind of fun.

And now he was leaving me.

Okay, that sounded really too dramatic, but you’re right.

After dropping him off at the airport, I went back to my apartment. Since we started dating, we hadn’t left more than four days without seeing each other. Now it was going to take a week before I saw him again. At first I was sad that he was going to leave so soon after our explosive night, but then I decided that I would use my time alone wisely. As soon as I got home, I dropped my bag and ran your go on my laptop. I sat on the couch and started reading about things to do during sex to really turn up the heat. When Max came back, I wanted to give him the best night of his life.

I’ve read about a whole bunch of fetish stuff that I didn’t even know existed. I read about how to give the best oral sex. I read more about how to talk dirty. I even read about anal. I know Max joked about it last night, but I think part of him honestly hoped I’d be in it. He often made remarks about my, and it’s obvious that he’s an guy. I panicked at the time, but the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I was. If the dirty speech felt so good because it was taboo, then anal must feel amazing, right?

So I went, reading articles about Cosmopolitan about anal sex. While I was reading, I had this weird feeling in my stomach. I was definitely excited, but there was also this tightening sensation. Nerves. Part of me was telling me not to. Why don’t you do it, Gwen? Well, take your choice of reasons. It’s going to hurt, your asshole is going to stretch, it’s disgusting and dirty, it’s a pretty slutty thing to do, oh, and LITERALLY everyone says it hurts.

It turns out that only the injured part is true. Even then, everyone says just use a ton of crap (no pun) of lubricant. Apparently, it’s cleaner than you think and your doesn’t spread that much. And yes, maybe it’s a bit slutty, but slut in a hot way, right? Besides, it can’t be that bad. That’s how gay people do it, and they like it.

All this was reassuring for the part of me that was nervous. The thought about gay guys was, admittedly, a turn on as well. So to see exactly what it looked like, I went straight to PornHub.

No, before you ask, I don’t watch porn. At least I don’t watch him much. But I had never seen what anal looks like. I’ve had regular and oral sex before. Anal was totally new to me. Why not look at the pros and see how they do it?

Before settling down to watch slats and lasses get fucked buttocks, I did my pre-masturbation ritual. Shower, primp, light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and get into bed. I like to treat myself, what can I say?

So There I was, lying in bed with my laptop on my side. I made sure the volume was low, even though no one was home. It was the right thing to do. I clicked on a video and watched my first anal porn video.

It was… a lot of things. Erotic. Uncomfortable. Titillating. Obscene. Confusion.

I told myself that of course it’s different when porn stars do it. I paused in the fourth or fifth video I was watching to calm down and think. As I tried to settle my feelings, I barely noticed my own hand drifting away from the clitetme and slowly moving down towards my. It was only when I had my finger between my cheeks that it occurred to me what was going on. This part of me with all the nerves came to the assault.

What the hell are you doing!

Fingering my, duh, The excited part of me fought back.

I took a deep breath and moved my finger to my entrance. I pushed so gently against her, not yet getting into the hole. The pressure was strange, unique. I thought I knew how my body felt, but now I was discovering a whole new part of me. I was excited. Enthusiastic, even.

I applied a little more pressure and let out a tiny moan. No more pressure, another moan. I took a deep breath and gently put the tip of my finger inside. I gasped to the sensation. The tightness around my finger surprised me. The intrusion of my finger excited me. My toes are curled up. I probed later. I closed my eyes and screamed silently. I twisted my finger, which pushed a strange noise down my throat.

I kept my finger there for a few more seconds. When I removed it, fearing to go further, I realized that all this time I had held my breath. I expired hard and started drawing in large amounts of air. Sweat had formed at the top of my forehead.

But I did. In fact, I had pointed at my. That was good.

I had a week to train before trying it out with a penis.


The next few days seemed to last forever. I constantly texted Max flirty to make him think of me. We both knew what was going to happen the night he came back.

In preparation, the day before his return, I decided to buy something new for the occasion. I went out and bought new lingerie, the really sexy, kind of lace. I had these really sexy high waist pants and matching bra. They were red and matched the color of my hair. It was also Max’s favorite color. He’ll be the first to tell you that he has a soft spot for redheads.

Not that I’m complaining.

