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I managed to take the elevator just before closing the doors and spoke my first words to the most beautiful and courteous Miss Yomiko number one, even before I had the opportunity to drink in its essence of the glorious call.

She stood near the simple control panel and smiled at me in my restless state of disarray after a long and tiring trip to the comfortable and totally quiet hotel in a minor town, close to the impressive mountain range that dominated the entire half west of the horizon.

My camera equipment was fortunately unscathed and my backpack with absolutely essential items needed to spend a night with the comfort of home, sitting between my legs as an extension of my disorganized self. At that moment, I lost interest in such mundane things to absorb the aura of presence that overwhelmed my senses of a complete and relentless capture.

In such a situation of proximity and without proper introduction, I was uncertain as to the suitability of conversing with this fallen angel and now asking me with a firm investigation,

“What floor, please?”

My mind was moving data from one memory bank to another and I took in his high heels with pointed toes and his side view that accentuated the inspiring shelf that bounded her beautiful posterior to her long nylon legs.

A fleeting look of petulance that made her adorable in my eyes led her to repeat her very ordinary question and I hastened to answer in a voice without commitment totally devoid of any sense of my desire to scale her heights of feminine attraction,

“Four, please!”

She smiled at me and pointed out the control board that displayed the only button on was with the number four and made no attempt to hide her most appropriate laugh behind her delicate little hand with nails painted in a soft muted shade d e red to point to her inclination to romantic inducement, but that she was far too shy to make it obvious to all lucky enough to approach in her presence.

I heard an echo of his precious little laugh from the other corner at the back and was amazed to find a perfect replica of this vision of beauty standing just a few feet from me and radiating the same inner glow of mature nubile perfection , waiting for the groping hands of a young and feisty male with enough nerve to risk rejection and humiliation at his equally perfect hands.

I must admit that the thought of identical twin sisters popped up in my brain, but it was quite unlikely for two girls living completely separate lives.

The three of us went out to the fourth floor and found that my room was right next to theirs getting them into a series of laughs and hand covering tactical mouths that made me fall victim to a huge erection of the worst kind. I was standing in the hallway groping for my key card as a schoolboy being exposed to the female sex for the first time. I think that’s when I noticed that the two girls had similarly shaped buttocks being lucky enough to be only a few feet away when they were both leaning in front of me to move their luggage into the room Assigned.

I hurried to help them with the larger suitcase and wondered what they might have inside to make it so terribly heavy.

Before I could leave and attend my door opening duties, Miss Yomiko number one had already taken off her shoes and threw herself face down on the fluffy white bed that was closest to the door. Miss Yomiko number two also took off her shoes and I hesitated to go further because I suspected I had to take off my shoes to be in sync with their need for barefoot inside the house.

It was obvious that Miss Yomiko number two had a better understanding of English and she informed me that the person on the bed with her back was her friend Miss Yomiko from Osaka and that she was also Miss Yomiko from Tokyo. My understanding of Japanese was limited despite being genetically Japanese. I had been adopted by an American couple and I never had time to study it at school.  She added almost in the same breath that they were only friends and not related at all. I guess it was just a coincidence that they had similar facial features and that their backs to fetch were almost identical.

I explained that I was there to take pictures of the mountains and Miss Yomiko number two in Tokyo told me,

“My little sister Yoko is studying the art of photography in her school. She will be happy to know that I met a real photographer because she aspires to make it her working life after her graduation.

Miss Yomiko’s number one waved on top of the bed cover and I managed to catch a glimpse of her nylon-covered legs all the way up to her black contrast french underwear that made her display more art than porn. Miss Yomiko number two, standing next to me, was well aware that I had seen her friend’s underwear and I tried her best not to blush at the sight of my newly popped hardness tempting my pants like a circus performance of naughty clowns s. I tried to hide my impossible affront to her sensibility, but as I wriggled to my left to hide my outline, she reached out to push Miss Yomiko’s number one skirt down to hide her friend’s shameful display of the almost naked call just in front of a man barely presented with visible evidence of his urgent need to discover their hidden charms without delay. Her bare arm carried the weight of my extended tree moving all the way from her delicate hands to her warm and inviting shoulder which greeted the intrusion of my limb to her sexually repressed flesh as a nun recently removed from convent life.

We stood still for a moment and my naughty cock trembled impetuously on her bare shoulder as if it belonged to a perverted subway rider discovering the charms of a total stranger. I finally wrapped my arms around her in a kind of protection mode more appropriate to the occasion and temporarily caressed the tender charms of her budding breast find her nipples already in a “fuck me” hardness status. This surprised me somewhat because I would have suspected Yomiko number two was the shyest of the two Yomikos and, therefore, would be more difficult to convince that I was an appropriate partner to test his accessible assets. I moved my other hand down to this shrine kept under the waist and when I plunged into her feminine folds, I discovered her pool of abundance floated in her feminine juice just waiting to be stirred in a mixture of arms, legs and others connection parts that dropped in all directions like an orchestra without a conductor. The thought of this chaos of passion was enough to push me on the line and I began to undress her with serious intent, even though Miss Yomiko number one was still looking at us with that impenetrable look that marks her as a girl who liked to see such encounters in the night hours.

I was glad that I had already got my belongings behind my locked bedroom door and I didn’t hesitate before parting with my body of all the clothes joining Miss Yomiko number two in naked splendor on the fluffy white bedspread next door of the fully clothed Miss Yomiko number one.

