The Boss’s Wife: Part Six: What Comes Next

After meeting Tim, I came out of his office, not his work at home, furious that I had never been in my life. It seemed that the board was invoking an old rule. They wanted to take all my clients, a practice that had not been used for many years.

It seemed that I had also signed a document that would allow them to do so. Tim had told me that his father had put the rule on the line in case someone became ill or was unable to perform his duties for his clients. Since then, the board had turned the rule into something it could do on a coup of favor if it all voted on the rule.

I immediately when in attack mode. I knew they had to call Nigel and Samuel, and then they would like me to sit down with them, so they could tell me what was going to happen and when.

Juliet had a plan of attack, and we stayed awake most of the night and early in the morning, putting all our ducks in the basket. If they wanted to fight, we’d give them one.

We sat patiently in front of the door. We were both physically and mentally exhausted, but we had to do it at the meeting, otherwise we would lose everything.

Samuel was the first to open the door to let us into the meeting room. All the others sat in their chairs, looking at us as we sat down.

“First,” said Donald, looking at us. “We want to congratulate you both for your job well done.”

The others nodded and clapped as they looked at us.

“What you’ve accomplished in a short period of time exceeds all our expectations,” Donald continued. “What’s happening here is not something we take lightly, we think it’s in the best interests of companies if there are more people involved, people who know how to run big companies, like the one that belongs to your customers.”

“Bullshit,” I cried. You see us as a threat, we have accomplished something that you have all been trying to do for years, and we have done it in less than a week. »

Steven started saying something, but I looked him straight into the petonats. “Before one of you thought you had the upper hand,” I nodded to Juliet, who stood up and walked around the table putting a folder in front of each of them.

“What is it? Margaret asked as she flaunted through it.

“My client list, my resignation and the number of clients who will leave this company and follow me wherever I go,” I say as I look at them. “What will be next i have already asked them if they need a new partner.”

“You can’t be serious?” Nigel said he was flipping through the file.

“We are,” said Juliet. “The listed customers are aware of the penalty they would be charged for breaking their contracts earlier, but Proctor has already told us and them that they will pay the full penalty price as soon as we sign.”

“It’s ridiculous,” Steven said as he looked at the papers. “They couldn’t afford it.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’ll make a big bump in their salaries,” I said. “But if you look at the current market value for all my customers and put in the mandatory signing of Proctor twenty percent new customers.”

“They’d come back within three months,” Donald said, shaking his head.

“And double it in six, quadruple in twelve and so on,” I said. “I bet they will put in their offer to buy this company in the first six months, without the customers on this list, and the blood will be in the water. All our competitors will be going around in circles, waiting for another high-powered customer to leave.

Samuel shook his head and closed the file. “You have surpassed yourself,” he shrugged. “None of us thought you would…”

“Is that what?” Steven shook his head as he looked at the rest of them. “It’s an empty threat. Proctor will not sign it as he was the person to ….”

I threw my phone on the table when the bell started.

“David,” said his voice loudly on the speaker.

“Hey David,” I said.

“Derek, my man, how are you today?” The Chairman of Proctor’s Board of Directors spoke in a cheerful voice. “These Neanderthals give you the boot again?”

“Not yet,” I said, looking at them. “Right now, they’re looking at me thinking I have to have the biggest balls in the world to put you on speaker in the middle of our meeting.”

“Big brass balls,” says David, laughing. “But they think last century, play things safely, following the old rules of a bygone era. We do not have those rules here. You will be free to do what you want when you want as long as you make company money.

Donald stretched across the table and hung up my phone. “You’ve made your point!”

“Did I?” I asked, back to him. “I don’t think I have, so here’s what’s going to happen, the idea of giving me my clients will be dropped. Tim will be returned to all his previous abilities within the company. Nigel and Samuel will be the heads of the board, and the three of you will leave.

There was a lot of commotion.

“We understand it’s a lot to take, so we’ll give you an hour to decide,” Juliet said as she stood up. “Oh, starting at seven o’clock this morning, we are in full control of the Lanston estate and all its affiliates.”

“Including his son’s media,” I added. “Chew on that while you decide.”