When I got home, I decided to send him a little picture. I cleaned, did my hair and makeup, changed into lingerie and jumped on my bed. I took a set of forty-five minutes posing, taking pictures, adjusting, taking more pictures, and finally settling on the one I liked. It was actually a bit of fun, sitting there looking all sexy, knowing that once max saw the photo, it would be hooked. I decided on a photo where the laptop was to my left, capturing this side of my body so that it could see both my face and my buttocks. My legs were hidden under me, and I had lifted my a little. My hair fell on my back, a hand running through it. The other hand was resting just under my left breast, and my head was turned so I was looking straight into the camera, biting gently on my lower lip.

With the chosen image, I tried to think of a legend. Eventually I decided on a simple “Miss you baby” with kissy face emoji. Short and sweet.

I sent the text with the picture and looked forward to Max’s response. After a few trying minutes, I saw the three small dots appear, indicating that he was texting. My heart blew. I was so excited.

“Holy fucking shit, ” he texted. “You look amazing. Is that all for me? It’s better to be there when I come back,” he finished, adding an emoji wink.

I laughed and said, “All this and more,” I added with a heart.

“… more ….?” Max texted. “As in …?”

“Hurry up and go home.”

“Can fucking do.” Take a break. “Jesus Christ baby, you’re so good.”

“You should get some sleep, tiger. You’re going to need all the energy you can get for tomorrow night.

It’s going to be terribly hard to sleep with a. It made me laugh.

“It will help you to dream of me,” I replied.

“What do you think I’ve been dreaming about for a week? Seriously, I keep waking up with wood early in the morning and it’s your fault. Plus, there’s a picture of his grandparents right next to the couch and they’re looking at me. Super scary. Just like him to take something super intimate and sexy and make a joke.

“They better not get more action than me,” I playfully texted back. I was in too good a mood to worry about it.

“Oh believe me, no one gets any action here. Not about to tear himself apart while getting the look of death of the old man Jenkins and great Bertha. I laughed again.

“Isn’t that what the bathrooms are for…?”

“The bathroom is out of Cory’s room. He is not about to let him listen to the glorious sounds I make by beating my meat.

“Omg Max you have such a way with words,” I texted with the laughing emoji.

“I always knew how to impress the ladies,” wink’s face included.

“Well, fortunately for you, you won’t have to wait much longer… less than twenty-four hours.

God, I can’t wait to break a nut in your face, then, quickly, Damn, I meant. No waiting,, cloggE. No, the. Kiss. Your back. Feet? Hell, I really want to have sex with you. At that point, I was laughing.

“It’s only been a week and you already have blue balls?”

“Guys have to cum like at least once every three days, otherwise we go crazy. Otherwise, this is backed up and we’re starting to go crazy.

“Aw, poor thing,” I added with the sad emoji.

His response took some time. Then, “Kiss it and make it better?” With the text came a picture of his fully erect penis. He caught me off guard, and normally I would have laughed at that kind of thing, but I was totally in it.

“I will do more than kiss him,” I replied. Taking a deep breath, I gave him a glimpse of what might be expected tomorrow night. “I’ll let you put it wherever you want.”

No more waiting. I knew his head had to be shaken by the possibilities and whether I was serious or not. “Like, anywhere, anywhere?”


“… holy fuck.

“Night, baby.”

“Yes, yes, at night Gwen.”

I put my phone on my bedside cabin and started masturbating. Starting with my, I moved a hand to my. I used to do it every night. I was unble to stretch my hole just enough for two fingers. I was comfortable with that. I liked it. And I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for Max to come home.


I saw Max come down the aisle with all the other passengers. I ran up to him and jumped into his arms, and he dropped his bags to catch me. I kissed him passionately, after missing the way his lips felt against mine. Still in his arms, I whispered, “We need to go home now.”

“As you wish,” he said, smiling. He took his bag as I reached out for his other hand. I guided him into the parking lot and into my car. It was already dark.

As I entered the driver’s seat and put the key in the ignition, Max put his bag in the back and went inside. “How was your -” was all I could say before I was cut off. Max had approached and grabbed the back of my head, leading him to his and began to force his tongue into my mouth. I met hers with mine, and we groped each other for a while. Max finally started kissing my neck, taking small bites as he did. I moaned at the sensation.

“God, I miss you,” I said breathlessly.

“I missed you too,” Max said in my ear. “Now go home and see what we missed.”

