The Deckhand – Saturday Cruise, Part 1

I slept well on Thursday night until Friday morning and woke up ready to start the day.  I took a shower and ate before heading to the hardware store for some physical work.

I walked into the door about fifteen minutes earlier, and Mr. Solyst approached me right away.  “Hello Mr. Solyst.  How are you today,” he said, lip-syncing before he had a chance to speak.

“I’m good. In fact, I’m very good,” he replied, bringing me back to his office.  Once inside, he continued: “Your work with Ms. Jenning must have been spectacular because we have several requests for you today.  I don’t know what your plans are for Sunday, but there’s more than enough queue to keep you busy throughout next week.

I said, “That sounds great to both of us.  Where do I start?

“First of all, thank you for taking care of our customers.  We haven’t had as many calls for mulch in a few years.  We’re going to start at Mrs. Milligan’s, she’s a few doors away from Mrs. Jennings, and we’ve already delivered the bags of mulch to her driveway.  I also left a wheelbarrow there so you could move the bags where they are needed,” Solyst replied.

After giving me the address, I asked, “How many bags is this one?”

Mr. Solyst replied, “This work is sixty bags, so it will probably take you a little longer than Ms. Jennings, because it was forty.  We alotted four hours when we loaded it, but let me know if it takes longer.  Here is a list of the jobs we have received over the last two days, and they have specifically asked you.  As you can see, there are five in all, and none of them are small.  That’s why I mentioned working on Sundays.

“So you don’t need me to work in the store today?” I’ve been looking into it.

“We’ll take care of the store. You are focusing on this mulch work because it brings us more community advertising.  With all these references in a few days, the traffic of our stores has already increased significantly,” he replied.

“Okay,” I replied, and I walked to the door.

On my way to Mrs. Mulligan’s house, I called my grandfather to see if he knew her.  He replied after a few rings and said, “Hi Stevie, what are you doing today?”  I filled it on the surprising climb in the mulch work at the hardware store and read it on the list of names.  He laughed, which annoyed me a little before saying, “You seem to have got yourself in the purse, Stevie.”

I immediately asked, “What do you mean, Grandpa?”

He laughs a little more before admitting: “All these women in this list, you noticed that they were all women, are in the knitting club of the city.”

“Knitting club?  What is that? I asked.

“That’s what they call it, but they don’t knit.  They do, however, share information about the best pieces in town while they drink wine.

Interrupting his story, I begged, “So what does that mean?  Am I going to have to fuck them all now?

Grandfather snapped back, Are you seriously complaining about having to have sex with some very hot, but middle-aged, women?

I stuttered, trying to find a quick answer, but eventually gave up after I thought about his statement.  After a moment of silence, I moaned, “No, I’m not, but you know I’m not really into women.  In addition, it will take away my working time.

Grandpa replied a little less abruptly, “Stevie, do you remember the beautiful trick you got from Mrs. Jennings?”

“I do, but do you think they’ll all give a tip though?” I asked.

“Son,” Grandpa began, “all these women are well-off and have no interest in a full-time guy.  They have fun with one another and the occasional stud they share.  Finding one who loves anal sex, and who is as good at it as you are, is a catch like they haven’t seen in a while.  Don’t forget to wear a condom for each encounter.  The ladies will appreciate it, as will my clients.

I stopped in front of Mrs. Milligan’s house just as Grandpa was done.  Realizing he was right, I replied, “Okay, Grandpa, I’m going to stop complaining about having to have sex with attractive women, but you see my point, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do Stevie, but even I would make one of these ladies if they let me.  Now go to work, earn your tips, and I’ll see you in the morning,” Grandpa replied.

After hanging up, I approached the front door and rang the bell.  Ms. Milligan opened the door wearing an extra-long t-shirt that came down to about mid-thigh.  It was pretty clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra under the shirt as her nipples were pretty prominent. She was a very attractive woman who looked a little younger than Mrs. Jennings.  As she stood there looking at me, I stammered: “Are you, Mrs. Milligan?”

She smiled before declaring, “I am, and you can call me Michelle.  You must be the Stevie I’ve heard so many good things about.  As she spoke, she reached out with both arms and pulled me into a breast-pressing hug.  I had no doubt that she wasn’t wearing a bra now, as her stiff nipples pressed into my chest.  Her bare legs rubbed against mine as she slipped one between my cut denim shorts.  She slowly freed me from the embrace and grabbed my right hand to pull me inside while closing the door.

