The adventures of Beth Part 6

Scott asked if he should be the only one talking beth about her husband, but Mr. Harper said, “No, son, I think it will be better coming from me.”

Mr. Harper knocked slightly on beth’s bedroom door and said, “Would you like out, please Beth. We need to talk. It’s important.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Beth opened the door and gave her a big smile. When she noticed Scott by her side, she blushed a little, and when none of them gave her a smile back, she asked, “What’s wrong? Why so serious?

“I’ve got some bad news, kitten.”

Beth managed to look surprised and alarmed, even though she had heard the news and Scott took it as a signal for him to leave.

Mr. Harper grabbed one of Beth’s hands and led her to the couch. She sat with a faint smile now on her lips. She had decided that she would act upset, even heartbroken, when Mr. Harper revealed that her husband had died.

Holding both hands, Mr. Harper knelt before her. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but your husband was bitten by a venomous snake and died before they could take him to the hospital.”

Beth looked into Mr. Harper’s eyes, then a tear flowed down her cheek before she broke down in tears, falling forward into her arms. He was holding her, patting her back. Even with his head buried in his chest, he heard his sob: “What am I going to do? I’m all alone now.

Mr. Harper said, “You don’t have to worry about anything…” I’ll take care of it if you. After Jack’s funeral, when it’s all over, you can come live with me if you want. Or some time later, if you like, every time you feel ready.

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, of course I do. I love you, kitten, and I will do anything for you.

Beth threw her arms around her neck and kissed her with grateful passion.

When she finally broke the kiss, Mr. Harper asked, “Is this your way of saying yes, you will come and live with me?”

Beth gave him a quizzical look. She thought her answer was obvious, but before she had the opportunity to speak, Mr. Harper smiled and said, “Only teasing. You have made it very clear that your answer is yes. And I really think you should call me Sam. All right?

“Oh yes,” said Beth, kissing her again. “Sam… I like that.

Sam didn’t think it would be a good idea if he went with her to Jack’s funeral. “We don’t want rumors to start telling us two.”

Beth agreed, but asked her to help her pack. “I’ll be happy to do it,” he said and added that he would pay his moving expenses. Sam stayed at Beth’s house for three days before the funeral and during that time he told her that she only needed to take her clothes and personal belongings with her, as he assumed she would share her bed.

The day before the funeral, Beth said, “I want to have sex one last time in my bed if you agree.”

“Whatever your little heart desires,” he said, and Beth kissed him sensually while unbuttoning and removing his shirt. She kissed along her neck to her chest where she closed her eyes and inhala the smell of her cologne rising from her chest hair.

They had not had sex since her husband’s death. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to; she didn’t feel guilty or anything. She was just too tired. Sorting out everything related to Jack’s death, funeral arrangements, and trying to pack her bags, left her dead on her feet at bedtime. She apologized to Sam and he always told her, “That’s fine, don’t worry.”

She wanted it more than ever now that they didn’t have to sneak in. It wasn’t that simple. Beth decided it was best not to tell her parents or anyone else about Sam at the time. She said she was leaving for a while and waiting until they both felt the time had come to tell people.

Beth was not ashamed of her relationship with Sam. But few people knew how Jack had abused her. They wouldn’t understand the sudden change. Sam said she didn’t have to talk to anyone about their relationship. “Don’t even come back here if you don’t want to,” he said.

Beth couldn’t do that. She had family and close friends whom she would like to visit.

Beth started licking and sucking Sam’s nipples. He had always liked it, but Sam looked down and said, “You don’t have to do that.”

Beth looked up. “Don’t you like it anymore?”

“I love it, but under the circumstances …

She put a finger on her lips. I know it might make me look like a heartless, but I’m glad Jack’s dead, she said. “All love came out of our marriage a long time ago.”

“Does our being together have anything to do with what you think of Jack?”

“No,” she said. “Honestly, I don’t really know what I would have done if you hadn’t come to see me that first night.”

She then kissed her lips before kneeling down to tie her belt and pants, pulling them up to her ankles with her boxers. Beth sucked her hard cock into her mouth to her balls. Sam closed his eyes and moaned. He loved Beth sucking his cock and he also liked to fuck his other two holes. Sam briefly wondered if he should feel like a dirty old man — he was old enough to be his father — but he didn’t.

Beth doesn’t normally use her hands by sucking her cock and she doesn’t this time either. The first time, she had barely gotten half her length in her mouth without gagging and choking. But she was a real soldier and practiced until she could take it down her throat without gagging.

The first two times he had come to fuck her, Beth had been a sex-hungry slut and Sam was happy to oblige her. Perhaps, most women would have resisted and fought – but not Beth. The first time, she thought later that he might have planned to kill her. But she did not tell her husband what had happened. Then she wanted him to come to her a second time. She had begged him to fuck her. Then she begged him to take his virginity, even though he was much taller than her husband.