I dialled when I started the engine and started the ride home. We were silent all the reader, in addition to my occasional laughs in anticipation. He put her hand on my thigh, where she met my hip, and kept it there. He turned his body to better face mine and looked at me. I turned to him and laughed, about to ask him why he was looking at me, but he just gently choked me and kept looking at me with his hand on his thigh. A smile worked his way over his face. I laughed a little more.

The air between us was thick with desire. Somehow, in the darkness, his gaze felt mighty. Commander. He could have told me to do anything at that time and I probably would have done it. I desperately wanted to go home, undress, fuck, and finally be with him again. I wanted to feel the warmth of his body pressed against mine, our bodies connected by his sex in mine. Twice, I had to swerve to avoid an accident. I was too distracted by the man sitting next to me.

Once I stopped in a parking space, Max took his bag in the back and we rushed to my apartment. I unlocked the door and hit the light switch, but Max immediately knocked again, keeping the place dark. He dropped his bag and wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing me. It came to me with such force that I had to take a few steps back to avoid falling. He tapped on the back of my thighs, and I lifted my legs while lacing my arms behind his neck. He brought me back to the wall, pinning me against it. He continued to do with me while starting to rub his limb more and more against my crotch.

Finally, after what I suppose was five or seven minutes, I gently pushed him back and made him free his grip on me. This time I supported him, hand on his chest, towards a chair. I smiled seductively as he fell back into the chair. I began to swing my hips, slowly, as he bowed and breathed a long sigh. I played with teasing iemnage with the bottom of my shirt before lifting it on my head and throwing it to the ground. I was wearing the same bra last night, and it made me sexy. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever worn a bra that made my breasts look so good in my life. My breasts are not big, they are just under a handful, but they are perky. And this bra pushed them so perfectly, made them look so round, I couldn’t resist feeling good in it. Max’s eyes lit up when he saw it on me. He curses silently. I smiled shyly.

“Like what you see?” I teased.

“They look even better in person,” Max said, not taking his eyes off my breasts.

I turned around, making a little show of it by swinging my hips sensually and letting my hands run through my hair. Once my was facing him, I backed off so it was almost right in his face. I leaned over and turned my head to face him. Then I popped the button on my jeans and unzipped the zipper.

“Pull them down, great man,” I murmured.

Max did it conscientiously. He grabbed my jeans on either side and began to rip them down, his patience having worn thin. He was done with the wait. He was done with the foreplay. His eyes broke everything; He wanted to fuck me.

I got out of my pants when Max brought them to my ankles. He sat down in the chair and admired the first row seat he had at my, which was partly covered by the high-waisted panties. My is by far my most attractive feature (or if it was highlighted to me), and the panties did make it look better. They only covered about three-quarters of my, but climbed just below my belly button. The lace on the sides was sparse, and so my pale legs easily showed through.

“You look like a fucking dream,” he sighs. He rested one hand on one cheek, caressing her and sometimes dipping his fingers under the hem of my underwear.

I turned my head back to face him. I took a deep breath and, with all the courage and the sexting I could muster, asked him the question.

“Do you want to fuck me in the ass?”

Max’s hand froze. He was silent. I couldn’t even hear him breathing. My heart was beating so hard in my chest that I could hardly think. Nerves came in force. See? You shouldn’t have asked him! Now he thinks you’re a slut with dad’s problems or something, and he’s going to leave you, and you’re going to die al-

I heard the sound of Max’s zipper. I heard him push his own pants down and out. I heard the sound of the chair moving across the floor as it rose. He grabbed my hips, then the belt of my panties. He started pulling them down.

“Wait, I didn’t mean right now!” I exclaimed, standing up right and trying to turn around.

I said, “What?” Max said, a strong dose of impatience injected into the word.

“We need to do other things first, and I need lubricant…” I ran away, our eyes met.

“Do you have any?”

“Yes, in my room…”

Let’s go then, he said as he hit me in the a few times, bringing me into my room.

I rushed into my room and jumped on the bed, reaching my bedside cabin. Max ripped off his shirt and followed me on the bed. I took out the lubricant and put it on the nightclub, then I turned to Max.

“Fucking? Aren’t we going to use it?” he said indignantly.

“I want to do other things first…” I made a gesture for her cock and wrapped a hand around her. He trembled at my touch, and Max moaned deep in his throat.