As soon as I came out of the door, I breathed a deep sigh. I threw away the biggest glove ever. Of course, it wasn’t a bluff, I had the opportunity to go to Proctor, but the twenty percent signing fee would hurt me immediately, I wouldn’t make any profit until the three-month period had gone through. If they decided to call me to leave, I would lose money for three months. Certainly, after these three months, I would be ready for life.

Juliet’s hands were visibly shaking. She had more to lose than I did. Her salary would be cut in half, couple that three months and she would be in a hole.

We sat in silence for a while, until Steven came out. He looked at us on the way out. “It’s not over,” he said as he walked down the hallway. His departure could only mean one thing that the board was seriously considering doing. It only took a few more minutes for two other board members to leave, which gave us dead looks as they walked away.

It was not my fault that their way of doing things was archaic at best. It was the new world, as much as people wanted to cling to the way things “used to be” or “how it was done in their time” the new world was approaching, they could not delay it for so long.

If it wasn’t me who brought the new way to society someone else would have, at least I gave them the option.

“They don’t look happy,” Juliet said as she watched the two board members talk to other workers.

“Well, Have I shrugged, they’re recovering.”

“You can come in now,” Nigel said as he opened the door.

I nodded the one as I got up and entered the room. Margaret was gone, probably leaving one of the other doors.

“At least you’re not smiling,” said Donald. “Do you know what you did?”

“Brought this company kicks and scream into the new era?” I said to sit down. “Proctor and most other companies, smelled blood in the water, long before I was a partner.”

“It was only a matter of time before they bought you all back,” Juliet said. “With the steps we’ve taken, we are now in a position to merge or take over some of the smaller businesses and find ourselves.”

The discussion went back and forth, but in the end I had scored the victory. The board of directors would have received a large sum to bow out and leave with his head held high and money in his pockets. Juliet and I would be leading the partners while Nigel and Samuel start a new board.

“You think you won?” Jack asked that I sit in his office. I wanted to tell him the news face to face.

“It’s not about winning or losing,” I thought. “It’s right or wrong.”

“So you expect me to do exactly?” Jack shook his head. “Rollover, play dead, every time you order?”

“No,” I smiled. The idea of directing it seemed like a good idea when I was coming down here. “Be a member of the board of directors.”

Jack’s face was stunned. “Are you serious?”

“Tim will need people he can trust, and like his second hand, I trust you,” I said. “We may not get along, and we don’t both love each other, but I trust you to treat people fairly.”

— M”Oi, I don’t know what to say,” said Jack, stunned.

“Say you’re going to take the offer,” I replied.

“Of course,” said Jack.

“Good,” I got up. “Will I see you at the party later?”

Jack nodded it. He wasn’t happy that his wife invited me to his birthday party. Even if by the sound of things, there would be more friends of Jack than the sisters.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat in front of Tim as I explained everything I had done. The look on his face was worth it. He took over his company, and he was back in charge. Even though he still couldn’t leave his office, I made sure he was able to communicate with the people on his floor.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“What’s to do?” Tim asked.

“You know exactly what you did,” I said. Even though I didn’t get any direct help, I knew someone had to tell my clients I was worth the risk. Someone had to let most other companies know that we were open to a buyout. “It was a huge risk.”

“Life is about taking risks. We can’t always play it safe,” smiles Tim. “My father knew better than anyone.”

“Well,” I said, lamenting. “The company is yours again.

“Ours,” Tim said, giving me a file. “Read it with your assistant tomorrow.”

I took over and started opening it. “Tomorrow,” said Tim, staring at me. “You’ve done enough for the day.”

I nodded my defeat and put the file in my briefcase. I said, “Tomorrow.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I arrived at the party a little later than I had planned due to some unforeseen traffic. The mansion was illuminated in bright lights as the valets ran back and forth trying to get all the cars out of the driveway and parked in a field just down the road.

“I can park my own car,” I said to the young man who approached.

“Sorry, he insists that we park all the cars,” the young man said, looking at a guy I had recognized.

“Understood,” I said as I got out of my car.

“Derek,” said the man as he walked towards the sound of classical music.

“Lawrence,” nodded. Another stick in the mud was Jack’s best friend.