But Sam said he loved her and she loved him and that was all that mattered. Now that Jack was dead, they could make themselves happy for the rest of their lives.

Sam was naked now and Beth, her hands behind her back, was slowly deeply throating him. Taking it up to her, she gradually withdrew and sucked on the head and tongue of her ball. Sam loved to play tongue in his pee split. She was the only woman who ever did. She was also the only one who ever gnawed at her. And he loved his.

Beth suddenly released him and got up. “What are you doing?” Sam was gasping. “I don’t have sperm yet?”

“I don’t want you to cumminguntil you’re deep inside me.”

Sam had no problem with this as he watched Beth turn his back on him, take a few steps, and then perform a mini-striptease for him. Completely naked, she climbed on to the four-legged bed and stirred her, looking back and smiling. “Choose a hole,” she says.

Sam smiled too and crawled on the bed. He grabbed his hips and licked and kissed his ass cheeks. Beth loved the feel of Sam’s tongue and lips on his bare flesh and tongue in her. It is something her husband has never done for her.

“Hmm, it feels good.”

“You’re a bad girl and need to spank.” He slapped her cheeks and it made Beth cry.

His was so small that Sam’s big hand practically covered both of his buttocks. After half a dozen spanking, Beth’s cheeks were beet red. Sam then buried his face between them, finding his rose button with his tongue.

When Sam got her, Beth forgot the pain in her cheeks. Sam knew that licking Beth’s was good for him and that he would do anything to get there. He spent a few minutes doing it and Beth shouted, “God yes, God yes…”

Then, without warning, Beth scrambled at her feet. Again, she told Sam that she wanted it deep down before she came. She reached into a drawer on the nightclub for a bottle of baby oil.

She handed it to Sam.

“What hole?”

“Your choice,” she said, smiling, kissing him and returning on all fours.

Sam squirted a generous amount of oil into his. Although she is no longer an anal virgin, Beth was still tight and it hurt a little when he fucked her there. The lubricant certainly helped.

After fingering his ass to make sure she was lubricated up good, Sam squirted oil into his hand and stroked it on his cock. “Are you ready?”

Beth turned her head to look back at him and smiled. Come on, me, she said and spread her cheeks.

Sam soothed the head of his dick in Beth’s asshole. With only the dome inserted, he fucked her, moving it in and out a fraction of an inch, teasing it. Beth wanted to push back and fill her ass with her cock, but she knew better. The pleasure she would receive when he finally slipped his cock deep into his ass more than compensated for the frustration as he tated on her

Now the head and two more inches were up his. Beth put a hand between her legs and fingered herself. “Put your hands behind you and keep them there, “Sam ordered.” You wanted to wait until I was deep inside you before cumming, remember”

Beth put her hands behind her and Sam decided she had been teased enough and slipped the rest of her length into Beth’s. She let go of a long moan as he probed her depths. Slowly he recoiled until only the head was in his – and then he pushed all the way back. He repeated this about half a dozen times, going faster and stronger each time.

At that moment, Beth was moaning and screaming almost, begging her to fuck her faster and faster. She couldn’t help herself and put a hand to her again. Sam slowed down almost to a fucking stop and told him again, “Hands behind you.”

Sam grabbed his wrists into one of his big hands and fucked with long, slow strokes. Every time he put his dick on, he slapped his ass with his free hand. Not hard enough to hurt. He did it because he liked to do it.

He continued to use long, slow blows – his punishment to finger himself – and Beth continued to plead to be fucked harder and faster. Sam ignored her.

After another series of slow blows, she sobbed and begged. Enough was enough and he suddenly fucked her as hard and as fast as he could. In a short time, they both reached their climax and it collapsed next to her, breathing heavily. Beth licked her own cock, then kissed her lips, letting her taste their mixture.

“Do you have enough sperm,” she whispered in her ear for my other two holes.

“For my pet,” said Sam, “of course, yes.” And, before he could move, Beth rode him and sat down, burying his dick all his length.

Bouncing over him, Beth tightened her breasts and moaned loudly because her nipples were so sensitive. She was so excited that she went up and down on Sam’s cock at a frantic pace. With her sturdy erection pounding her while she was playing with her sensitive nipples, Beth knew she couldn’t hold out for long. Again, they got together and this time Beth collapsed on Sam’s chest, panting and panting.

They stayed like this while Sam’s dick limped. He was still inside her cat filled with when she lifted her chest and looked down into her face.

“Sorry kitten, I don’t have another charge in me.”

I said, “It’s good.” She smiled, then put her head on her chest. They were asleep soon.

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The Adventures of Beth Part 6