“Believe me, everything will be fine,” I said seductively, lying on my stomach as Max sat down on his knees. I started licking the tip of his penis. I kissed him too, then I kissed the underside of his penis, to the end of his balls. On my way back, I licked its length, and began to lick up and down its tree. Max looked at me, his chest rising, while he pushed my hair behind me.

I took my head in my mouth, licking the little pre-cum that had accumulated there. I ran a hand slowly up and down his tree, then removed it as I began to take more of its length into my mouth. I’m depinglaced slowly down while my tongue lapped merrily on its circumference. After holding a small amount of it in my mouth, I retreated and out of it. I put my hand up to my mouth, spit in it, and sprayed her cock with it.

“Woah, when are you transformed into a pipe queen?” Max teased me.

I gave him the finger as I once again took his tree in my mouth.

“Oh,” he said, holding a smile.

I started removing my mouth from him again to make a remark, but he put his hands on the back of my head, preventing me from doing so.

“Shhhh, less talk, no more sucking.”

I turned my attention back to his penis, which I started taking in over. That was true though: I wasn’t really that big at oral sex. I always found them messy and the idea of spitting on something, then seriously licking it disgusted me. I give it to them because I know the guys love it, and I was mostly considered “pretty good” until that night. But over the past week, I’ve changed. My sexual appetite has grown. I was ready and I wanted to give him the dirtiest, dirtiest, most obscene pipe he’s ever received. A straight out of a porn.

I picked up the pace, swallowing up more of his pulsating cock. I was more than a few inches down on it when I had to release it so I could breathe better.

Before Max could make a joke or a sarcastic comment, I enthusiastically returned his cock to my mouth, almost picking up where I had left off. I put my hands on his thighs as I took more and more of him, his tip now tickle my throat. I was tapping him up and down, up and down.

“Oh fucking, ” Max expired. I could tell he was impressed.

Again, I took my mouth off, but this time I spit directly on his tree before taking it back right away. As I worked my way into his tree, I made sure to create a lot of saliva, so he made his cock shine even in the dark room. I did most of the way down its length before I started choking on it. I quickly withdrew, coughed, spat on his tree again, and resumed. At that time, my pace was much faster.

Max began to laugh in disbelief. I looked up at him, my mouth full of delicious.

“Let me take over for a second,” says Max, cutting and grabbing my hair in a ponytail in one hand, and placing the other on my head. I stopped, waiting for what came next. Feeling comfortable with his grip on my head and hair, Max began to grow hard in my mouth. He acted fast, too fast for me to react.

“When I say swallow, swallow hard, he got?” Max said between thrusts.

In the back of my eroat I made a “mhm” sound. Max kept pushing for a few seconds. I knew what he was going to do. I was nervous, and I quickly hoped that I would not spit it out or gag him. Then I refocused, drawing my attention to the small amounts of pre-cum lingering in my mouth. It tasted sweet and salty. I focused on its smell, its musky and sexy smell. I liked it, its taste and smell, and its reactions. I felt that my panties were starting to get wet.

I said, “Now!” Max screamed.

I swallowed as hard as I could. I had to close my eyes as its length fed to the back of my throat. I started gagging immediately. I opened my eyes, tearing, and I realized that my nose tickled the little hairs just above his penis. HolyI thought I’m the one doing it!

Max’s hands were tight on my head and hair, and his dick was beating in my mouth and throat. The saliva was oozing from the corners of my mouth. Max was looking at me. For a while, I looked back. Then he loosened his grip on me and pulled his powerful cock out of my mouth. I gasped for the air intensely for a while, spitting excess saliva on the sheets.

Max fell back on his buttocks and stroked his cock just as I had managed to regain my composure. I looked at him and licked my lips, panting.

“I’m the fucking queen,” I said.

“Yes, you’re fucking,” Max laughed. He had that look of disbelief coupled with the pleasure that made my knees weak. He looked at me like that. I. made him feel that. I felt powerful. I felt excited. I felt like no one could say anything about me or me ever again. I felt like a champion. I felt like…

“The fucking queen,” I repeated.

The thought was clear on Max’s face. “Yes, you’re the fucking queen, ” he said, puzzled. “It was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.”

I laughed a little. “Ready for the second part?”

