The Corset – Part 1 of 2

It was a Saturday, three weeks after my boyfriend and I broke up. The break was really a mutual thing. We both knew it was inevitable, so we started boiling.

Since that day I had brooded on him, we, the loss, enough was enough, I decided to go out with the explicit intention of plugging-up. If it didn’t cure the blues, it would certainly erase it from my mind for hours, if not days or, hopefully, forever.

I spent the afternoon doing all the things we girls do to make us feel sexy and attract the opposite sex. At 8 p.m., I was heading to my favorite club wearing a red and black bustier, covered in lace and denim miniskirt. The bustier matches my shape very well. His cups barely covered my pliers while pushing my Perky C into seductive prominence. At the last minute, I took off my thong; the merchandise could now make look appearances.

While I was driving, I flashed on one of my fantasies, a custom leather corset, boneless. I knew that a bustier revealed my attributes to good advantage, but after developing something of a bondage fetish, the thought of a strong and constraining corset, as it showed my strengths, was quite exciting. Acquiring one was on my to-do list. I had never found exactly the one that suited me perfectly. One day… For now, the bustier should suffice.

Arriving at the club, my attention shifted from my appearance to meeting with hope mr. right for the night. The friendly doorman looked at me from top to bottom, then smiled and waved at me for free. The club was packed. The DJ was shooting tunes with a driving rhythm. Everyone out there was looking for a version of the same purpose: to show off their skills and attributes, tease, tempt, and fascinate, plug in for wild and nasty sex.

I think he spotted me before I spotted him, but it was never determined. We got together and started dancing. It was his eyes. They were dark and mesmerizing, seeming to pierce my soul directly. I was pierced, I felt bound to him, almost feeling the ropes.

As the song ended, I gasped. His fingers had captured my nipples and brought me closer together. My elixir was already oozing my thighs. Pain and pleasure attacked my brain and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you foolishly.”

All I could do was mumble, “Yes” and then ask me why I had accepted if submitted. Of course, I wanted what he boldly proclaimed, but submitting, as I did, to his audacious treatment of me would normally be inconceivable.

Then I was passively following him outside. He stopped and confronted me. After the briefest exploration of my soppy kitten, a rough finger slipped quickly and totally into me, lifting me partially out of the ground. Our lips met, the tongues intertwined. Never in my life had I wanted anything as much as to be taken by this man, a man whose name was still unknown.

The combination of his finger and thumb working my, as he also pressed and rubbed a nipple, rushed me headlong into my first orgasm. Crying in the night, my legs weakened and shaken in exquisite orgasmic agonies. Impaled on his finger, I slumped against him. He supported me as if I were weightless.

My next clear memory was sucking his cock as he drove with one hand and used the other to constantly alter one of my nipples. This “thing” in my hand and mouth was the biggest I had ever actually held. Of course I had seen a lot of photos, but really having it up close and personal was a different thing. My only thoughts were how much fun I had currently and the anticipation of, as he said, fucking me “senseless.” Could this really happen?

“Damn girl, you suck a nasty dick! Most can’t handle it near as good. Pushing my head even further, he continued: “I can’t wait to get into you. will stretch you wide and plumb your deepest depths, the depths no other rooster has ever reached.

I suddenly realized that in my jazzed passion, I hadn’t really thought about my potential physical limitations. The guys had always told me that they liked how tight I was, and also that they liked the depth they could go. But what if…

“Don’t stop now girl! I’m taking advantage of that. You’re a talented woman! I bet you’ve heard that before. A deep roare gleame emanating from him as he tightened my hair and urged me down. My apprehensions disappeared as I reveled in the feeling of my lips and my tongue sucking and licking this beast.

Having lost all design of time when the vehicle slowed down and stopped, I did not give up my efforts, I loved what I was doing. Any sense of decorum had left me. No need to be my first wise and modest self at this point. I wanted what he had, and he clearly intended to give it to me.

When he pulled me out of him, he said, “This is my Baby Girl we’re going to hit him. I want to start dealing business with you. As he got out of the car and headed for his house, he asked, “By the way, what’s your name?”

I said, “Maggie. What’s yours?

“For now, call me Big Daddy. You’ll be my little girl. I think right now you need a Grand Pa to take care of yourself like you’ve never been cared for before. Am I right?

He was right. My desires were deep, and I had demons to exorcise. Could he really see in my soul?