“You are late,” said Candice, approaching me. I hadn’t seen her for a while, according to the appearances of things that her relationship had reached another level.

“Another bread in the oven, huh?” I said, looking down at her baby bump forward.

“Yes,” nodded, rubbing her stomach. “What he lacks in personality, he does more than compensate in the fertilty.”

I nodded the one as I looked over the massive area they were calling a backyard. There were white tents everywhere for people to sit, eat and talk. A large space had been set down for the dance, and a live band played their musical instruments.

“Wow!” Candice said as she looked through the massive crowd.

I said, “What?” I asked, trying to look at what she was doing, or who.

“Isn’t that your assistant?” Candice asked as she pointed at Juliet, who had just climbed the stairs in the courtyard.

“Yes,” said, stunned. Looking around, I could see that Candice and I weren’t the only ones watching.

I was used to Juliet’s beauty at work, but the way she looked tonight blew everyone away. She wore a tight red dress that hugged every inch of her body. It looked like it was painted on, more than it was a dress. Her long legs and curves were to be seen for all, as well as a hint of cleavage, not much, but not tiny, just enough to let someone looking know she was busty, and they were natural. The way she walked made everyone follow her every move.

“I bet you’ve already succeeded three times,” Whispered Candice.

“Why are you whispering?” I asked, there was no one near us at the moment. “And no, I didn’t.”

Even though the thoughts of sleeping with Juliet had filled some of my nights, I knew I was well below what she would consider sexy, even though we had some flirtatious moments.

“That’s it,” said Juliet, walking towards me.

“I wasn’t trying to hide,” I laughed as Juliet approached.

“Are they still looking?” Juliet said she was approaching me.

“You mean everyone?” Candice asked. I said, “Yes.”

“Maybe wearing bright red wasn’t the best idea,” Juliet says, laughing as she looks behind her.

“I didn’t notice,” I laughed again, trying not to look at her cleavage.

“Uh, eh,” said Candice. “On that note, I’ll find a drink,” Juliet and I both looked at her stomach. “A soft drink.”

We both nodded to one as she walked away. “You are beautiful,” said Juliet, standing before me. She reached and unbuttoned one of the top buttons on my shirt.

“You look,” I said, “but what would say to someone who made them stop what they were doing and watch.

“I know,” said Juliet. “Red is my favorite color and this dress, well,” Juliet shrugged. “As the saying goes, if you have it, flaunt it.”

Juliet had it all. An, legs, thighs, hair, you call her, she had it. I pinched myself for a few more days when she came into my office. She could easily do anything she wanted, anywhere else.

“It was quite the entrance,” said Tammy, coming up to us.

“Holy!” Juliet said she was watching Tammy. “Sorry, I don’t have much of a filter, but wow!”

Tammy smiled as Juliet looked at her long cleavage line. Tammy showed off her assets in a dark blue dress that hung low on her chest.

“Thank you,” Tammy smiled. “You must be Juliet. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Juliet nodded as she peeled her eyes away from Tammy’s ample bust. “Thank you, I saw you around the office.”

“It’s Jack’s wife, Tammy,” I said, introducing them both.

The conversation went back and forth, mostly talking about the changes coming to the company. Tammy shook her head as she looked over my shoulder. “It seems you’re not the only one who likes to make an entrance.”

As we looked, Jane walked towards us. I shook my head as I looked at her. Jane wore all white, from her tight top to her short skirt and heels. The most important thing was then that Tammy and Juliet were trying to be a little modest about their assets. Jane had her chest on full display; they were almost coming out of his top.

“I wish I could wear something like that,” Juliet says.

“I too,” added Tammy. “I was pouring out as I was leaning.”

“Hey guys,” Jane said as he joined us.

“A little above, don’t you think?” Tammy asked.

“Not really, I finally got what I wanted,” Jane said, submitting a glass of champagne to one of the waiters passing by.

“No,” said Tammy, shaking his head.

“Thanks to these two wonderful people, in two weeks, I will have my freedom,” Jane said as she re-edited her drink.

“He’s out,” Juliet says.

“Did you know?” I asked.

“Many of us know it, we keep it to ourselves,” Juliet said.