Now, the only difference between the two women was the fact that one was naked and the other was still fully clothed. I was in no hurry to start on Miss Yomiko number one because in all honesty Miss Yomiko number two was like a fine car all revved up to take to the track and wanted to give her the ride of her life. I wanted it to be a trick she would never forget, even when she was happy married and sitting at home cleaning the floor on her pretty knees with her high and pleasantly presented for male attentions, except for the fact that the only other male was her husband much young er brother. The last one was pure speculation on my part, but I felt that I was a little psychic in such matters and my money was that she would tutor that younger brother discreetly while her husband was with the boss to discover the joys of relationships Geisha.

I couldn’t resist the temptation to spank her pretty plump cheeks with them just inches from Miss Yomiko’s eyes number one. I saw the unmistakable look of lust in the eyes of the fully clothed girl and I knew that when I had finished with the totally naked girlfriend face down on the bed, she would be next to the agenda for the evening festivities. I was surprised at how easily my cock slipped into the pulsating pink bud of Miss Yomiko’s number two. I think Miss Yomiko’s number one was just as surprised because supposedly the nude under my happy body was inexperienced in this indoor sport and pretended to be just as unqualified in terms of oral manipulations as well. It was a night when Miss Yomiko number one and I discovered that Miss Yomiko number two was fibbing throughout and had and oral skills oodles that got usis to shame at once. I suppose there is some truth in the saying that “you have to pay attention to the shy, they are the ones who deceive you every time.”

Every time I hammered Miss Yomiko’s pretty number two into the bedspread, she screamed like an abused girl forced to give up her precious cherry. Miss Yomiko number one and I were due to be duped now and we smiled every time she pretended to be humiliated by my approximate treatment of her little bottom. We both knew without a doubt that she was a bullish and that she wanted her to be hot and heavy until she sweated and sobs with tears of feigned indignation. The little actress even reached out to Miss Yomiko number one and begged her to kiss her color on the lips as I continued to devastate her perfectly formed background.

Finally I could bear the stress no longer and screamed in their two ears as I was about to flood Miss Yomiko number two pretty backside and we all cuddled together in a low mass of human flesh to enjoy the spill of seeds and orgasm that the two girls seemed to be in the midst of simmering convulsions that threatened to throw all three of us at bedtime and on the ground.

After a short respite, I began to slowly undress Miss Yomiko number one allowing her best friend to kiss her tender spots as a lover teasing her companion.

It was so inspiring that I almost pulled prematurely straight into their two kissing faces. The newly undressed girl turned out to be the very tight and she obviously hadn’t had much in the way of lust and passion. She confided to Miss Yomiko number one and myself the fact that she would in fact be a virgin if it were not for the father of her younger brother’s best friend. He was a stern-faced gentleman and he would reprimand her for dropping her panties for a spanking if she spoke in turn or showed a lack of respect for her elders. After a number of these incidents, the old man told her that he was much in love with his young back and wanted to poke his hiney hole with his old baby-making stick man. She was dubious at first, but he convinced her that it would be perfectly safe because she could not have a baby to bring him back there and he would teach her the appropriate level of respect for her elders.

The first time the older man obsessed stretched his cheeks out there, Miss Yomiko’s number one realized that he wasn’t really that bad and, in a sense, she invited the reverse intrusion because the anxiety of an unforeseen family was the highest in her mind at all times. She knew that her parents knew that the older man was teaching her in activities and agreed with the lessons without having to say a word of the question since she was entirely private and should not be discussed in the company of Mixed. She explained to us that her was so tight because she had only taken the fingers of her male comrades there strictly as a matter of duty and without any sense of right or wrong because it was to reduce stress and make for relationships closer friendly.

She was officially not a virgin because the district tax collector had chosen to take his cherry instead of harassing her father for the late taxes due to previous years of negligence. He was a big man and had a small penis and she wasn’t sure if the nasty work was done after his heavyweight was removed on top of his groaning flesh.

“Is it, sir, did you penetrate me with your beautiful baby-making tool?”

Her silly question went unanswered, but her grandmother assured her that the man’s thing had indeed taken her virginity because she had checked these things several times and never made a mistake.

I slipped into my beautiful double Miss Yomiko ass from behind and she slowly dropped up the bed, unable to take my long demanding cock for too long in a “four-legged” position.

It was a bit of a surprise to have Miss Yomiko number two ride on me and cover my entire spine with her long giving body and actually insert her fingers into my trembling prostate from behind to make me miss Yomiko’s number one bump with all the vigour I could make in view of the other activities of the evening had consumed much of my energy.

I stayed in my neighbor’s room all night and the next morning I didn’t regret the fact that I hadn’t managed to sleep a single wink because I could take a quick nap while they were looking after their business at the large complex c ommercial nearby.

I wanted to be in good shape for the evening’s activities because the two girls had already made a bet that one of them was more skilled in oral presentations and I had to be the final judge and decide which of them was the mei Lleur to suck and other mouth-relat ed moments of pleasure using tongues and lips to lick, suck and bite their partners to complete the abandonment.

I watched them walk hand in hand to the furnished van hotel who whip them to the mall for a day of finding bargains and tasting delights in scattered eating establishments featuring many foods Land. I had planned to interrogate them completely once I had them alone behind the locked bedroom door. I was hoping they had bought a lot of special underwear in the women’s shop known as Victoria’s Secret and would allow me to break them in as freshly wrapped gifts to be enjoyed when the lights were down.

I promised to visit them both on my next trip to Japan and I was hoping that we would somehow have the chance to meet so that the three of us could continue our explorations of happiness on three sides.

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The two Miss Yomikos