His equipment was much more than I had hoped for. Fingers. Please don’t let this be more than what I was willing to cross my mind for. After this car ride, I was ready for anything! My expectations were overflowing like the proverbial cut. Speaking of overflow, as I walked, I felt squooshy. There was no doubt that my juices were making their way into my thighs, a very unusual event for me. Wet was one thing, almost gushing was another.

As he opened the door, I replied, “You are As well right on my needs! I’m making a leap of faith and confidence right now. If not abused, too anyway, I’m your baby girl. Bring him in!”

Bring it, he did it.

Soon we were both walking naked in his room, a trail of clothes being left behind. The bed was waiting, a bed with ropes and leather cuffs arranged. Obviously, they were not for him, even if it was an interesting thought.

“I need to be held back?” I asked with a dubious look.

“It’s for your own good.”

“And how exactly is that?” I knew I was going to let him do it, but the jokes were fun.

“Women who tend to enjoy easily and often find more pleasure when their body movements do not interfere with their physical reaction,” he replied nonchalantly.

“And you know I’m such a woman how exactly?” I was looking forward to the answer.

“I could see it in you. Am I wrong?

He had me there, because of course I was a woman, but how was he so sure? His piercing eyes had been a little irritating at first… and were right now so, I felt his intense boring look in me.

“No, you are not wrong,” I half-mumble, arranging on the bed, ready to accept the handcuffs.

After my arms were tied up, it disappeared for a while and then was between my legs holding what I knew immediately.

“Recognize this little girl?”

About to lie, I thought what’s the point. Ya, a plug, my voice trembling with some apprehension of its implications.

“Good girl. Now relax. You know it goes in easier if you do it.

“Oh my God, you think I’m going to take it.”

“Just relax. We’ll explore it later. It’s just good to know that my intuition regarding your experience in this area was correct… There, see easy-peasy.

He was right. I relaxed, and he came in with little pressure. Memories have come back from a not-too-distant past…

It quickly secured my legs in a way giving it maximum access to… Well, me.

“Are you a squirter?”

“Can’t you guess that? You seem to know everything about me, I pulled back.

“Well, the way you’re currently dripping like a leaky faucet, I think so, but no harm in asking.”

I felt the blush running over my face. “Sometimes. I never know until it happens … My God, your “intuition” can’t say I’m dying here! Are you going to fuck me or what!?

That’s when his dick first slapped my clitbé. Oh, Whap!

! I screamed reflexively, twisting against my obligations.

“Not yet, but soon Baby Girl,” he says as he let out his deep laugh and applied more and more slaps, leading me closer and closer to my first orgasm.

It seemedit that no time had passed when the revealing feelings began. My leg and arm muscles outstretched. I fought the ropes even more. Then…

“I’m cumming! Oh my god, damn, yes, YES, fuck YES!

I slowly relaxed as he looked at me, just looking at me like a spider looking at his prey caught in his web. Then he did it to me again… and again… again and again, until I literally wept and begged for him to put it in me.

“Dad, Big Daddy, please give it to me. Put that monster in me! Stretch me as much as you can. Please, Dad, please. I want it so badly. No, I don’t. Need it so bad! I’m begging you, Dad!

Half of exhaust already, trying to be calm, knowing that I had no control, dripping in my own sweat, that’s when I felt it at my entrance for the first time. He had slipped up and down between my lips, teasing me, but now he was pushing, pushing gently. I fought against the ropes to push it away, wanting to pull it into me, as if I could…

Slowly, I half whispered, “God yes dad … He feels As well Good… Oh, I love it slowly… I love feeling stretched, stretched far beyond ever … God, it’s As well will fill me up … I never imagined… Dad I love you… Oh my God, how much are there in?

“More than half.

“YES! Dad, do me slowly when it’s all in, pleassee!

It was a real yin-yang. I would never have been stretched like Big Daddy did. The sensation was a mixture of a little pain, really more like discomfort, and ecstasy, pure ecstasy, physical sexual pleasure and emotional passion.

As I began to wonder if I could really take it all, I felt his body sneak in and rub me. I did it! I felt like I was conquering Everest. Okay, I’m a goal-oriented person. I was never entirely convinced that my body would cope, or if necessary, endure, but it had.

“Dad! It’s wonderful, a perfect fit. There was no recognition.  He looked into my eyes and began to move slowly in and almost, back and forth, back and forth, I was in his thrall and I loved it!

