The Beginning of the Domination of Randi ch 7

Chapter Seven:

Randi loses her virginity

Randi felt the movement on the bed and awoke from his nap.

She found that she was in bed alone as the movement was Sophia getting up to leave. Looking at the clock on the grandstand, she saw that they had slept for about two hours. She sat down and watched Sophia get dressed.

“I wish you didn’t have to go. I enjoyed our time together.

“Don’t worry Kitten, we’ll spend a little more quality time together and I bet it will be soon,” she said with a wink. “Mike gave me your number so I’ll call you tomorrow to see how the rest of your time here went. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy it. He may be your Master, but he cares about you and your safety is very important to him.

“I know he does and that’s why I was so eager to submit to him and learn all these things from him, and you, of course.”

Sophia sat on the bed after she got dressed and pulled Randi into a very sweet and deep kiss that lasted about 5 minutes. After that, she got up and left.

Randi didn’t know what to do next, so she got up, used the bathroom, fixed her makeup, stockings and heels, and went in search of Sir. She found him reading a book in his chair in the living room. She knelt at her feet, wrapping her arms around her leg and placing her head on her lap.

He continued to read his book until he finished the chapter he was reading. Then he looked at Randi and said, “Kitten I hope you’ve had fun so far today, but now it’s going to get very interesting. Let’s get back to the room so I can continue your training.

Randi looked up at his smiling face and felt safe, but frightened by what was to come.

“Sir, do you feel I’m ready? I’ve only had two caps so far and I don’t want to disappoint you.

Yes, Kitten, you’re ready, so no time like the present, Mike said, as he pulled out his last and looked at his as he gaping open for a while.

“So what we’re going to do is let you read good and lubricate my good cock and then I’ll claim your ass as my property and spray my sperm inside your bowels.”

“Yes, sir, I understand. Will I be able to use my word for safety if the pain is too much for me?

“Of course, but don’t understand if you don’t try at least I’ll punish you for being too sweet.”

Randi creaked and knew at the time that she would endure any pain she felt, for she was sure that the punishment would be more painful than being fucked in her ass.

Mike reached into the bedside table and got the bottle of lubricant and proceeded to lube his very generously. He then did the same to his cock, which was as hard as steel in anticipation of what was going to happen. He then lined up his cock with his asshole.

“Pull your cheeks aside and let’s get started.”, he instructed Randi as he moved the head of his cock to his asshole.

Randi did what she was told and tried to relax as he had trained her before so that the pain would not be as severe and would not last as long.

Mike pushed forward and after some resistance, his cock head jumped through his sphincter and went into his ass. He then stayed there to allow Randi to adapt to his cock.

When she was ready to proceed, she nodded and he pushed a little more of his cock up her ass. This continued until it was fully bed inside it.

“Are you all right, Kitten?” Mike asked, and when she nodded again, he proceeded her in and out of motion to start fucking in her ass for the first time.

Mike told himself how much he always liked to take a virgin and how he was looking forward to doing this for her again, as his was so tight.

“Wow, it hurts, but it’s also so nice, but I don’t know if I want you to stop or fuck me harder, sir.”

Upon hearing this, Mike took it as she wanted to be fucked harder, so he started hitting her harder, making her scream.

“Yes, yes, yes you understood what I was saying and give me what I need. Thank you, sir.

“Shut up bitch and take the pounding I give you. From now on speak only when you are spoken to, do you understand?

Randi couldn’t talk, as he was really giving it to her well and she was gasping so hard not to faint, so she just nodded to show him that she did understand.

She also realized how wetter she was when he called her a slut. She was surprised because before today she always thought it was so humiliating to be called that. But now she accepted it with pride to know that it really belonged to Sir and would do everything she could forever please him.

Mike kept beating his ass and could feel his cum rising in his dick. When he came, it was so hard that he almost fainted. He put his head on his back and got up before he could say anything.

Randi was also panting for air as she too had sperm as soon as she felt the first warm sperm cord enter her bowels. She couldn’t believe how hotter her felt in her compared to her.

Mike was the first to talk, Your is amazing, Kitten, and I’ll be inside again, very soon. Now turn around here and be a good slut and clean my dick.

Randi turned around, but did not immediately go to her cock as she was afraid of how it would taste.

“What are you waiting for? Get sucking and cleaning or I’ll make it very difficult for you to sit down for a while. Mike yelled at him before he grabs her hair and pulls her down to his dick.

Randi didn’t want to be punished, so she opened her mouth and started cleaning Mike’s cock as she was asked to do. When she was done, she leaned back on her legs and assumed the position of submission.

Mike looked at her and could only smile as he had now claimed all her holes and she was waiting for further instructions from her master.

