Thank God For Small Favors

Lisa begged Mark to give it to her. He refused. He wasn’t going to give in, no matter what Lisa wanted until he was good and ready.

“Please give it to me,” said Lisa.

I said, “No. You’re not ready yet,” Mark repeated.

“Argh, you must. I need it. I want to do it. You have to give it to me, ” growled Lisa through laborious breaths. She couldn’t take much more torture from Mark. She needed it and had to have it. She was going to have it one way or another.


Lisa and Mark had been together for months. They had a good thing together. They enjoyed everything from each other. Lisa loved Mark’s confident nature. Mark idealized Lisa’s thirst for sex. Together, they made a dominant team in the room. They had mind-blowing sex for hours. Everyone knew what the other liked.

Mark loved it when Lisa wanted sex outside. The thrill of getting caught was intoxicating for Mark. He particularly liked it when she wasn’t wearing panties and leaning into the shops so he could see. He slapped her bare and played with her split until she was wet beyond all belief. Mark couldn’t resist taking her to the back of the store or to a dressing room and licking her until she died out loud.

Lisa loved it when Mark surprised her by filming a slow striptease and sending her to her phone while she was at work. She thought he had such a big body and knew how to tease her. She always enjoyed having sex with him because he had a nice cock and could hit spots in his other person ever made.

Lisa and Mark had been in love for ten minutes straight. They had pushed each other’s limits with licking and sucking and fucking. They almost reached the climax several times, but managed to hold off. They were so close now and needed orgasm in the worst way. Mark was in control at the moment, but he knew that if he gave in to his wishes, he would be finished in seconds.

“Are you sure you want it right now?” Mark asked to try to keep his breathing steady.

“Yes, damn it! I want it now. Please give it to me. I need it, “Lisa barely came out between grunts and erratic breathing.

Mark had it on his side and beat her hard. He was hitting his loose cock in and out at a fast and furious pace. He felt her pussy clinging to every inner thrust of his cock. He was in heaven and didn’t want to stop. But he knew he had to give in to it. Mark went out with a sound and turned it over on her belly.

“Okay, you asked for it,” Mark says very shyly.

“Yes, yes give it to me. Put it on now! I want everything in me. Unload that glorious seed at the bottom of my, shouted Lisa with joy.

Mark did what she asked and guided her cock to her asshole. He didn’t need to use lubricant this time. Lisa was soaked, and her dick has its juice covering her. He managed to drill his easily with his head. He stayed like that for a few more seconds so she could get used to the feeling.

“Don’t stop now. Push. I want to feel you in me. Fuck my ass,” Lisa cried while trying to push her ass over on her cock.

“Ok, you got it,” Mark said before pushing his hips in hard. He buried his dick in his ass. He hit the bottom so hard that he injured his pelvis bone a little.

“OH MY GOD YES! Oh my god who’s so big. Give me. Fuck me hard with that beautiful cock of yours,” Lisa shouted aloud.

Mark started moving his cock in and out slowly at first, then picking up the pace. He fucks his asshole in a steady rhythm. He was slasing her with everything he had. He knew that if continued to fuck like that; it was not going to last long at all. His sucked him every time he retired. He continued to fuck her ass until he couldn’t take it anymore. He must have unloaded it soon.

Lisa pushed her ass on Mark’s dick every time he went out. She wanted him to have the deepest of her he could have. Lisa couldn’t believe how much her dick felt in her ass. She wanted more. She wanted everything in her. Lisa reached its climax and knew she wanted Mark to have one too. She had never felt anything so good in her life, and she didn’t want it to end, but knew they were both close to orgasm.

“Yeess. Oh my God, yes. It’s so good. I’m going to make the sperm!” cried Lisa.

“Hang on. Almost there. I’m going to blow my load deep into your, Mark growled back at Lisa while holding her hips and slamming her hard.

“God yes! Cum in me. Cum in my ass, baby,” Lisa squeaked.

Mark clung to his hips and pulled her towards him. He felt the sperm deflate at the bottom of his groin and knew he was on his way. He needed to drop it as deep into Lisa’s as he could get it. He pushed his hips and pulled it towards him. It was beyond to stop now.

They both shouted out loud at the same time, “I’m cumming!”

Mark unloaded a massive amount of deep into Lisa’s. He dropped off so much that he was coming back along the sides of his dick. His couldn’t handle the load, and he ran over his thighs.

Lisa shook and convulsed while experiencing an upsetting climax. Lisa had never had such an orgasm before. Lisa’s juice flowed from her and mingled with Mark’s sperm, which was coming down her thighs.

They both collapsed on the patrol car Mark was driving parked under the overpass. His partner called sick today. They both thanked God for the little favors while catching their breath. They loved each other and the incredible sex life they had.

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Thank God for the little favors