It was almost like losing my virginity again. I was there, a twenty-four-year-old woman, with… let’s just say … ten, give or take, former lovers, but the sensations, the wonderfully strong sensations were totally new to me.

I don’t know how many blows he made when the familiar feelings started to build. Another orgasm was not far away. It was different from the last one. It wasn’t that abrupt. I was tense and pulling on my ties, but not frantically. Then he washed on me in a wave, leaving me panting, as with the others, but also leaving a feeling of serenity envy.

“Oh my God, Dad! It was wonderful beyond the description. You took me into a sexual nirvana that I didn’t know existed. Now that you’ve made me yours, then reap the benefits. Have your way with me! And that’s what he’s done, over and over again. It occurred to me that the “senseless” thing was not as far-fetched as I imagined. It was getting harder and harder to recover from every orgasm. He was going faster and faster, diving harder and harder, making me enjoy faster and faster. The panting I experienced after everyone was starting to become almost non-stop.

Then my vision became blurred. The room started to turn. I couldn’t think properly. Everything went black. I was out like a light with no idea how long it lasted. He later told me that my eyes curled just before I fainted and that it lasted less than a minute. I know my alarm clock was like coming out of a fog in the light, it was still in me and I loved it.

“Oh my god Big Daddy! Oh. My. God. You did it. You made me faint, faint from the most fun and exciting thing I’ve ever known. Maybe I should call you Svengali. That’s it, Big Daddy Svengali.

Throughout my delusions, he laughed at his deep laugh.

“That’s what it’s like to make fun of me. The poor helpless girl you tied to your bed. Speaking of equality, how about releasing me?

As I was engaged in my fervent rant, my vag muscles were squeezing and releasing his cock. I was sure he didn’t know if it was intentional or an unconscious reaction, but he must have known I wanted more. He pulled out my chains, I was sure in preparation for future fun.

Half relieved, half disappointed, I began to stretch to soothe the muscle pain in my arms and, above all, the legs. It was obvious that the snakish twist of my body made him want to jump back on me. He must have known what he had in me and hoped that tonight was not unique.

He suggested a little rest and hydration for both of us; I was happy to accept. After a shorter time than I’m sure he expected, and probably amazed by my apparent recovery, I moved to him as he sat. As I led his still hard cock, I slipped down, legs wrapping around him. As I sews my self, I began to caress and caress her hair on her chest. “Then Dad is ready for the second round of my rapture?”

He ripped off my rock-hard nipples, jerking me off by him as he pressed them forcefully.

Showing no distress, I exclaimed, “Oh yes Dad! They need attention. Show them who’s responsible.

Feeling my muscles once again press him, he maintained his tight grip as we kissed. Releasing my pliers, he pushed me backwards and followed me down, using his hands to break our fall. The sudden shutdown forced him further into me than he had been. My reaction was a powerful clinch of his manhood that I blurred, “Oh my god daddy!”

We both delighted in some of her ups and downs in my tight and slippery. Then he ran away and disappeared briefly. Returning with a large padded object, in the shape of a barrel, he asked me to make room for him and then to lay face down on it.

I complied. In fact, he supported me pretty well. His intention was clear: keep me in a position with little effort on my part. That was good; I had little effort to give.

“I bought an old bean bag chair from a thrift store, had the soft container made in a barrel and filled it with the old beans. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

I said, “Yes. It’s pretty comfortable. As well… now what is the situation with the plug?

It’s good lookin so it’s going to stay where it is for a bit, as I still love your beautiful. I have to say, from this point of view, you have the most beautiful, sexiest back I’ve ever seen on a woman. Your lips are still swollen, the faucet is still drippin and your is oh so tempting.

I stirred my butt, saying, Well, take my again! I know exactly what to expect now, and I’m more than ready.

His cock hit me several times as he was making his way behind me. I was expecting it to start coming into me when… Oh, Whap! Oh, Whap! Hard and full hand slaps on each cheek. I know I jumped, but I didn’t scream or cry. He didn’t know, but I was in the whole slappin thing- somehow he always worked for me. So I stirred my butt again.

“I see. Baby, that’s it. Well…” Four moves in quick succession to each cheek. Now my cheeks are tingling, but it was a good sting. Don’t ask me why it excites me, I don’t know. It’s just one of those things.