Michelle led me through her living room and into her kitchen.  She stopped at the sliding glass door to unlock it, then pulled me on his deck.  Once outside, she released my hand and pointed to the back yard where the mulch was stacked neatly around the oversized flower garden.  “There’s the area that needs to be mulch,” she said before I went down the stairs.  Once I was walking a few feet across the yard, Michelle urged, “Please let me know if you need anything.”

I turned to thank her just as she turned around and leaned at the waist, revealing her bare bottom.  I looked for a while and felt a commotion in my pants.  Michelle held her position while my penis swelled, and I thought that day was looking pretty good.

When I finally broke my eyes, I rushed to the mulch to look after me.  I was having a good time and was halfway there when Michelle made her way outside with a tray containing a pitcher and two glasses.  She settles down at a small table with two chairs under a weeping cherry tree that casts a beautiful shadow.  Michelle was still wearing her t-shirt and sat down while pouring us each a glass of the best lemonade I’ve ever had.  As I approached the table, she spread her legs just enough for me to see that she was as smooth as glass there.

At first I stood, as I took a long sip of the glass as she watched my cock-covered denim swelling.  Michelle then said, “Please sit down and relax for a while.”  I hesitated sitting down and started scooting my chair back when she grabbed behind my left knee. Holding me in place, Michelle then snuck forward with her legs spread out until her belly was at the edge of the table.  My bare knee was less than an inch from its steamy smooth box, and I could feel the heat it was emitting.  Michelle then pushed the table towards me a few inches before scooting forward as the last inch.  When my knee came into contact with her soaked vaginal lips, she always sighed so softly.

It all seemed a bit weird, so I started removing my knee when she quickly wrapped her legs around mine to hold me up.  Once she made contact again, she rubbed up and down on my kneecap for pleasure.  As she continued, she moaned, “Please do not move again; I need to feel a part of you against my in need.  I let him grind for another minute as I sat mesmerized to his self-stimulation.  His juice was pouring down my calf, and I could feel them disappearing into my ankle socks.  Michelle firmly bit her lip as she squirted intensively over my leg.

Michelle slowly released my leg with hers as her orgasm diminished.  Once her breathing was under control, she said, “Thank you.  I know women aren’t your thing, so I hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable for you, but I really needed it.

I stuttered, “What makes you think women aren’t my thing?”

Michelle replied: “I was referred by Doris, darling.  She has the most beautiful I’ve ever seen or eaten, and you haven’t even touched her.  Plus, you walked away when I pressed mine against your knee.  No teenager epsRed-blooded ris would never stray from two hot like ours.

I started with my story about the girlfriend again saying, “My girlfriend and I prefer anal…” but after only a few words, even I didn’t believe it, so I stopped already.  Looking at Michelle with begging eyes, I stammered, “I can’t have anyone know.”

Michelle replied, “What can’t you let them know?  Whether you prefer guys or you pay for school fucking or being fucked by every middle-aged rich in this city?

I just mumbled, “I … I…. Uh,.

Michelle looked at me and said, “Steve, you know as much about the inclinations of the elite of this city as they know about you, so relax and enjoy giving it and receiving it.”

The little light came on in my head after a minute, and I smiled.  Michelle saw that I finally got it and said, Now that you get it, go finish my mulch while I get this perfect ready for a good pounding.

I took one last sip of lemonade, then I jumped and got back to work.  I did even better the time I was looking forward to fucking little tight ass Michelle.  Once I was finished and cleaned all the bags, I headed up the stairs from his deck to the kitchen door.  Michelle walked to the door, wearing nothing but a smile, and asked me to take off my shoes and socks.  I did what she asked, and she opened the door and led me to the bathroom.  She’s looking forward to slowly stripping me naked before pushing me into her oversized shower.

I stood and let the water beat on my sore back as she soaped all the crevis to make me completely clean.  Once she finished, she turned off the water and dried me before falling to her knees and sucking me down her throat.  As it worked me in stiffness, I leaned against the hot shower wall.

