Taming The Cougar – Part 2 – From Cougar To Sub

In the first part of ‘Taming the Cougar’, the Cougar discovers that her young lovers disappoint her, her husband is gay and that the owner of the nightclub ‘Cougar’s Lair’ is an incredible lover.

I. left Pam’s apartment, perplexed. I had not been a choir boy in the past and had done a lot of plain fucking and fancy. But I had never been so attracted to a woman. I had avoided relationships at all costs, although many women had tried to seduce me into one. Why did this woman affect me like that? I wanted more than one or two nights with her. I had a hard time knowing what I wanted, but I knew I wanted more.

A bonus for me was that it seemed to be submissive, which really attracted me even more to it. I returned to my suite at the hotel with my mind in a mist remembering what I had been through and dreaming of what she and I could share more.

I sat at my desk and went through the work moves waiting for the moment when I could go back to Pam. The minutes seemed like hours as I kept checking the time. We had agreed to see each other this afternoon, but we had not set a time.

My phone rang indicating an incoming conversation, it was Pam. His message was very brief: You can come anytime you want. Chet just left.

My answer was just as brief: On my way.

The drive seemed to take forever, and when I arrived it seemed like the elevator would never get to the third floor. The door of the apartment was open, and when I walked in, Pam yelled, “Chris, is that you? I’m in the dining room.

She sat at the dining room table with a glass of wine in front of her. She wore a skirt whose lower half was lace, which showed her fabulous legs in all their splendor and a sleeveless top. I saw his wedding ring lying on the table; now that his sapphire and diamond ring adorned his finger.

She got up, came to me, and wrapped me in her arms. His eyes, the color of sapphires, looked at me full of questions. I took his face in my hands and brought it to mine for a passionate kiss. When we separated, his eyes wept with tears. “What’s wrong, darling?”

“I was so afraid that you wouldn’t want to come back, that you wouldn’t want me.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Well … my sordid past is not something that most men would accept. I’m so ashamed of it.

“Come and sit down. We have some things to say.

We went to the living room and sat side by side on the couch. Pam curled up on herself in the corner of the sofa and exclaimed her heart. I let it be like I felt she had to get rid of the pain before we talked. I approached her and cradled her in my arms without saying a word. Patiently, I waited for her to cry herself while offering a comforting presence.

Finally, his sobs stopped. “Would you like to talk?” I asked. She nodded.

“I’ll tell myself why the tears? Is this about Chet?

“Nnn… no. This part went better than I expected.

“Tell me about it.”

“Chet and I decided we were through.” She showed me her hand. “See, no more wedding tape. We decided on an untidy divorce. He told me that he also felt liberated and that he was happy to now have his hands free to be what he wanted to be. He even asked me to thank you for providing the catalyst to do so. I’m keeping this apartment, and he’s got the house in Provincetown. The movers will be here on Monday to remove his belongings.

“Well, that sounds good,” I commented, “so why the tears?”

“I’m scared, Chris. I realized this morning that you were right, I’m a slut, and I have this perpetual itch that needs to be scratched. I have no self-control, maybe I am a nymphomaniac for what I know. What am I going to do? I absolutely refuse to chase these young puppies. Perhaps you are also right that I am a submissive and I just want the humiliation it has brought me.

“I don’t think you’re right, Pam. I’ve been thinking about it a lot since yesterday. You are just an excited woman who needs a man to regularly meet her needs and control her. You are not a nymphomaniac, as you limited yourself to weekends for hunting. As for being a submissive, you might well be; however, I don’t think you really understand what it’s like to be a submarine.

“So what is a submarine?”

“A woman who handed her body over to a man for use is the simplest explanation.”

“What does that mean?”

“Be ready to obey any order of man commands. Now there is a code to that; conditions are generally agreed in advance as the limits of the submarine and its master. Being submissive has nothing to do with pain and humiliation. That’s more than the couple trying to improve the erotic experience between them.

“Everything I need,” she sighed. “Chris, I’m tired of the perpetual pursuit. Where am I going to find this non-virtue paragon that will not only scratch my itch, but who can I love? I’m tired of sleeping alone at night and not having someone I love and respect in my life.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I can certainly exercise control, but the hardest part is the LOVE aspect.

She remained silent for a long time, then got up and went to her room, closing the door behind her, leaving me sitting on the couch. I debated it in the next one, but I felt that all her emotional buttons had been pushed to the limit in the last twenty-four hours. It was time for her to take stock of what she wanted. God knows I wanted it; however, would she want me? I think I was afraid of his rejection. It would be so easy for me to fall head on heels in love with.

I poured myself a glass and when I saw a humidifier sitting down, he found a cigar. I turned on the TV and found a football game that I sat in front of without really seeing it all. I was afraid of what she would decide. I wanted and needed so much and here is a woman who could satisfy my needs and desires.