“Are you going to fuck me or beat me? Don’t be one of those sadist monsters. I just wanted to slow him down a little bit. I was looking forward to more of this treatment than things were going to happen.

It was then that the now familiar stretching began, its long awaited entry had begun. Waiting impatiently, and a little impatiently, for the slow thrust that would eventually fill me, I was stunned when its full length suddenly slammed as deep as possible.

When I opened my mouth to shout, nothing came out, I had been surprised in total silence. It only lasted a few seconds at most. “Holy shit Daddy! I mean what fucks!

I scratched myself in bed, instinctively trying to escape his shocking strike, to no avail. He had my hips in an iron socket and had already begun the assault which quickly changed my mindset from fury to lust. The non-stop pounding brought on a fast and strong orgasm. “Dad, oh fucking dad, I’m … , SHIT! My whole body was shaking, and he hadn’t even taken a break.

I gave up. My lizard brain took over. Eyes closed, my body almost constantly quivering, sometimes strong, sometimes weak, orgasms just run through me, I mean through me. From my fingers to my toes, everything was on fire.

Looking back, I’m surprised he had the stamina to continue, but he did. Finally, the chosthey’ve turned black again. It’s something you feel coming on; you know it’s going to happen, but they’re powerless to stop. In fact, I hosted it, the final version.

Do not see it or hear it as the light came back and things came back to the point, I temporarily said, “Daddy?”

“I’m here Baby Girl. Always behind you. You weren’t out for long. How do you feel?

“Oh, Dad… so many feelings… I’m in pain, but I almost feel like I’m floating on a cloud, if that makes sense. It was an exhilarating experience. Can I go to sleep now?

“Not right, baby,” he said, rubbing his dick’s head against my ass.

“Oh my God dad! Where’s the cork? I can’t feel it anymore.

He should have hit me sooner. He had taken it out while I was outside. Now he intended to take my anal virginity in the same way I had thought of virginity when he first penetrated my vag.

“Oh, Big Daddy, no, I don’t think that’s a good idea now. Let’s do it later. Much later, I thought of myself for the first time.

“The fact sheet showed that you obviously got used to it, and you even told me that you loved it. I’ll just push a little bit and we’ll see how it goes. No surprises. Just a little test to see how you could do it. You might surprise yourself.

His friction was becoming more and more focused on my star. He already knew me too well. I was sure he felt I really wanted it, but I was just scared, quite simply. What harm could be a small test? He had a point, I might be surprised… just so I wasn’t surprised by a quick dive.

“Well … Dad, you’re a devil! Okayyy… Just Real slow and soft. No surprises. Stopping means quitting, okay?

“Stop, stop baby. Now take a deep breath and relax as I know you how to do it.

I remember squeaing the sheets, breathing deeply and wondering if it was really going to work. I felt the pressure increase slowly. He was growing slowly, but he kept increasing and focusing on this special entry.

I was opening, there was no doubt about it. I knew the feeling very well. My ex used to go there quite often. He “broke me in” as he had made a habit of reminding me. So now a new lover was breaking me again.

“That’s baby. You’re relaxing. I feel like he wants me. We’re going to do it together and enjoy it together. Do it baby, do it!

I whispered softly, especially to myself, “yes right.” I have to do all the stretchin, relaxin and maybe hurtin so he can push his giant cock into my ass for his own pleasure. Well agree … for my pleasure too. I. didn’t have a soft spot for anal.

Oh my God, I almost fainted. I felt like it was going to work. His helmet came in, and I reflexively squeezed down.

“Easy Baby, easy. We almost got it. I think maybe you squeezed cuz you was nervous. Calm down, baby. Relax like you’re a doin. We’ll get there.

He thought he knew so much. I could have opened right away if I had wanted to. He was going to have to work for it.

“Oh, Dad, I don’t think it’s going to work. You should probably retire before you hurt me.

“Sweet Baby we are really close. I really want this for you. You’re my sweet baby girl. Please just try for a little more. You were such a good doin.

“Dad, it’s starting to hurt. I am not sure we should continue. What if I get hurt one way or another? I really want to make you happy, but I don’t think I can do it. I am Oh, really Sorry!

Ha, I needed to play it just. I didn’t want him to retire, but he must have thought I was making a big sacrifice for him. A little more begging was needed. I kept my reluctance.

