I Tried The Best Magic Wand Vibrator (Changed My Sex Life)

I had never seen these massage wands porn movies, I assumed they were a gimmick. However, they then began to appear in the pockets of random sex bloggers and everyone seemed to be delirious.

Naturally, I had to try to buy one of these magic vibrators, I still thought it was a bit of hype and I and my boyfriend might end up using it as intended , a massage wand.

I can say with absolute certainty and honesty that I was DO NOT waiting for what’s out of the box. it was taller than I originally thought, but as soon as my boyfriend held him against my clitoris, I knew it was going to be a mad rush.

Now, if my boyfriend turns it on when I’m in the other room, I run around like a labor eager to taste, I can never get enough. It makes me come hard and many times in a row, it’s like nothing I have ever used before.

Before I dive, I just want to let you know that I actually my own erotic book where I wrote some of my most intense, naughty and crazy sex stories.

The biggest magic wand vibrator I have used:

gif of my outfit my magic wand
My LoveHoney magic wand
My magic wand next to the box

This classic magic wand vibrator is completely wireless, so you don’t have to worry about the annoying wires and hook them up.

It has a flexible head which allows you to penetrate all of your crevices, most intimate areas and this head is also extremely useful if you are giving yourself or your partner a massage as it can plunge into your muscles and eliminate these folds. .

The Hitachi wand delivers intense vibrations wherever you put it and speaking of experience, once it touches your clitoris, you will never want to move it again.

You can maneuver through the vibrations, starting with the least intense and ending with the craziest vibration you have ever felt. It’s easy to use with a scroll wheel, which makes it even easier to keep your clitoris and enjoy over and over again.

I also noticed that this wand vibrator changes price from time to time, but at the moment it is available in large quantities, so be sure to take advantage of it if you wish save money.

How this orgasmic sex toy made me cum (over and over)

I hope I can make you understand how much it makes me cum and how much it makes me feel good. It is a pleasure that I have never felt with anything else, the way the vibrations propagate through the head of the sex toy and engulf my whole vagina with these waves of vibrations. intense is amazing and something which I can’t believe I haven’t lived in for so long a long time.

1. It started when I unpacked it

Like I said when I started this story, I was shocked by its size and weight. I had no idea what I was expecting, but it was definitely not the kind of high quality I have come across.

It came in a discreet box, something I found with all of xnxxtoys’s sex toys. It’s great for me because I have neighbors who would like to let everyone know what I was buying.

2. Plug it in and test the power

Something small that sold me on this magic wand vibrator was that it didn’t need batteries or a full charge to reach its full potential, it just plugs in in the wall and as long as you have energy, it does. The length of the cable is also quite long, so if your plug is a little far away, it won’t matter as it can usually reach.

When I turned it on for the first time, I took the scroll wheel and pushed the vibrator to its full potential and I looked at my boyfriend with a big shock when I knew what lay ahead of my clitoris.

3. Let the fun begin

I don’t know about you but when I receive a sex toy for the first time, I have to try it almost instantly, otherwise I spend the day fiddling and wondering if, creating all kinds of sexual scenarios in my desk.

When I placed it for the first time on my vagina, I was shocked. My vagina felt like we had just given her a superpower and it took my breath away. We got it at the lowest setting at the start because I like to prepare for a climax but after a few minutes of that magic wand on my clitoris, I came and I came hard.

My boyfriend was shocked at the speed with which I came and it excited him. We spent the morning enjoying myself and watching him impatiently.

What made me cum the hardest

I didn’t think my new wand vibrator could improve, I did myself cum again and again to the point of total exhaustion and my boyfriend becomes so excited that his penis throbbed in anticipation of each of my movements.

However, as I’m sure you know, when two people are very excited, things tend to escalate and soon enough we started incorporating my new wand massager into sex and we found that we l loved.

Taking it to the next level was not something we were looking for, which is sometimes the case with other sex toys, but it just happened and made my wand vibrator again more versatile and something we both loved with even more passion.

1. We used it doggy style

cartoon stickmen using vibrator

My boyfriend entered my vagina (with ease, I have to say! I found that I was so wet using the wand vibrator), and I held the vibrator of the wand against my clitoris, legs slightly apart, we could both enjoy the vibrations and mutual orgasm. It was sensational and for a moment I look back and I instantly light up.

When I’m in this position, I also like to insert my favorite butt plug, I think it looks so cute, my boyfriend loves it and of course it feels good.