“Well, thanks to you two, grabbing this old business and bringing in the new modern era, he decided to go out to everyone,” Jane smiled. “He told them he’s been to see someone in secret and he doesn’t want it to be a secret anymore.”

“What are you going to do?” Tammy asked.

“First,” Jane smiles. “I’m going to get drunk at your party, and then maybe bring one of these guys home. After that, I don’t know.

Tammy shook his head. “Enjoy,” she smiles, hugging her friend.

“And you,” said Jane, approaching me. We hugged, and she approached my ear. “Save some of that black dick for me,” Jane whispered with a smile.

“Certainly,” I murmured.

Jane nodded to dism as she was prone to it.

“Well,” said Juliet. “I see some of the other assistants. I wanted to talk about the changes to come.

It left Tammy, and I’m alone. “So where’s Jack?” I asked that I looked around.

“Brooding,” Tammy said, pointing to the farthest corner of the yard.

There was Jack with other board members who had left the company, including Steven. They drank and talked.

“I bet I’m at the center of this conversation,” they laughed.

“You’re probably the main topic of all conversations,” tamamie said, looking around. “Most of these people are from the firm or clients.”

“I thought it was supposed to be your birthday?” I asked.

“Who cares,” said Tammy. “I have to wear my favorite dress, and at my age, any reason to dress up and have a young guy look at my chest is a good day.”

“Well,” Said, looking at her impressive cleavage. “I had planned to do more than watch.”

“Well,” said Tammy. “Follow me.”

We headed to the main house, passing through the large kitchen, then down a set of stairs. “That’s where the servants lived at the time,” Tammy said as he descended into the large basement.

By the way, she said servants that I knew she meant slaves. She came to a door and opened it with a key. Once inside, she turned on a light.

“That’s not what I expected,” I said, looking around.

The floor was made of hardwood. The walls were lined with mirrors.

“Jack had his wine collection here,” Tammy says as he walks. “After a few times of fainting here and not doing any work, he took it all off.”

“And you have made it your studio,” nodded.

“Yes,” smiled Tammy. “I told him it was for yoga and to meditate,” she choked with a laugh. “He hasn’t set foot here since.”

“Impressive,” I said, looking at four poles, one in each corner.

“That’s not all,” Tammy says, picking up a remote control sitting in a cutout on the far wall. She hit the button, and the music started playing. A hip hop song with a lot of bass. “It’s totally soundproof, I could blow this as hard as I want and no one above could hear it.”

She turned it down. I could hear people talking, I would turn around and look around and I couldn’t see anyone or any doors. Except the one we’ve been through.

“Upstairs,” said Tammy, moving away from me. I looked over the mirrored wall on the other side. I could see small windows, the wall. “It’s the other side of the garden.”

I approached the wall and I could only see the hedges. “It’s Jack,” I said, listening intently. Tammy smiled as she looked at me.

I was at the center of the conversation. Steven was trying to get them to join him. It seemed that he had already received an offer from another company. Jack was surprisingly against the departure of the company to which he had been loyal for so many years.

I laughed at that thought. He was willing to stay even though I had become the reason why most of his friends had lost their jobs.

“Then, ” Tammy said, grasping my hand. “Do you want to listen to them all night or do you want to play with these?” She put my hand on her chest.

“Oh, you know the answer to that,” I smiled as I approached her.

My hands looked small against his loose chest. I squeezed them gently as they gave in to my touch. Tammy smiled as she took the straps of her shoulders. Her dress fell to the ground as she walked over her. Her large bra and panties her matching bikini in a dark blue.

Tammy reached behind her and slowly unplugged her bra, holding the cups as she slowly lowered them.

Such a lighter, I smiled, shaking his head, waiting to see her big.

“I think they’re worth it,” Tammy replied. She pulled the cups off her bra. Her breasts fell naturally down, showing their massive size and weight.

I was left speechless. “Well?” he asked. Tammy asked how she was advancing. “Always want to put that hard cock of yours here?”

“Definitely,” I replied.

“Well,” said Tammy, “got down on his knees.” She quickly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them to the ground. “I see someone is ready to go,” she said as my cock pointed out my boxers directly to her.