“My sweet baby girl, you’re the best I’ve ever had. If you can just open a little more it will work, and you will get As well a lot of fun. I promise I won’t hurt you. Stopping means stopping, I understand, but please try a little more … Please.

Ha, it was almost too much fun. But my inclinations being what they were, I wanted him as bad as him, so I slowly gave in and opened. It began to slide slowly deeper and deeper. It was really great. I desperately wanted to exclaim how good he felt, but no, not yet anyway.

“Maggie, baby, you did it! My God, you’re the most amazing woman! I think I love you.

He called me by my name. He said he loved me. I couldn’t believe it. For some reason, it really meant a lot.

“Oh, Dad, it was As well hard for me to finally open enough for you! I love your dick in me, but I had to work As well difficult to do. Yeah, really, ha! “Now, get slow and fuck me. Fill me with your cum. Cum together if we can. I want to feel your warm seed in me!

“Oh yes Baby Girl, yes. You feel so amazing. You’re so tight, and the lubricant makes me slide effortlessly. Is it still good for you? I can cum whenever you’re ready.

“Bring it on Big D! I’m just on the edge!

And he never did! It accelerated a bit and went a little further as I squeezed it tight. In a flash, I felt the monster pulse, surge after the soaring poured into me. I screamed in the paradise of orgasm. A perfect ending to a perfect evening.

After being locked together for a few minutes, as we were both recovering our breath — and I stopped shaking like a leaf in a windstorm — it slowly calmed down. I just slumped on the barrel of bean bag, completely short of gasoline. He took me away and then he collapsed on his back.

“Damn Baby Girl, you’re a hell of a woman! You take a whore like no other lover I’ve ever been with.

“Gee … Thank you… I think so. You have such a way with words. Then I burst out laughing like an embarrassed look strewn over his face.

“Listen… I didn’t mean… I had a brain fart and totally screwed up. I was trying to say you’re super awesome, and I’m a lucky guy to have spent that time with you. Looking completely dejected, he asked, “Am I totally screwed?”

“No, you’re not totally screwed. I think I’m the one who’s been completely screwed. You’re just in trouble. If you play your cards well — can you do it, play your cards well — if that is the case, you might be able to come back in my good graces.

There was no way I was going to let it be unique. This rooster was not going to escape, at least not right away. But I really mean, “You’re taking a fuck…” Who said that? Well, that was what it was. So he wasn’t exactly Mr. Debonair… But it was the best fuck I’ve ever had! The ex was wiped completely clean. Life was beautiful.

“I can totally play my cards right! That’s no excuse, but I was really so blown away by the whole evening with you… I let my dick overload my mouth. Sorry. It’s never going to happen again. I swear to God about it!

I gave him the best smile I could muster as I saw him on this side of him. I said, “Okay. The proof of the pudding is in the food, so let’s see how things go. As he spoke, I continued: “Now… you have snatched me up to where, so to speak. So much so that I can barely move. My sore body desperately needs to sleep. Can we do that?

He seemed surprised that I wanted to spend the night. As if I wanted to be brought back to the club, in my condition, to take my car so I could go home at four in the morning, because it was almost three o’clock now.

He became very thoughtful: fixing the bed covers, making me more water, gently wiping the build-up of the goo night from me, and then finally settling behind me. I fell asleep almost immediately, his left hand holding my left breast.

Slowly waking up in the late morning, I found myself next to him, with my head on his shoulder. He was still asleep, his morning wood holding the leaf. The night before came roaring back as I took in my sore body and the tent post under the sheet. Every muscle hurts to some extent, but it was my sweet ‘gina and that had really taken a beating, arguably the best beating they had ever had.

Even feeling like I did, I couldn’t resist reaching for “it” – the thing that had given me such wonderful pleasure. He felt so strong and powerful, so ready to give me what I knew was impossible in my present state. But my mouth… now who was ready, willing and capable.

As I moved into position without waking him, I swallowed him up and started serving “he.” First, he began to moan; then his eyes opened. He smiled and ran his fingers through my hair. We kept going like this, no one was talking until I knew he was going to flood me. His handle tightened, as did his leg muscles.

“Oh my God, Maggie I will … Oh, fuck yes!

I swallowed every wonderful drop.

After that, we talked a little, exchanged numbers, showered, talked more and finally … I got to my apartment.

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The Corset – Part 1 of 2