2. We used it on my breasts

female body silhouette

The wand can be used all over your body, whether for an erotic massage, a sports massage or even to simply tickle and stimulate your body, it is a very versatile sex toy that makes you feel amazing.

During one of our many sessions with the wand vibrator, my boyfriend suggested running the wand over my body and basically begging me to place it on my clitoris. I was hesitant at first because I just wanted to enjoy but I let him have fun.

He placed it along my chest, along my legs, then went up to my chest and it was amazing. He kept the wand on my nipple and I quickly found that the vibrations were too strong and in fact I groaned! Before I knew it, my hand was on my clitoris and I was trying to make myself come.

3 things you need to do with this massage vibrator

black and white image of a woman in black lace lingerie set with stockings

I have been using this wand vibrator for months now and although the only vibrations that engulf your vagina are enough, there are ways that can make it even more orgasmic.

Once you’ve tried the doggie wand vibrator position and the wand massager all over your body, focusing on the nipples, you’ve enjoyed those two things and perfectly performed all the fun they have to offer. You should go on and follow some of my favorite tips and make your time with your wand massager even better.

Once you have this wand massager, you won’t think it is possible to do better, but believe me, it can get better and it will continue to take your breath away.

Be sure to bring lubricant!

Yes, I am so wet when I use my wand massage and I find my sheets soaked and you may be wondering why you would need a lubricant. Well, it’s even better. I know it sounds silly, but adding a little lubricant to your clitoris and then adding the wand vibrator to your clitoris will only take the sensation to the next level.

i bought this water-based lubricant and found it perfect for anal and vaginal play. I loved that such a small path goes far, it is now in my supplies and knowing that it will not damage my beloved sex toys is a huge bonus.

Take a blindfold

Removing one of your vital signs increases the sensations in your body, by using a blindfold, you remove something that allows you to judge a scenario. Put the blindfold on and use the vibrator as usual, it’s sensational.

I also recommend using a blindfold and having your partner use the sex toy on you, which is what I did and oh my gosh, I was screaming like never before. It just let go of all of my inhibitions and experienced every sensation that was given to me.

Let your partner explore your body

Just like I mentioned before, we took it to the next level. Allow you or your partner to take your vibrator and explore your whole body, having your vagina craving your attention is an incredible feeling.

Other Magic Wands vibrators that have weakened my knees

After such success with my original wand vibrator, I wanted to branch out a bit and see if there was anything that could do what the other person was able to do to me.

I found a few on the market and willingly tested them a few times before I was totally sure I liked them, research matters.

The other chopsticks I bought were slightly smaller than the classic, so if you are concerned about the size, these two mini chopsticks would be ideal.

This mini wand vibrator

woman holding mini massage wand vibrator

the mini vibrator looks like the classic except that it’s smaller. It works the same way with a scroll wheel, a plug-in power supply and powerful vibrations. It surprised me when I realized how powerful it was, I didn’t think it was going to be as powerful as it claimed it was, but it was.

I really appreciated the size as it was easier to store in my drawer but I found that the chopstick massage element did not work as well as the classic as it was not able to get as deep as the classic.

I know we don’t tend to use these vibrators as real massage wands, but they are really good for penetrating deep into the muscle and feeling good at the highest speed if you have a crease somewhere .

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer power of this little devil. It still made me enjoy with ease and let my clitoris tingle for more.

Powerful sector powered magic wand vibrator (amazing)

woman holding mini vibrator

With 3 speeds and 7 models, that massage wand doesn’t have as much choice as the other two stick vibrators but it’s still powerful.

It is small, a perfect travel companion if you have little space in your suitcase and it is easy to keep it away from prying eyes.

It has a flexible neck, just like the other two wand vibrators, but as I felt with the other mini massager, I didn’t find it as capable of going as deep during massages as the classic .

Update a month later …

One month since writing this article and I can safely say that I have had one of the most satisfied months of my life. Orgasms await me after each day, all I have to do is plug in my wand and relax.

The rumbling sensations in my clitoris and my vagina are still as exciting as the first time and my orgasms and my pleasure always excite my boyfriend like never before.

My wand vibrator is still in very good condition with no signs of wear and everything still works fine, since I use it every day, it doesn’t even have it worn air.

I just want you to know that I noticed that my wand massager goes in and out of stock and goes up a lot lower, so if you want to get your hands on it, there is a deal right now and it is in stock (for ; instant!).

wand vibrator infographic