The List of Sexy Roleplay Ideas my Boyfriend & I Love

We like to be perverted in the bedroom and role playing is one of our favorite activities. Dressing up, living out our fantasies, using accessories, using sex toys and using our imagination are just a few of the ways we live out these role play ideas.

I wanted to make a list that you can also follow and get inspired if you’re looking to get involved in role-playing or even if you just need ideas for your next sex session.

Take these ideas and make your own, adjust them, play with them and learn from them, but most of all, enjoy them, my sexy little reader.

1). I am a high class escort / gigolo

The role playing being a high class escort / gigolo is so much fun and one of the easiest role playing games. Meet your partner in a hotel or even just in your room, get dressed, ask for payment, ask him what he likes and get up and take your money when they are done.

Your goal is to make them happy and make them come, but it’s also fun to be too enthusiastic and really play the role of prostitute.

2). The trio you will never forget

two girls with their arms around a man

You must read my fake trio guide and once you need to, you need to put the tips into practice. Learning to simulate a trio without a third person is one of my favorite role-playing games and fantasies for living with my boyfriend and it’s so easy. If you are running out of time and can’t read my guide, all you need to know is use this dildo your fake trio will be the most magnificent thing that can happen in the bedroom.

3). You own my body, do as you want

lady arrested

Be completely submissive to your partner, let him explore your body and do what he wants without question.

Reversing the dom and sub roles is a lot of fun and something my boyfriend and I do regularly, although I often prefer the sub role. Check out these Bdsm DIY ideas so you can really take your dom / sub role to the next level.

4). A night in paradise

cartoon male stripping for a woman

You are an overnight stand, get off, use them, then go.

Have fun, one of you may be the one who doesn’t care and the other must seduce. Hang in a club bathroom or even go back to their place and get up and go as soon as you’re done.

If you connect in a bathroom, go to a large bathroom, meet, have fast sex as if you are trying to hide it from people. It’s exciting.

5). You are my boss, how can I get a raise

office cartoons flirt

Role-play that your partner is your boss and you are desperately looking for a raise, ask him what you can do to please him and what will get you that raise.

It’s fun to dress like businessmen, do it in an office and send out suggestive / dirty texts in advance.

6). Taxi man

cartoon taxi

Go by car, flirt with your boyfriend or girlfriend “the taxi driver” to pay your fair with your body. We got this inspiration from watching porn where a taxi driver picked up women and offered them a free ride for a ride.

It’s sexy and it’s so hot to tease your partner as you sit in the back of the car, then make him stop to make him happy and pay your way.

7). Animal, sex of cavemen

cartoon giving another cartoon oral sex

This role-playing game involves diving deep into your imagination and bringing out your wild interior. Being a caveman / woman is rough, quick and animal sex where things are sweaty, crazy and rough.

8). Sex with a superhero or a fictional character

Super hero

You can easily buy costumes of superhero / fiction characters online and in some stores, so if f *** ing superman or cat woman has been one of your fantasies for some time, I recommend you to ;try.

9). Age game (You’re old enough to be my father)

cartoon younge and old cartoon

The role play being two different people at two different ages. We like to pretend that my boyfriend is my director and that I am the naughty schoolgirl, but you can play any scenario that turns you on. Enter the character by dressing, doing research and giving free rein to your imagination.

ten). Dominant / Submitted

dominant stick with whip

Play and explore the dominant / submissive roles. It can be fun to change things and to dive deep into yourself and discover that you are an exceptional dominatrix. Discover my most used bondage kit.

11). Knight in shiny armor and your princess

knight on horse

The role-playing game is a desperate princess who must be kept safe from intruders and other creatures of the mystical kingdom. For the knight who protects you, his reward is your body and you can thank him by any means necessary.

12). Who will you be this movie night?

famous person who took a photo

Choose two characters from a movie, dress / act like them and go to town. It can be any movie, any movie you like, make sure you really get into the character and become one for just one night.

13). Here is your miss pizza.

pizza man

Very easy to make, make love with your pizza delivery man. Open the door in your favorite lingerie (my favorite Bdsm lingerie) or in your underpants, invite them for their advice, then send them back to work when you’re done. The bonus with this role-playing idea is that you can eat pizza afterwards.

14). You will not tell my husband that you want

girl cheating on man with another man

Playing an unfaithful housewife is one of my specialties. I love to play with my boyfriend that he is my husband’s best friend and we both have to keep it a secret.

It’s so convincing that I almost feel guilty sometimes when it’s all over!

15). You are my first

couple in love

Pretending that one of us is a full-fledged virgin is always fun. Acting like the cougar or the experienced player who will take on the virginity of others is an easy role-playing game, you will be surprised how easy it is to get in character with this one.

16). But you are my father’s best friend

cartoons having sex

A little perverse but obviously very fun if you are in it. Sometimes we like to play the role that my boyfriend is my father’s best friend and that one of us seduces the other. It’s incredibly sexy and always lets us have incredible sex.

17). I am a kitty

doggy style cartoons

This one is not for everyone but listen to me. I love the tail plugs and I have the best tail plug where I like to play a role by being a cat, a fox and even sometimes a cute little rabbit.

How to materialize these role play ideas

girl in sexy lingerie

Start (start from scratch)

Pizza deliverers don’t live indoors, ask your partner to go to the shops / go out for a walk, then when they get back, start the fantasy from there.

Same thing with all fantasies, do not start while you are in the same room, get dressed, separate and stay in character when you return.

Dress up the party

If you’re an escort, get a long trench coat with just your sexy underwear sure.

If you’re a boss, dress smart.

If you’re a secretary, tight pencil skirt, tight shirt and sexy lingerie

Follow your elbow

If you want to sleep with one of your father’s friends or your husband’s friends, have this fantasy.

You have to trust and be open with your partner and be able to mention it, everyone understands the fantasies and hopefully your partner wants to help you play it.

Do it MojoUpgrade test

It allows you to see what fantasies you and your partner both have while being anonymous and without having to admit it. It shows you the fantasies you have in common and is a great way to find your next role-playing idea. Here is the application used on BuzzFeed:

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