The Switch – cocksucking pussylicking ass licking

There’s a brilliant episode of Seinfeld called The Switch. It’s about trying to pass from a girl to her roommate (the Americans call her roommate, but they don’t share a room, they share an apartment.) I found myself in a similar situation with two Portuguese girls.

I met Maria online and went out with her a few times and it was quite nice, but she invited her best friend Carmina along to dinner one evening and found that just as I was leaving Maria, I was attracted to Carmina. So I abandoned Maria – she wasn’t impressed – and tried my luck with her friend.

Carmina was on the same dating site, so I contacted her through this and told her right away that it was me and that I found her very attractive. She was not impressed either. She gave me this talk about how I changed my wives as I changed my shirts (a nice little picture, I thought,) and she wasn’t interested in being next.

There is an element of truth in what she said, but, you know, I did not do it on purpose. That’s how it goes. If you don’t separate with a girl one day, you’ll be with her forever, so what are they (or us) waiting for?

I played it cool with Carmina, but kept in touch, with little messages about it and that, not pushing her, but trying to establish myself as a nice guy. I was telling him what’s going on in my life, and I was talking about my family. She always answered, but with some pretty brief messages, and I made her tell me a few things about herself.

Finally, I felt that the ice was melting. It had been a month since I was done with Maria, so maybe she had slept with someone else. Anyway, Carmina finally agreed to meet for coffee on a Saturday afternoon. We went to a café in a park and had a good time watching the birds and enjoying the sun. We got along so well that I decided to suggest something.

“What are you doing tonight?” I asked by the way. She looked at me with suspicion.

I said, “Why?”

“Well, I enjoyed it this afternoon,” I said. “And I don’t see why we shouldn’t meet in the evening.”

Carmina hummed and hah-ed. She didn’t mention Maria and neither did I.

That night I picked her up and we went to a restaurant outside the city where Maria was very unlikely to have gone. We shared a bottle of wine and had some liqueurs. I shouldn’t have been drinking because I was driving, but I decided to take the risk.

When I took her home, we sat in front of her apartment and she started playing with her hair.

“I can’t invite you for obvious reasons,” she said. I smiled and stroked his leg.

“Shame on saying good night so early, though, ” I said. “We could have one last drink at my house… “

To my surprise, she was very enthusiastic, and ten minutes later we were in my apartment. Carmina was a big girl, in terms of weight, and I could say that she was not used to being prosecuted, which I guess is what I had done. She was dressed in a sensible white blouse and a navy blue knee-length skirt. Her white bra was visible through the fabric and I had been subtly looking at her breasts all evening.

Now, as we were in the kitchen, she was hanging around, rather than doing something constructive or getting comfortable. I felt she wanted me to do something, so I put a hand on her shoulder and she didn’t flinch. I got closer, in her personal space, and she stood still. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me.

“Oh my God. My friends,” she reminded me.

“We’re friends,” I said. I love you very much.”

She shook her head, but still did not move away, so I kissed her and she put a hand on my neck as she kissed me back.

“You’re a bad man,” she says with an ironic smile. “What am I doing here?”

“You like me,” I said. “You want to have a good night.”

We kissed again, long and deep and sensual, and my hand slipped down, on autopilot, to her. I squeezed her buttocks one by one and ran a finger between them. The skirt was tight, so I wasn’t in a disputed place, but my intentions had been pretty clear.

“I’m tired,” Carmina said.

“Let us lie down, then,” I answered, and led her into the room.

We lay down on the bed and kissed and I turned my attention to his chest. I unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it out of her belt, then kissed and licked what I could see from her breasts. She got up and unplugged the bra and I slipped it and the blouse. I took the opportunity to undress.

“Friends,” she says. “Friends don’t suck nipples.”

“He does,” I said, “and gave him a big dirty licking.” Her nipples were hard and she was ready. I licked the hot band, slightly greasy under the chest and moved down his body. I traveled on the skirt at her knees and slipped the fabric up to her thighs. She had brown, strong legs. I kissed her knees and stroked her behind them. She stroked my hair.

“Friends,” she said, “don’t let your thighs.

“He does it,” I said, “and ran my tongue towards his crotch.” Her thighs parted slightly and I licked her higher until my nose was turning on her panties. I could now smell her, that beautiful salty aroma. I licked the crotch of her panties and my tongue found her clitoris.

“Friends,” I breathed, “don’t need underwear.”

She lifted her obliging bottom as I pulled her panties down and off. I had my face straight in her crotch and was licking again when she walked away.

“My skirt is crumpling,” she says and ripped it off.

“Now,” said Gently Carmina. “Are you going to be good to me?”

“Of course,” I said.

“I don’t just want to say in bed,” she says. “I mean, treat me well.”

I didn’t want to commit, even to fuck her, and I was hoping that she was going through the movements, getting what she needed to allow herself to continue.

“I need you to do something to show that I’m special,” she says, perhaps squeezing straws. “Something you didn’t do with … She.

It was easy because Maria was very unadventurous.

“There’s something we could do,” I say. “You could suck my dick.”

“She never did that?”

“It doesn’t like it,” I replied honestly.

“But I would do something to you,” Carmina said.

“But if you like it, it’s good for you,” I said calmly. “I’ll do something to you later.”

“I’m going to choose,” she says, and we smiled at our agreement before she told me.

She sucked my cock gently and with appreciation. She may not have been very experienced, but she did it very well.

“I love the way you do this,” I said, “and she seemed sincerely grateful for the compliment.

“I’ve never done so much,” she says. “Now it’s my turn to choose.”

“Whatever you want,” I said happily. “Be brave. I’m going to do it.

“Hmmm,” Carmina said. “Something? Rude? Dirty?

“Anything,” I assured him. “Something you never did, but still secretly wanted to do, perhaps.”

“Okay,” she said nervously. “There’s something.” She lowered her head to whisper in my ear.

I’ve always wanted a guy to lick my, she says hesitantly. “Is it good?”

“I would be honored,” I said, “and she turned and knelt before me.” Her freshly waxed crotch was looking at me, her demanding to be served first and her looking shyly. I approached and licked her vagina from behind.

“Ass,” she reminded me.

“For a moment,” I said, tapping on his salivating pataper. “Let me suck your juice.”

Carmina trembled with pleasure as I sucked her lips, then pushed her rump towards me to prepare for her special treat.

Its crack was deep and dark and mysterious. I licked her butt and she laughed quietly. Then I ripped off her buttocks with my thumbs and i walked in. I stuck my tongue in his shy little anus.

“That’s good,” she said, then growled as I lay my tongue flat against one side and licked it firmly.

“Oh my God,” she said. I licked it heavily on the other side.

“Damn!” he said. “Oh, oh, oh… “

I was licking his the way I owned him and with his full cooperation.

“Ahhh, bring me here,” she said, and moaned and moaned as he hurried to her. “Bring me here. Oh, I’m coming. And with that, my beautiful, shy, inexperienced Carmina had a goldHuge gasme, his muscles tense and tightening and finally relax as orgasm engulfed him.

“No one has ever done this to me before,” she laughs, sitting on her back.

“I will do it for you at all times,” I said.

“I’m going to stay here tonight,” she said. “If it’s good. And you can lick my again in the morning.

I rode on it and started masturbating.

“Come into my hand,” she said quietly. I jerked off quickly and she held her hand open at the end of my dick. When I came, she smiled and sighed like the hot cream pulled into her palm, then wiped between her legs.

“We’re also going to do normal things,” she said, using the tissues I had given her. “You have to fuck me and put your dick between my breasts and rub your cum in my nipples.”

“Whatever you want, Carmina,” I promised.

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The Switch