A look of confusion washed on Max’s face. “Part two…?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten,” I said, standing behind me for the lubricant.

Looking at him, he finally took on the look of Max. “Damn, how could I forget? Jesus, you must have sucked out parts of my brain too. We both laughed, and then we sat in silence, catching our respective breaths.

“You uh, are you still sure of that?” Max asked, sincerely and kindly. It was a sudden change. I expected him to make a joke, or say something cheesy. Don’t be nice.

“Yes, I want that. I want to do it, I say softly. “Did you?” he asked. I added.

“Yes, yes, but only if you do.”

I said, “Yes.”

“Okay,” said Max, crawling towards me.

I handed him the bottle. “You probably won’t need too much more for yourself, but I’ll definitely need some,” I said, pointing to his saliva and pre-cum-clad penis.

“Yes, everything you need.” His kindness and gentleness were disarming. As I turned around on the bed and entered the doggy position, it occurred to me that Max had never really been vulnerable with me. Never in the room, and only twice when we were talking. He did what we were about to make feel so much more… Intimate. I smiled.

Behind me, I could hear Max squirting the bottle. First he put some on himself, then slightly put on me. He dabbed the lubricant all around my hole, then asked him if that was enough. I told him to put more on, recalling that basically everyone online said that there is no such thing as too much lubricant.

After he put a generous amount on me, he capped the bottle and put it nearby. He broke his throat and gently grabbed my hips. “You ready?” he asked.

“Mhm, ” I went back. I was biting my lip. That’s what it was. The big leagues.

I felt it start moving towards me, then shouted “Wait!”

Panicked, Max withdrew and freed his hands from me. “What!” he said.

“I just … my safety word is “licorne,” I say, much less confident than I wanted.

I said, “Okay. Of course. Unicorn,” Max says calmly. “You say the word and I’ll stop immediately. You are in control of that, okay?

Her voice was so soft, so considerate, so comfortable, I just wanted to kiss her and kiss her and love her forever. What I did was say, “Okay,” and nod, okay.

Max slowly turned his hands to my hips and put himself in a comfortable position. Again, he walked cautiously towards me, and as the very tip of his cock touched my ass, I walked away from him and shouted “Wait!” again.

I said, “What?” Max asked again, not annoyed or impatient, but with the same amount of authentic care as he did before.

“Just… go slowly, ” I pleaded. “And be gentle,” I added, after a few seconds of silence.

Max put his hand on my shoulder. It was hot, and my shoulder fit perfectly into the curvature of his hand. It was like a blanket.

I turned around to face him and I immediately melted. His face, usually drawn in that stupid smile of her, was relaxed and soft. He had an inviting little smile and his eyes looked at me with a gentleness and care they had never had before. My skin was covered in goosebumps. My mouth dried up. We stayed there, unable to shake off the connection we had formed.

Max broke the silence. “Of course I’ll be gentle, ” he said, running his other hand through my hair.

I was caught between two emotions. A few seconds ago, I declared myself queen of the pipe. It was vigorous, physical, sexy. Now it was hot, affectionate, and that funny butterfly feeling you get in your stomach that you can’t quite explain. I wanted to stay in this moment, caught with euphoria between love and lust.

“Are you ready?”

Max’s voice brought me back to reality. I realized that I had closed my eyes and opened them. I looked at him and said, “Yes.”

I did half-tour. Max, for the third time, took his position. I was breathing deeply. I felt the tip of his head push against the entrance to my hole. I’ve been tense. It was so different from my finger. It was something completely foreign, something that was not attached to me. He moved his hands down my hips and spread my cheeks to get a better view. He took a hand away once he had lined up and grabbed his tree. Slowly, slowly, as I asked, he pushed.

My whole body stretched out. My toes are curled up. My breath was cut short. My eyes pulled wide open. My mouth was moving, but it didn’t make any sound. My fingers rolled up and grabbed from the sheets. Max had passed, if ever so lightly, inside me.

I moaned, loud and long. Max let out a little grunt himself.

“Fuck, it’s tight,” he said, clearly enjoying the sensation. I was, in the meantime, lost in my own sensations. My nerves flared around my hole. It was as if my bowels were on fire. It hurt, but there was a fascination for feeling. My whole body reacted to its entry, rejoicing in this new penetration.