“Get up, kitten, and take a shower before we have something to eat. So I can tell you what’s expected of you Saturday night at my poker game.

Randi obeyed and after getting all the water, she took off her heels and stockings to enter the shower with her master.

After letting the water run over them for a while, Randi proceeded to wash and condition Mike’s hair. She then proceeded to use the washing gel and cleaned every inch of her body, paying special attention to her cock and balls.

Mike could do nothing but smile as he remembered how his wife had done this for him all the years they got married. He has not realized so far how much he has missed this kind of treatment and has sworn to himself that he will not go so long again without this treatment.

Randi then went out and dried it, before returning to the shower for a swim.

Mike went back to the room and put on shorts and a t-shirt and went to the kitchen to prepare them snacks to eat.

Randi entered the kitchen a little later in his stockings and heels. She went to see Mike and took care of preparing food and drinks for them. Mike went into the living room and sat on the couch waiting for her to bring him food.

When she came in with the food tray, she went back and got the drinks she also prepared. She knelt at her feet as she did not feel worthy to sit with him on the couch.

Mike immediately told her to sit down with him so she then moved on to the couch.

They ate for a few minutes without saying anything, as they both seemed to reflect on the changes that had taken place between them in such a short time.

Mike was the first to speak. “Kitten, I must say that you surprised me, but also pleased me, by the speed with which you worked to accept your position here in my house. I am so proud of you and I want to give you something as a reward for being so open and accepting everything I have pushed on you.

After saying that Mike gave him a box, that she opened to find the ankle bracelet he had suggested when they met. She smiled as she read it, on the one hand he read, “possessed” and the other side “by Mike”.

“Thank you, sir and Me, we will wear it proudly so that everyone can see it. What ankle am I going to put it on?

“It goes on your right ankle, so everyone will see that your husband agrees with this arrangement and that you are available to anyone who wants you, with my permission of course.”

This last part caused Randi to laughand proceeded to place the bracelet on her right ankle. She got up and put her foot on the couch so Mike could inspect it to make sure she tied it properly.

Seeing her approval, she fell to her knees and began sucking her cock into her mouth and throat as a way to say thank you for owning her as he had it. She also wondered how Bill would be on it.

Mike moaned and placed his hands on his head so he could face-fuck her and again down her throat. He also wondered how long he could make him agree to get off the pill so that he could raise it.

Randi continued her pipe and soon had Mike giving her the reward she expected, a nice big load of her sweet tasting sperm.

When she had cleaned it, she again took the posture, kneeling, with her head bowed.

“Come here, Kitten, so we can talk about Saturday,” Mike said as he pulled her sitting on her lap on the couch.

“On Saturday, some of my friends will be here to play poker and you will be our hostess and our entertainment.”

Randi looked at him nodding, but also wondered what entertainment she would provide.

“I see you have questions, so feel free to ask me so there’s no doubt what’s expected of you.”

“Sir, what my duties as a hostess?

“You’ll welcome them to my house when they arrive. You’ll greet them at the door, then fall to their knees and take out their dick and suck it. Don’t let them enjoy, just tease them. I have no idea how many will happen together, but do the same at all.

Randi nodded as she understood.

“You’ll also serve us drinks and snacks and make sure everyone gets what they need during games. You will also be at their disposal to pet, grope, fuck, suck your breasts, or just about anything they desire, unless you fuck. Can you handle that?

“Yes, sir, I will be more than happy to make available to your friends. How many will be here?

“I invited eight to play Texas Hold’em poker. I also asked Sophia to be there to help because I’m sure you’ll be very busy with these guys. She will also be dressed like you downstairs, or garter, and stockings, and heels. I think you should go out and buy new stockings and some six-inch heels for the occasion.

“Sir, I’m not sure I can walk on heels that high, but I’ll try. Maybe I could get platform heels that are so high, but also allows my foot to be higher and probably easier to walk in would it be ok?

“Yes, that would be okay, but just coordinate with Sophia, as I want you two dressed the same way, but in different colors.”

“All right, sir, I’ll call him later when I get home to plan our shopping trip. Do I have your permission to make Miss Sophia enjoy while we’re out?

This made Mike laugh, as he saw her blush a deep red, before he said, “Most definitely, as I’m sure she also wants to make you as wet as possible.”

They then made a list of what they would need for snacks and drinks, so she could buy them as well. Mike gave him a credit card and told him to use it to buy not only the items on the list, but her and Sophia’s new outfits.

Randi thanked her and then he fucked her, leaving a nice cream pie for her to take home to her husband. She left feeling very good about how her life is now feeling fulfilled to the max.

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The beginning of Randi’s domination 7