You can’t show those huge, and don’t expect a reaction, I said as she took my boxers.

“Oh, I wanted this reaction,” Tammy cooed as she wrapped both hands around my cock. Slowly, she moved her chest up to meet my dick.

I slapped my cock between her breasts as she wrapped them around her. “I knew that,” smiled Tammy. “My boobs are bigger than your dick,” she says, waving back and forth.

I started to tighten my hips back and forth as I started to fuck her huge breasts. I said, “Is that it?” Tammy teased as she held her massive breasts to me. “You fucked my mouth harder. My huge breasts can take everything you can give.

I took up the challenge by grabbing her shoulders and messing with her huge cleavage. Her big boobs swallowed my whole dick. “I don’t even see your poor dick coming out,” Says Tammy, looking at his chest.

“Lie down,” I said, removing my cock from her cleavage. Tammy laid back as I straddled his chest.

“Say goodbye,” smiles Tammy, squeezing her breasts around my dick. She placed her arms on her chest, squeezing her breasts tightly together. “No escape, until you cum for me.”

I started fucking her huge breasts, as I looked down at her swaying breasts. “Harder,” Tammy commanded.

“Fuck,” I said I felt my back and painful thighs of rigorous pounding. Tammy moved her breasts back and forth on my cock as I fucked them.

“Do you like to fuck my huge boobs?” Tammy asked that I fucked as hard as I could. “I can feel it between them. He wants cum, do you want cum?

I nodded as sweat began to form on my face. “Would you enjoy between my huge breasts?” Tammy said. “Listen to them there. I bet they would panic, knowing you were a few meters away, fuck my breasts.

I listened to them and I could still hear them talking. I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I heard Jacks’ usual gruff voice. I was at his house, a few yards away, fucking his wife’s massive breasts.

“I’m cumming,” I said.

Tammy quickly freed my dick from his tits prison. She held it firmly as she rubbed it back and forth, aiming my cock at his face. “Cum on my face,” Tammy said. I came spraying his face with my sperm.

Tammy licked what she could get, the rest she moved her finger over her face to get as she licked clean. “I love your sperm on my face and tongue,” Tammy said.

“I thought I’d find you here,” said Jane, breaking into the studio.

“Bitch, ” Tammy said, holding her chest, “You’re afraid of fucking out of me.”

“I was looking for you,” said Jane, looking at us. “There are no good competitors there. I thought I’d look for something else, as she said she was looking at my dick.

“I’ve already emptied it, for now,” smiles Tammy.

“I see,” said Jane, leaning forward and kissing Tammy. Her hand ran over Tammy’s face as she took some of my in her hand and licked it. “It tastes good, doesn’t it?”

Tammy nodded. “I feel good about your throat too,” she says, looking back at me.

“I hope you got a lot more from where this came from,” Jane said as she looked at my dick.

“He’s still young, I bet he’s thinking about fucking the two of us,” Tammy smiled as they both crawled towards me.

I was kneeling on the floor, watching them come towards me. Jane was the first to reach me. She started kissing me as her hand grabbed my dick. “I knew it,” Jane smiled to Tammy. “Becoming difficult for us already.”

Tammy hit me, and both their hands began to caress my cock as they both kissed in front of me.

“Who should he fuck first?” Jane asked as they both leaned on their faces together as they looked at me.

“Well, you’ve been fucked twice by him, ” Tammy smiled.

“That’s right,” said Jane. “Both times were good, especially last time.”

“When he told you to stand in front of your husband with semen leaking on your leg?” Tammy smiles.

My dick beat with every word they said as well as their breasts broken against each other. The feeling of their hands stroking my dick drove me crazy. I wanted to fuck them both.

We were interrupted by a phone that was going out. “Damn,” said Tammy, turning to the pile of clothes behind us. “It’s Jack, probably wondering where I am.”

“You two, keep going,” said Jane, “said. “I’m going to give you some time.”

“You’re the best,” Tammy says.

“Save it for me,” said Jane, proclaiming herself to the door.

“Just the two of us again,” said Tammy, “up.” “Come here,” she said, moving her finger to call me to her.