I have no idea how long I sat there immersed in my thoughts when I heard the door of the room open. I looked up, and Pam was coming towards me. I looked with astonishment; disappeared were the tears and the dismal expression she had when she was gone. Instead, I saw a goddess.

It’s been completely transformed. Her hair and makeup were exquisite. Wearing a filmy cream color neglect that allowed me to see that everything she wore was a fragile strand of a thong and a half-cup bra, both in black. Her legs were wrapped in black thighs, and she wore high-heeled sandals that wonderfully accentuated the length of her legs.

My heart sped off, and my cock tried to break my pants as she stood gently in front of me. When she spoke, her words terrified me. “Chris, would you be willing to control me, to be my guide and my master?”

“Are you sure that’s what you want and need?”

“I’m positive. Last night, you were the one who allowed me to keep my sanity. The feelings I feel for you are those I have never experienced before. Would you be willing to take the risk with me?

“Wow! I was going to ask you the same thing. You made me rethink my life, and my needs, like no woman has ever done. Yes, I’m willing to take the risk if you are.

“Chris, I want you to be in my life. I have no idea where that will lead us. Can I be your sub, your slut, your companion for now?

“Are you sure, Pam? My being a club owner won’t cause you any problems with your social ensemble?

“Screw them. These sluts never did anything for me. Where do we start?

“Take off those panties and bra. I want to feast my eyes on your charms.

I sat back and watched her take off her careless and lower her panties before giving a shimmy that made them slide over her legs. She reached back and unlocked her bra and dropped it to the ground.

“Stay there and spread your legs.” She obeyed quickly, and I got up and walked towards her. I reached out and stroked her breasts, which made her moan. Her nipples were hard and tempting, so I grabbed them between my fingers and shot them.

“It’s so nice,” she said.

“How about that?” I said pinch ingel each nipple hard while looking into her eyes. She grimaced for a second or two, and then a smile broke on her face.

Chris. Pinch them harder.

“Do you like it? What’s he doing for you?

It really makes my tingle. I could almost enjoy this treatment. I love putting my body back on you.

I leaned forward and sucked on one of her nipples while pinching the other. When I sank my teeth into the rubberknot, she screamed, and her whole body began to tremble.

“Damn, Chris, it made me enjoy. It was so unexpected.

“Then you liked it.”

I said, “Yes.”

“I think we need to get you nipple clamps and nipple jewelry tomorrow.”

“Oh, can we do that?”

“Yes, and other types of sex toys. Now, spread those legs further away so I can thoroughly inspect your.

“Chris, I’m yours. You can do whatever you want for me and with me. It’s interesting to give me to you that I feel so liberated.

I knelt between her legs and palmed her cute. It was wet. Obviously, the nipple game was something she loved. I stretched out his lips and licked the sweet juice, which was coating its interior walls. She moaned, and when my fingers found her clitbé, her legs began to tremble.

I didn’t want her to cum again, so I stopped. She uttered a disappointed groan as I withdrew from her.

“Turn around, bitch,” I ordered.

I was now facing her incredible. “Spread those legs for me. Wider!”

I went and moved a straight chair and placed it in front of it. Now think forward and push that back, get ready on the chair.

I went back behind her and marveled at these two half-moons now in front of my eyes. I spread his cheeks, and his tight little pucker was revealed.

Pam, are you an virgin?

I said, “Yes. I hope this is one of the problems you will solve for me. I was such a naughty girl, Chris. Are you going to punish me?

“How wicked have you been?”

“Very naughty. I deserve a spanking at least.

I gave the pucker offered a lick and a kiss and told him to stand upstraight.

I took off my clothes and moved to the chair and sat down and beckoned him to introduce himself.

“Face-down on my lap, ” I ordered, “Can you feel my cock nestled against your pussy?”

“Mmm! Yes.”

“In this way, as I spank you, my dick will signal you how you make me arouse.”

I proceeded to caress her, feeling the silky skin smooth against my hand. She wriggled against me, which felt wonderful, and my cock began to leak precum. I had her put her hands behind her and grabbed her wrists to prevent her from wrapping herself.

Raising my hand, I started to rain spanking on these satin white cheeks. Pam was barking every time, and I was thrilled to see her turn bright pink. Each spanking made her bark. However, she did not try to avoid them or fight them. After ten spanking at each cheek, I stopped and spread his legs. As I went down, I felt her. It flowed from her.

I put my fingers in it and coated them with her juice. “Get up and kneel in front of me.” She obeyed immediately and placed herself between my thighs. “Suck my fingers and taste the way you taste good for me.

“Now suck my dick. Get it hard and very wet, you know where it goes next.