Once satisfied, Michelle got up quickly and led me to her bed and jumped on her hands and knees.  I moved in behind her and pulled off her pink candle sparkling beautiful and easy.  She handed me a condom with lubricant between her legs when I was about to ask for them.  I rolled the condom on my pulse pole.  After lubricating his open pucker, I pressed his still restrictive entry.

Once the head slipped, she pushed back until my slapped her torrid floor.  I started slow and easy shots to get used to my hardness, and soon after, my scrotum was slapping her wet tear as I pounded her welcoming.  Her hands held the duvet tightly as she screamed at my intrusion.  It was extremely wet, and its juice was spread on both our legs with every slap of my balls swinging.

I had no idea whether or not she had sperm, so I raised the ante by sliding a finger into her wet vagina.  She seemed to appreciate that as she murmured, “More,” between her grunts.  I assumed she meant more fingers because there seemed to be room for another without any problems.  I slipped into a second finger, and Michelle moaned even louder as I worked her two smooth holes simultaneously.

I still wasn’t sure if she had sperm still trying to decide whether to go for a nipple when she bellowed, “More… Faster.

I followed his advice and added a third finger, which seemed to be stretching his box at no cost while accelerating the pace at speed near jackhammer.  The next minute, it was like something of the exorcist.  Michelle wrapped her head underneath as if to lick herself as she unleashed a blood-curdling cry.  She was squeezed into a ball when a deep gurgling began from the bottom in her throat.

She was suddenly smooth with sweat, and I could barely keep my grip on her hip.  As I struggled to keep up with my lack of purchase, she suddenly broke out like a dam and sprayed me, the bed, and herself while her voice disappeared in a silent moan. Her mouth was large, but nothing came as she convulsed and finally collapsed on the bed as I slipped out of her two pockets.

She didn’t faint, but instead started panting like she hit me in the.  My hands fell on the bed as my efforts caught up with me.  Slowly, I calmed down until I was lying on my side facing the Michelle Homea.  I watched her try to catch her breath for the next few minutes as I stopped in mine.  We just looked at each other before she could finally talk.  Still blowing a little, she whistled: “It was the … best fuck … orgasm I never have … Had.  How…?”

Seeing that she was still out of breath, I interrupt: “Thank you.  I never saw anyone act like that when they reached their peak.  You’re quite the squirter. You’re the sprayer.  Do you always act like that when you fuck?

Michelle was still trying to catch her breath, but managed, “No, I didn’t.  I should have let a gay guy fuck me in the ass years ago. Now I really understand why Doris gave you such high marks.  You’re really going the extra mile, and you don’t even cum yet, are you?

“No, but I already have enough sperm this week, believe me,” I replied.

Michelle reached out to remove the condom and stroke my softening cock while asking, “How long did the old man Solyst give you to finish this job?”

“How… Forget it.  He gave me three and a half hours to finish your work. What for? I answered.

“So you still have thirty minutes before you have to leave.  How about a second round of your pole in my hole?

I smiled at her offer, and she quickly took my semi-hard penis into her mouth for an alarm clock.  After a few minutes, I was at the mast, and Michelle was throwing me another condom.  She retreated with her legs apart and pleaded, Can we face it this time, and can you handle some blows in my in need first?

I replied, How about more than a few in your since you’ve been so nice.  Tell me when you want to change.

Michelle nodded as she accepted as she pulled her legs back to give me full access.  I lined up and slowly penetrated his hot and smooth box until I was fully buried.  It’s a completely different feeling since the pressure in more evenly distributed in a vagina compared to an.  Her eyes closed as I came into contact with her cervix, and she moaned softly.  I slowly retreated and started an easy one in and out. Michelle reached around her legs and played with her nipples as I increased the pace.  His moans were now growing in volume and almost constant as I slipped a finger into his pucker.

Her moans turned to cussing as she blurred, “Fuck me, baby.  Stick another finger in my and me harder!  I did what she asked, and she started growling and screaming while I was looting her two tunnels.  Michelle tateted and pinched her nipples like a crazy person as her climax struck her.  She does squirt a little while convulsing, but nothing like her previous orgasm.  As she started to go down, she ordered, “Switch!” and I did what she asked.  I pushed my way into her back door as she held her legs back to give me easy access.  Once inside, I stepped up the speed and beat away at his anal ring.  This time I was too close to my own orgasm to stop or slow down and took it hard.