“Let me swing at you,” I said breathlessly. He maintained his position, imamemen. I slowly shook back and forth, softening it in me while he stood firmly in his place. Before I knew it, I had his whole head in my.

“Damn,” I cursed aloud. I could barely breathe. If I felt like my hole was on fire before, it was now engulfed in a blazing blaze. The goosebumps appeared on me, my senses completely concentrated on the cock inside me. Instinctively, my hand went down to my clitipeux and began to rub it. I rode on the strong waves of orgasm, howling in the night.

I kept bouncing off his cock while my muscles contracted and finally relaxed. Just when I was in the middle of a spot, Max slapped me on the.

“You like that dick in your ass, don’t you?” It was more of a statement than a question, really.

“Mmm, yes, I love it,” I moaned back.

At that moment, I felt Max’s hands tighten on my hips, and I swear I could almost Feel his pulsating cock inside me. Max stopped abruptly, not sure if I was ready to take charge there too. Reading his mind, I turned my head back to face him and told him exactly what I wanted.

I want you to come up my.

The desire in my voice, the need in my voice practically dripping from my mouth, sent him into shock. He orgasmed, just then. I felt him buckling behind me, felt the tiny contractions of his cock as he released an obscene amount of his cum inside me. He growled, moaned, made strange noises that I had never heard him (or anyone else, for that matter) make before. When he finished, he gasped while half crying.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” he said with every breath. “Oh, fucking ruined me, Gwen. You killed me.

We both laughed that curled up, laughing painful champion, like a long distance runner being the first to cross the finish line.

I got up and slowly got out of him, breaking our body connection. I crawled into his arms and we collapsed on the pillows. He wrapped one arm around me, the other lying next to him. I moved my hand down to his balls and gently tightened them and stretched them out, emptying the poor bags of all his. I could still feel the hot sticky of some of it inside me. A little droplet was coming out of my, along my hip and on the sheets.

After almost twenty minutes, Max finally spoke. “Where did you …?” was all he could handle.

“Shhh,” I said, plaeting a finger on his lips.

No more silence. Sleep came to both of us in seconds after that.


I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. The blinds were pulled, but the sun hit them at the right angle so that a clear line could be drawn from my eyes towards the sun. I quickly closed them and turned them over, moaning. As I realized, I wasn’t going to go to sleep again, I sighed and I sat down, rubbing my eyes.

It was a pain. It was just a dull pain, but I noticed it all the same. Still waking up, I was confused as to why my buttocks were sore, and then it all came back to me. I laughed. A small slice of the fun and warmth of last night quickly made a run through my body, and I clung to it as I stretched out. I noticed that Max wasn’t in bed, but then the sweet smell of pancakes and bacon came floating through the door of my room. I got out of bed and grabbed Max’s shirt the day before. He went down to just above half of my thigh, and looked pretty stupid on me because of his big size, but I knew it would be sexy for him to see me in it. I went to the bathroom, fixed my hair a little, and went to the kitchen to meet Max.

As I crept out of my room and into the master bedroom, the smell of sweet, sweet breakfast was overwhelming. I closed my eyes, inhaled deeply, and moaned at the smell. Max, who could see me from the kitchen, turned around and looked at me.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said, dizzy.

“It smells like an amazing baby,” I said, “always standing by the door of my room.

“Thank you,” he said, turning his attention to his preparations.

I waited patiently.

He turned his head to face me, realizing that I had not moved. I said, “What?” I looked at him with a smirking smile. He was wearing only a pair of underpants.

And it looked absolutely gorgeous in them.

He put down his kitchen utensils and turned completely to face me. I was strutting on the little kitchen table and bouncing off a chair. Max looked at me all the time.

“I’m tempted to say something about how well you look in my shirt,” he said.

“Oh?” he said. I said, acting as harmlessly as I could.

“And then follow up with something about how it would be better on the floor, ” he continued, flashing that infamous smile of his.

“Ugh! How lustful! I am a lady, young man, I teased, pretending to look like an old British woman.

Yes, except the ladies don’t do it up the, he teased back.

I stood up in my chair and taunted, as if offended.

“Come here,” he said quietly.

I leaned over, not quite sure I heard it.

“Come here,” he repeated, always smiling.

