I Just Tried The Highest Rated Large Butt Plug (This Is What Happened)

We all know that I am not the type to do things halfway and if you are new to my blog, let me know that I love sex toys, they have changed my sex life and although I am a woman ordinary in the real world, when I’m back home, I’m transformed and I love it.

I have personally tried so many sex toys, countless, there are too many to list. I have also tried many plugs (I love it), but none are as big as this and none have made me feel like this.

Why did I try a big butt plug…

two big anal plugs

Recently, I loved to experiment with the size game, stretching my pussy and seeing how much I can take it was a pleasure, especially when I feel a little sore the next day at work and I can’t tell anyone why I limp slightly.

I decided to try a big butt plug because it was the last step in what I was playing with (if you want to hear about the big dildos that I used, do it know me in the comments below or contact me). Stretching my ass was something I hadn’t done yet and after hearing from reliable sources on how good he feels and how he takes anal to the next level, I knew I had to # 39; try. However, I wanted to use something non-intimidating, something that I could use easily and preferably hands-free.

The big butt plug that I tried

woman holding a big butt plug

This giant butt plug measures a powerful 6 inches and has an impressive 7.25 inch circumference for you to play with. It is great but that is exactly what I was looking for, I wanted to experiment and play with something that was not a dildo, something that I could wear and something that would carry my waist play experiments to another dimension.

Everyone who had used it was incredibly impressed and appreciated the teasing and the perseverance to squeeze it in on their own and I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. Something that also really sold me on this big butt plug is that it is made from an antibacterial formula, I find that it really gives me the peace of mind 39; mind when products include features like this.

What happened when I used it

I knew it was going to be big but I didn’t really care about the size, I know this is something I probably should have realized but it was only when it happened and i was playing with it in my hand that i really knew how much it was going to feel in me.

I bought my favorite lubricant with it, it is so important, it will ensure you relieve your anal plug inside of yourself without discomfort. I can’t recommend enough lubricant, this is such an important step, especially when using larger sex toys like this.

I lubricated my butt plug and used smaller toys on my ass before I started to relax, I did it in half before I couldn’t do it anymore, I persevered and I 39; continued to guide him gently. It was a struggle but I was loving every second, I had read the feeling you felt when everything was finally inside and I just couldn’t wait.

I was sweating, my pussy was dripping, my ass begged me for this anal plug. I was teasing and teasing, stretching my ass before finally opening, everything slipped inside. I was so happy, knowing that everything was swallowed. It seemed incredible inside of me, filling my buttocks, while I was walking, it made me feel joy, it was so joyful in me that I left it for so long as I could. Playing with my pussy, bringing me to orgasm and having my new big butt plug filling me up while waiting.

Using this anal plug is one of my favorite activities, I love the feeling of having it all and once it’s nice to feel soft when pushing against me. My boyfriend also likes to see me with it and when he takes it out slowly and fucks me in the ass, I’m always covered in my own hot juices.

Tips for wearing this anal plug

  • Lubricant, lubricant and more lubricant! It is so important that you do not forget this step. It makes insertion much more comfortable and can prevent tearing.
  • Clean your anal plug after each use this will ensure it stays in the best condition and use this guide to clean your buttocks before anal play.
  • Play with a few small sex toys before inserting it, reheat the hole first and only start inserting when you feel ready.
  • Don’t be afraid to give up and try again the next day, don’t hurt yourself by pushing it in. Slowly let go of it and persevere and soon you will have it in full.
  • Try to walk around with that in there, it’s so weird and it gave me such an elated feeling.
  • Remember to remove this butt plug slowly, relax your muscles and be careful.

My other favorite giant butt plug

I wanted to show you another big butt plug that I like to use, this one is a little different from the other one I used but I thought it was worth it show it to you because of the orgasm that i had.

woman holding a big vibrating plug

This big butt plug measures 4.5 inches in length and 5.5 inches in circumference, this moderately large butt plug has a hidden secret. It has a removable vibrator that offers 10 different speeds and models and once you have this anal plug inside and you activate the vibrations, you will find your eyes rolling in the back of your head with pleasure.

I knew it was going to make me feel good but I didn’t expect it to make me cum like me. I slid it into my ass while I played with my clitoris, teasing me to the point of orgasm and coming back down. While the butt plug was vibrating inside of me, I could feel the vibrations inside my ass and they even scolded up to my pussy, it was amazing. I felt my orgasm in my ass, but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly and before I knew it, I was enjoying, my whole ass was throbbing with my pleasure, my pussy sending waves of pleasure around me at my arrival.

The orgasm was out of this world, it made me feel like I was on the cloud 9. I love the vibrators, my body reacts very well to the tremor, if you are like me, you will love this vibrating anal plug.

Which butt plug is best?

crown cartoon and two different plugs

I recommend reading this article: A guide to plugs if you have time, if not, let me do it quickly.

My first recommendation (LARGE non vibrating anal plug): this anal plug is ideal for those who like to play in size, it is unreal because it squeezes inside your ass and stretches you. I love to walk around with her and even leave the house knowing that she is still inside me makes me so horny. It is an incredible quality and a real challenge, it also makes me feel good in myself and I love the natural stimulation it brings.

My second recommendation (vibrating anal plug): If you are a fan of vibrating sex toys and love the stimulation they bring, then this is a fantastic anal plug. It is smaller than the other butt plug but remains a challenge. It gives you breathtaking stimulation and is no longer a “home” sex toy for me.