Michelle held both legs with one arm while rubbing her clititme with the other.  I began to feel this point of no return and accelerated to a wild hammering that we both began to enjoy.  I could feel the spray of her simmering as I filled the condom with my hot seed.  Michelle relaxed her legs, and I gradually slipped down until I covered her slippery body.  As I gasped away, she murmured, “You came this time, didn’t you?”

I shouted “Yes” between the ventilations, and she hugged me.

“Don’t worry.  I’m not going to make you kiss me.   I’m just glad I finally made you sperm after all the work you’ve done to give me the best orgasms of my fucking life! Michelle squeaked.

I was finally starting to catch my breath when Michelle started pumping her ass on my still deeply buried cock.  I looked at her with surprise when she said with a laugh, “Don’t worry, I couldn’t take another of your butt slinging.  But it’s time for you to move. Let’s jump in the shower very quickly, and I’ll clean you up for your next appointment.

After a shallow cleaning, I got dressed and stood outside the front door with four hundred dollars in my pocket.  As I started my car, the always nude Michelle, gave up and promised another job next week.  The next appointment was only one block away and was, fortunately, a lot of work pread small.  Karen was the name of the second client, and she was just as excited and didn’t hesitate to sit in her bare lounge chair to watch me work.  As it was about noon when I finished her work, she made me lunch between the two buttocks-fuckings and the multiple orgasms I gave her.  Another tip of three hundred dollars and I was on my way to the third and fortunately, the last job of the day.

Susan was calm and sensual.  I arrived at her house, and she answered the door in a pure white teddy bear with nothing underneath.  The ruffles at the bottom were barely an inch below his clean shaved split, but everything was visible.  I asked, “Where is the mulch they delivered?”

She smiled slyly, then replied, “It’s in the garage, but I prefer to spend our time in bed,” as she shook my hand and led me to her boudoir.  Once inside, she stripped us both and then led me to the shower.   Susan lit the water and grabbed a brush, and sprayed it with soap.  She started at my shoulders and worked her way into my body, gently cleaning all the surfaces.  Once she finished with my feet, she pushed me underwater for a rinse, then slapped a small piece of shampoo in her hand to wash my hair.  When my cleaning was over, Susan leaned in front of me and soaped her little rose button before slipping into a finger.  She masturbated with one finger in her and two in her until she had a quivering climax.

After Susan recovered from her self-esteem, she cut off the water and toweled us both dry before taking me back to bed.  The last intelligible words she uttered during the following hour were: “I hope you can do better than that.”

I fucked this cute ass of hers in several positions at varying speeds and took her to several heights over the next sixty minutes. Susan was insatiable and clearly experienced in the anal sex department.  I have met very few people in my life of debauchery who could handle that much backdoor penetration.  I know I couldn’t.  With his last climax, we both collapsed in a pile of semen and sweat.

When Susan and I were finally calm, she turned to me and kissed me on the lips before saying, “Thank you, Steve!”

She then pulled me to my feet and brought me back into the shower for another cleansing from head to toe.  After the towel dried, she took me back to the room and re-dressed me.  She quickly moved to her bedside and turned around with three hundred dollar bills, which she took great joy in slipping into my underpants.  She led me to her front door, still naked, and said, “Don’t worry about the mulch, I’ll take care of it.  It will be worth it for all the orgasms you have given me today.

I said, “How about I come on Sunday morning to help you with the mulch?”

“I’d love that,” she replied, slipping under my shorts and grabmy rim of my coc.k for good pressure.  After kissing me on the lips again, she opened the door and introduced me while saying, “You Sunday morning around nine o’clock?”

I quickly replied: “Nine works for me. See you again.

It was only three o’clock in the afternoon, but I was whipped and headed straight home for a nap.

I woke up about two hours later and had dinner with the family before watching some TV and then going to bed around eight o’clock.

It was Saturday, and the alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.  I jumped and headed to the kitchen for coffee before my morning shower.  I was obviously excited about the day ahead that I could barely pee because of my rigid pole.  Friday was fun with the ladies, but I needed a hard cock in my ass, and I was hoping That Ian would show.

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The Deckhand – Saturday Cruise, Part 1