The Best G-Spot Vibrators I’ve Ever Used

G-spot orgasms are something that some women only experience a few times and some women have NEVER had an orgasm from the G-spot. Some women never dreamed of being able to reach this point and some women just never really persevered or tried.

I have to admit that I am one of those women who cannot reach orgasm by penetration, but give me a sex toy that targets my G-spot and I will have the most fun ever. I briefly mentioned how i learned to squirt in this article, but today I wanted to talk about G-spot vibrators. You can’t squirt with these sex toys, but orgasms via your G-spot, your clitoris and all that combined are extremely likely. Below I left my favorite G-spot sex toys that keep me going out again and again and the ones I think you will enjoy too.

The best G-spot vibrator

preferred G-spot vibrator

Fifty Shades Of Gray G-spot rabbit vibrator

Fifty shades of gray G-spot rabbit vibrator

This G-spot vibrator is one of my favorites, not only because of its silky smooth silicone feel, but because it can provide you with a impressive 36 combinations of vibration modes. If you’re a picky type, this G-spot vibrator covers you when it comes to choosing the pattern that’s right for you. This powerful and iconic vibrator will not only stimulate your G-spot with incredible sensations, but it will also provide pungent orgasms to your clitoris using soft but powerful “rabbit ears”.

It is also super silent, waterproof and USB rechargeable. If you are looking for a G-spot vibrator, this is not to be missed.

What others have said

“Buy it, you won’t regret it. I have been making my girlfriend a nympho for weeks. The battery life is good, and the engines are powerful and fast, very fast.”

some additional G-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrator and floating clitoral

floating clitoral vibrator and G-spot

Fun to watch and fun to use, this floating vibrator stimulates your G-spot and caresses and floats against your clitoris. You can experience combined orgasms and extreme pleasure with this inexpensive sex toy. It is beautifully designed with 3 speeds and 4 models, to really offer an exceptional experience to its users. It is also completely waterproof so you can sit and relax in the bath without any interruptions.

More opinions

“It is of very high quality design and so far I have not encountered any problematic faults. It’s quiet as described, however, your partner’s noise can be quite loud. “

10-function silicone rabbit vibrator, G-spot

10-function silicone rabbit vibrator, G-spot

Try the magic saying “Mixed orgasms” and make them a reality with this G-spot silicone vibrator that gently spin, vibrate and vibrate. It’s a dream wrapped in a sex toy, enjoy internal massages, clitoral stimulation and pulsations to really send you overboard. The pearls inside also add an additional stimulation function which pushes you to your top internally.

Other user opinions

“Recently bought this after being recommended by a friend because I have never been able to enjoy myself. With that, it took about 30 seconds to! It’s really amazing. It is well worth the money. “

7-function G-spot vibrator

Lovehoney Power Play G-spot vibrator

This G-spot vibrator has its eyes on the price and with the powerful vibrations and patterns, you will enjoy it. As you can see from the design, this vibrator is bent to absolute perfection in order to reach the exact place in order to make you cum like never before. His the main focus is your G-spot and nothing will bother him.

It is waterproof, so you can take it everywhere with you for the ride, just be sure to apply a lot of water-based lubricant before inserting for a comfortable trip.

More user opinions

“The deep curve of the toy allows it to reach the G-spot. It was incredibly powerful and I used it on both my clitoris and my G-spot for incredible orgasms in minutes. I enjoyed playing with all the different vibration modes and speeds with my partner ”

Triple Tickler G-spot realistic vibrator

large realistic purple vibrator

If realism is where you get off, this realistic G-spot vibrator is ideal. It is one of my favorite realistic vibrators and it is wonderfully designed. With a bulbous head, raised veins and even at the base of the stem, you will find raised “tickles” that will send intense vibrations around your clitoris for additional stimulation.

Easy to use with a twisted base, easy to insert thanks to the flexible housing of this dildo but inside firm. The head is designed to easily reach your G-spot so you can take advantage of the multiple vibration settings around your entire body.

What more people have mentioned

“Fun fun solo or when my partner wants to play too. He always gets a kick from using it on me. Made for a very fun evening! “

G-slim G-spot vibrator

pink spot vibrator

Presented in my article “How to ejaculate” this slim G-spot vibrator is one of a kind. The bulbous head of this sex toy is designed to targeted G-spot stimulation, use the twisted base to browse the vibrations and be in total control thanks to the design of this sex toy.

Easy to insert and wonderful to use, always make sure to use lots of water-based lubricant to make your experience even better.

Reflections from other customers

“I had one of the best solo orgasms of all time with a toy using this product, and I can’t say how easy it is to use even when you have it inserted! It’s also super powerful. I look forward to using it again and again and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a G-Spot vibrator! “

Broad City G-Spot vibrator

large city vibrator

Fan of the hit city wide TV show? This G-spot vibrator is modeled and created thanks to this show. Even if you are not a fan, it is hard to deny that this G-spot vibrator is not great, it is less intimidating that some of the vibrators that we saw earlier, with its smooth silicone feel and discreet design. Designed to perfectly reach your G-spot, with two vibration speeds and two patterns, you will never be bored of this elegant and sexy sextoy.

What other customers have said

“What’s really special about this G-spot vibrator are the two, yes, I said TWO motors. There is one at the head of the tree that will shake your insides and one at the top of the tree that I was surprised really could offer clitoral stimulation without rabbit ears. “

Clitoral and G-spot vibrator controlled by We-Vibe application

we vibrate vibrator

One of the most expensive vibrators on this list but one of the most intriguing and exciting, especially if you are a long distance couple or even are just kinky. Insert the vibrator and enjoy the sensations not only against your G-spot but also your clitoris, you can even keep it during penetration with your partner because it will then give you stimulation.

Use the app to control the vibrations and pulsations of worldwide, as long as you have Internet access, you can squirm and squirm your partner wherever you are or from whatever distance you are. It is fully waterproof and it even comes with a remote control so you can use it without a phone as long as you are within 3 meters of each other.

Things mentioned by others

“It’s just a must if you want this when you are all alone and your man or woman is away and you want that interactive feeling. It makes audio and video calls at the same time and your partner can control the toy, it was a very intense feeling for me, it is as close as you go without them being in the room “

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