I got up slowly and strutted again, this time on the little kitchen corner where Max was. I put his face in his hands and we kissed. It was the sweet, after sex kind of fucking. Relaxed, sensual, full of slow and heavy breathing since we were still recovering from last night. His hands moved down and raised the back of my shirt above my hips, then cut off my with his hands. He kneads and squeezed my cheeks as I ran my hands through his hair. I could feel him growing up in his boxer shorts, his peck hardening tickling my belly.

Suddenly he lifted me up and sat me on the counter. He surprised me so much that I screamed a little, then laughed before he started kissing me again. He swung me forward so I was barely able to hold my position on the counter and raised my shirt so he could see my vagina.

“I just remembered that I totally forgot to say hello to this beautiful kitten last night,” he growled in his ear.

I blushed and laughed, barely noticing the sound of sizzling bacon. Max brought his pointer finger to my mouth and I opened it accordingly. I wrapped my lips and tongue around her, sucking on her intensely. He took it out with a wet Pop! her and he moved to my other pair of lips. He ran his finger up and down the length of my sex, and I shivered. I slammed my hands on his shoulder blades as I leaned forward, unable to stop me from falling as I got lost to his touch. He started kissing the side of my neck, moving to the top of my ear before coming down. He slipped his finger inside me once he reached the top of my ear the first time, and massaged my inner walls. Her touch in my and on my neck were sweet, almost mesmerizing. His other hand wrapped around my spine to keep me close to him.

I don’t know how long we’ve been there. He felt so good after a night of debauchery to just be treated gently and easily. It was eventually ruined by a bad smell.

Max moved her around to deal with mine and sniffed the air. “Do you feel that?”

“No, do not stop, continue,” he begged.

“No, seriously, Gwen, do you feel that?”

I rolled my eyes and focused on the smell. We had the imprethat something was burning.


“Aw shit!” Max exclaimed.

He quickly walked away from me and took the bacon from the stove, turning the fan over its highest setting. The bacon itself was super burnt and crispy.

“Well, there are still pancakes if you want them,” he offered.

I crossed my arms, sighed, and came down from the counter. My mood improved as we ate, talking about what we were missing, the things we did during the week, before finally getting to last night.

“So first it was talking dirty and choking, now it’s sloppy and anal fellatio?” Max said.

I said, “Yes!” I said proudly between the pancake bites.

“Your father must fucking hate me, ” joked Max. I punched him in the shoulder.

“Ow! Hey, I didn’t declare myself queen of the pipe,” Max said. I pretended I was going to hit him again and he flinched.

“Pussy,” I said with a mouthful of pancakes.

“With holes like yours, you can call me whatever you want,” Max said, clearly amused with himself.

“Hey, I like you right now, don’t be an asshole and don’t mess it up,” I said.

“Damn, you’re just loving me right now? I’m hurt,” he says sarcastically.

I looked at it before Turning to my food.

“Wait, if I’m the asshole, does that mean you’re going to fuck me in the ass next?” Max said, moving his hands around as if he were solving a mathematical equation on a board.

“Do you want me too?” I said, maybe a little too enthusiastic.

“Of course, but my word for safety is ‘licorne’,” he says, turning to me and smiling broadly.

“Damn,” I said, cheeks blushing.

“No seriously, I want to talk about it,” Max teased.

“I don’t have one.”

“Come on, there must be a story behind this,” he joked, trying to make eye contact with me. I kept changing my look to avoid hers.

“Please Gwen, pretty please? Please,” Max begged. “It’s so… Unique.

“Do you know the sure words of other girls?” I said, trying to catch him.

“Of course not! Well, only my friends tell me that they and their girlfriends use. And don’t change the subject. He got up and moved his chair along the table to sit next to me.

An idea came to me as he continued to beg.

“Okay, I conceded.” I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. But on one condition.

“Yes! Absolutely! You call it, says Max, eager for my answer.

I raised my eyebrows, but I didn’t say anything.

“Yes…?” Max waited.

“I can fuck you in the ass,” I said, giving him a kiss on the tip of his nose.

His smile disappeared and his eyes bulged slightly to the notion. I had managed to amaze him in silence.

I smiled a lot. “Chickenshit, ” I threw him back.

The night there more than a week may have been “the night I sexually flowered,” but that night before was the night I held power. And it was so nice.

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Talking Dirty Pt. 2: Anal