With a look of total devotion, she lowered her mouth to me and licked my. She took each and stretching her wide mouth sucked each into her mouth where she circled her tongue around her. Licking the length of my tree, she picked up the precum from the tip and circled the head with her tongue before lowering her mouth over her head and welcoming her into her warm mouth.

She sucked her head in and out of her mouth looking at me to watch my reaction. Seeing me raise my hips, she forced her mouth to slide the length of my tree until it had swallowed me. She kept me at the bottom of her throat until she started gagging, and only then came for a breath before repeating the process.

I injured her hair in the fist and seeing that she could take me fully in her mouth and throat, I guided her, making sure she did not gag, but imposing a rhythm that soon made me pulsate in her mouth.

She squeezed me even tighter and used her hands to stroke my balls until I could no longer hold back and pulled chain after chain of cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop and kept sucking until I was emptied.

As my now flasp came out of her mouth, she looked at me and smiled. “Delicious! Can I have one every day?

“We’ll see. It will depend on whether you are a good girl.

“Oh! I want to be a bad girl with you,” she says with a pout.

I smiled at him. “Get up.”

I got up and lifted her over my shoulder and carried her with her legs hanging in front of me until the bedroom, where I placed her hidden side on the bed. I took cold cream from her vanity and slept next to her, massaged her pink with her. She laughs, “Chris, I loved spanking. It made me feel hot, and to my surprise, it lit me up.

“I know, little subslut. You were dripping your pussy juice all over my dick.

“I could feel the warmth of your cock against my split. It was fabulous.

“Remember, it was a loving spanking. A spanking punishment is much more difficult, and I’m not sure you’d appreciate it, so make sure you never do anything that would justify you getting one.

“Well, I’ll try. However, you have to tell me what the rules are.

“We can discuss it later, are you sure you want to keep me?”

“Forever, darling. Please give me a kiss.

I knocked her over and took her in my arms. The intensity of our kiss left me breathless. I came to the conclusion that I was not only in lust, but, in fact, I was in love. I felt like a teenager and not a forty-five-year-old man.

“Turn on your stomach. I want to introduce my ass to my dick. Are you ready to try?

“I think so. As I said, you will be the first man to take me there. I’m tense because I’m afraid it’s painful, but for you, as I said yesterday, my holes are up to you to use as you please.

“I will be gentle and will prepare you thoroughly before i begin. If it hurts at first that happens often, but I think once I penetrate you, you will enjoy. Now get down on your knees and put your head on the pillow.

I positioned myself behind her and looked at her cute. I knew since yesterday that she was stimulated by the game of. I parted my cheeks from my and started at the rim. I felt she was very tense, so I kept licking her until she started moaning and pushing back with her against my face.

I let my tongue probe her orifice, and she relaxed even more. Finally, I was able to introduce my tongue to her, which sent her into a paroxysm of moans and yelping of joy. Taking my finger, I ran it through her to get it carefully lubricated with its juice. I pressed him against his pucker and slowly pushed in. It gradually flowed deep into his, and I added a second finger. I broke her asshole until she started moaning again.

Rising in position, I pulled out my fingers and pushed my cock head against his pucker. I just held her there while she got used to having something so important in her.

Holding her hips, I drew her to me and began to penetrate her deeper. It was delicious. Her ass felt like a velvet nod wrapped around my cock, embracing every inch of my tree.

“Chris, it feels good. I feel like you have completely owned me.

“No pain?”

“At first, just a little, but now it feels so good. Go fuck yourself, honey. Fuck my slutty ass. Make me yours.

I started to back off and move faster and more forcefully. My hand went around, and I found his clitipeux, which I massaged, pulled, and pinched. Her was hot and hot, and she was hanging around me tightly every time.

My balls were hitting her pussy as I pushed, and she was sliding her hips back and forth as she took me into it. Fortunately, I had already come to be able to last a long time.

“Chris, let me turn around. I want to see you fuck me.

I retreated, and she rolled on her back and raised her knees to her shoulders. I looked at his, which was now gaping at me. I immediately pushed my cock back into her hot sheaf as she smiled at me.

I placed myself so that while I was in his, my pubis was rubbing against his clitaction. She screamed with joy and began to push her hips up at me.

“Fuck! Kiss! Oh my God, me. Louder. Own me, please, darling.

My dick was throbbing in her as she treated me. I could no longer hold back and pull my load deep into his bowels. When she felt my hot cum fill her, she shouted, “I’m cumming!” and I felt her pussy squirt her sperme around and on me.

I dropped on his body with my dick still deep in his ass. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and her arms held me tight to her as we both struggled to catch our breath.

She muzzled my neck and whispered in my ear: “Chris, please never leave me.”

I got up to look into his eyes and said, “Never, my love.”

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Taming the Cougar – Part 2 – From Cougar to Sub