Tammy stood near one of the poles. I grabbed her by the waist. “No,” said Tammy, shaking his head. “Lie down,” she said, positioning me with my legs on the opposite sides of the pole. “I hope you’re ready,” said Tammy, lowering his cock.

“Damn,” I said, slipping over me to the end. It was tight, and I felt like my dick was pulled up in it.

Tammy’s legs were wide as she prepared with her feet. Her hand went up behind her head as she grabbed the post. Slowly, it began to bounce up and down. “Finally a dick that I can really ride on,” Tammy said, riding faster.

I saw my dick come in and out of it. With each blow, she took me all down and then back up. Her big swaying from side to side.

“So thick,” Tammy says, bouncing faster and faster. “I love that fucking dick!”

I had to look at her huge swaying and swaying as she held her hands back on the post. My dick felt like it was about to rip it off. “Damn,” I said quickly, catching him and preventing him from bouncing.

I breathed heavily as Tammy smiled at me. “Let me go,” she says, pushing me away. Tammy got up and turned, lowering himself to me. Her started bouncing up and down like again. She used the pole for leverage.

“Do you like the view?” Tammy said how she was going up and bouncing her hard and fast. The videos of dancing with women twerking their asses had nothing on Tammy she swirled, bounced, and mounted my cock. Her long hair cascaded down her back.

“Fuck, it’s so deep,” Tammy said as she sunk on my dick. She moved her hip back and forth and in small circles as she landed on my dick.

I held her hips while she was moving. “Love your dick at the bottom of his wife’s pussy,” Tammy said as she looked back at me.

“Yes,” I said. “Let’s see ourselves bouncing on it again.”

Read my mind, tamamie said as she leaned all the way forward her, sticking in the air as she began to bounce again.

Damn, your good to that, I said, slapping his.

“I want your sperm,” said Tammy. Tammy sat down, placing his hands on my ankles.

I knew I was in it when she started bouncing again, this time harder and faster than before. ! I screamed, trying to hold me back from being ripped off the ground.

“Cum and I will stop,” said Tammy.

I got up and held it down on me, pushing my cock deep into it as I came. We were both breathing heavily. Slowly, I let him go and collapsed backwards.

“I can’t feel my legs,” Smiles Tammy as she looks at me.

“I’m not surprised,” I said, looking back. “You had to do a lot of squats and slots to get that good at riding.”

“It was worth every minute and sore muscles,” Tammy said, slowly getting down. “I’d better go there,” she says, walking gently towards her clothes. “It’s my birthday party, after all.”

I moved out to get up. “Oh no,” Tammy said, threading her dress over her head and body. “I’m sure Jane will be down in a few minutes, it’s her turn.”

The idea of being used again at once scared me and intrigued me at the same time. “There’s a bathroom door hidden by the fourth mirror panel on this side.”

Tammy slowly came out of the studio as I walked towards the sign. Of course, there was a small handle on the side. I shot it and found a small bathroom: no shower, just a toilet, and a sink. I washed my face and took the little cloth and soaked it with cold water to wipe away the sweat.

“You here?” Jane’s voice bemlows.

“Yes,” I said as I left the bathroom.

“Good,” Jane said, walking towards me. “My turn.”

I walked towards Jane as she smiled at me. She turned to the mirrors as I kissed her. My hands wandered on her chest as she looked at us in the mirrors. “You know what I like about this place?”

She walked slowly forward with me behind her. “These bars,” she says, approaching the mirror. I pulled on the little knot that was on his neck, and his top fell.

“I love these,” I say, resersing her breasts.

“The best thing about them,” Jane said, looking at me through the mirror. “I don’t need to wear a bra under most of my clothes.”

“Or underwear at all,” I said, lifting up her short skirt.

“Quick access,” said Jane with a smile. She put her hands on the long black bar and raised a leg on it. “Now, what are you going to do?”

I pushed myself into it, and with a great breath, Jane looked at herself in the mirror. “I’ll never get over that feeling,” she says as I began to fuck her from behind.

“What’s the feeling?” I asked. I looked at her in the mirror as her eyes closed when I her.

“When your dick enters me,” said Jane, moaning. “I like how thick and long it is, how it fills me up.”

“Well,” I said, grabbing her hip and hammering her harder.

“I bet you came inside her, didn’t you?” Jane said I fucked her. “I bet she’s standing in front of Jack right now, with your semen leaking on his leg, but he can’t see it because of that long dress. But she knows it. She can feel him slowly going down his leg, another man’s sperm.

The way she said it made me fuck harder. “Damn,” she said, as she fell from the bar. She bent down, her face less than an inch from the mirrored wall. “Fuck me!” Jane screamed. “Fuck me like the cock slut I am, use me!”

I reached forward and pulled his head back with his hair wrapped around my hand. “Yes!” he said. “Just like that!”

I fucked Jane harder than before and I could tell by the looks on her face that she wanted more. I pulled it out and pushed it back harder. “Yes!” he said.

I took it out and repeated it. On the next one, my hand slipped, and my dick met his ass. Sorry, I said I almost had it up his.

“No,” said Jane, “her hand grabbed my dick and lifted it up to her ass.” “I never did it there,” said Jane, looking back at me. “I want you to do it,” she held my dick in her hand as she pushed back against her.

Slowly, my dick hit his way up his ass. Jane’s face twisted with the pain of my cock entering her virgin ass. “Fuck, it’s great,” she said as she let it go and held the wooden bar tight.

I slowly moved my hips back and forth. I was slipping my dick in and out of his ass. “Yes, slowly,” moaned Jane, looking in the mirror.

“Where’s my dick?” I asked that I tightened her breasts.

In my, said Jane, nodding her head. In my, she began to push against her.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her at me. “I love it,” I say, watching my dick come in and out of it.

“I don’t want any more,” Jane said as she began to bounce back stronger. “Fuck my ass!”

I grabbed her hips hard and started fucking her ass as hard as I could. “Yes, fuck my ass! Cum in me!

She could tell I was near my dick inside her. “Cum in my ass! Jane screamed.

I held her hips tight as I came up her. “Damn,” I said, “almost collapsing on the ground.” “You two, you will be the death of me.”

“I heard it was a good way to go,” smiles Jane.

I nodded to him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Where have you been?” Jack yelled at me as I was finally leaving the sex studio.

“I had a few things I had to deal with,” I smiled as I looked at Tammy.

Tammy had changed her dress and heels. She stood next to Jack as he looked at me with judgmental eyes.

“What’s so important?” I asked that I walked past him.

“Steven …” Jack started saying.

“Can we not talk about work on my birthday?” Tammy said she went away. “I’d like to dance.”

“All right,” Jack shook his head. “If you don’t want to handle the situation, I’ll,” he said stormed.

“I wonder what it is,” I said, watching him go.

“Who knows,” said Tammy. “Would you like to dance?”

“Of course,” nodded.

We walked to the dance floor where most people had gathered. It was a slow song, so we started dancing close to each other.

“So why the change of clothes?” I asked.

“You know why,” smiled Tammy.

“Light me up,” I replied.

“It was getting sticky, and it started to pool inside my heels,” Tammy said with a laugh. “You might need to empty some of that more often.”

“Well, if I had a place to throw it,” I said.

“You’ve got plenty of them,” said Tammy, shaking his head.

“Oh, really?” I answered with a smile. I said, “Tell me.”

Tammy looked around us were on the dance floor, and she was afraid that someone would hear. “Well Jane told me about one of the places, and I’m a little jealous,” Says Tammy, looking back at me.

“That we didn’t fi said.

“Yes,” said Tammy. “It would be a first for me too.”

My dick was pounding in my pants.

“Next time,” said I, approaching her.

“I’ll hold you to that,” smiled Tammy.

“Derek!” Juliet told me to run towards me. I said, “That’s Jack!”

I ran with her to the other side of the yard. Jack was lying on the floor. “It was Steven,” someone said.

“Jack?” he asked. I asked, looking down at him. Someone had beaten him well. “Jack, come on,” I said, moving slowly.

“He goes to Withorp,” said Jack, barely standing. “He intends to tell them everything.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “Let’s get you and the hospital.”

“The party is over,” Juliet shouted as we headed home.

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Boss’s Wife: Part Six: What Comes Next