The Weeks of Waiting – anal field fair public teen

After we met in the school auditorium, we took a break. She and I didn’t find the time to sneak in and be together. The school ended and the final week ended, all without a single thing happening between us. But since we lived on either side of the neighbourhood, we could rarely get together and, if we did, it was never long enough to do anything. So the summer started a little slowly.

At the end of July however, the state fair was rolling in the city. Everyone from all over has generally attended the big event. So it was the perfect time for me and my beloved to finally get together. We persuaded our families to go to the fair on the same day. Everything was in place.

Since that afternoon, in the auditorium, I have been dying to see her. Anything would do for me. I wanted to hold her, kiss her, just be with her. Finally, I would have my chance. We discussed where we didn’t go in the fairgrounds, we could have sex, but couldn’t think of any place. We decided to leave it until the day of. Just talking to her about sex made me hard. I wanted to release my load so badly, but decided against it. I wanted to keep it to herself. We texted all night, at least until she passed out. I couldn’t wait till the next day. I mean, I could see her.

I woke up early, well, early for me. I showered and got dressed. My family was already in front of me and they were waiting for me. We left the house and took the bus from the pick-up point to the fair. I was so excited and he showed up, but not for the fair, like my family thought. As soon as I walked through the door, I abandoned my family and walked towards my daughter. I called her and she told me she was close to the middle, so I headed in that direction.

She saw me before I saw her. She came running towards me. I saw her just in time as she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me. I held it close to us, a very passionate and long overdue kiss. Our tongues surrounded each other’s mouths. She sucked my lips and tongue. I was in the mist, so I had to break it. I broke the kiss by making a slight popping sound, which caught the attention of some passers-by. We both blushed a bit of embarrassment. I felt myself getting hard with my daughter wrapped around my waist and she noticed the hardness pressing against the crotch of her shorts. She gave me a lustful look and a flirty smile. We were both excited and ready to go. But we were out in the open. That look she gave me got even more excited.

I dropped it, but I still had a noticeable bulge in my shorts. Taking his hand, we started walking around the fair. We didn’t care who saw us anymore because we were together. Many thoughts were running through my head, especially thoughts of when and where we might fuck. We had a few places that we could have tried, but it was still too public. Even if I were in the public sex rush, I couldn’t bear the humiliation if we were caught. I couldn’t put her through that. I looked her in the eye and saw the lust swirling around. She was ready.

When we searched for a place, we took a bite to eat. I ordered pizza and fried dough while she found a table to sit on. While we were ate, I teased her by rubbing her leg. I thought I heard a groan when I went further into his leg under his shorts. Too bad I couldn’t reach her. I tried but I gave up after a few attempts.

As we continued our walk around the grounds, I noticed a starting trail that lead away from the fair. I took my chance, took it by her wrist and guided her behind me, following the track in the field. I walked until I felt we were a safe distance from the fair. I even got into some weeds in case someone just followed us. As soon as I felt comfortable, I hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck. I sucked and bit on it making my mark. I kept kissing her. She was such a beautiful girl.

All I wanted was the sumptuous and I like it. I’m dying to have her body again. I couldn’t wait any longer. But I kept my slow and sensual rhythm, making sure to savour the moment. My hands traveled on his body. I placed them on her hips and pulled her even closer to me. I felt my limb being squeezed between our bodies. She could obviously feel it since she moved her hips from side to side. I was overloaded with sensation. I unzipped his shorts. They fell to the ground, and then I moved my hands under his shirt, teasing his skin by barely touching it. He gave her goosebumps on a certainly hot and humid day.

She turned her head towards me and kissed me. We exchanged saliva and wrestled our tongues like never before. We were both ready and dying to fuck, but didn’t want the moment to end. She reached between our bodies and unzipped my shorts. I tightened it again. This time I could feel the warmth of his body and the softness of his skin. I was oozing pre-cum all over the inside of the shorts. My dick was so hard it started to hurt.

I took off her shirt and unlocked her bra, leaving her topless on the field with me. When I got in the back, I teased her nipples with my fingers, making her arch her back. I pulled it again towards me to prevent it from falling. She turned for a moment as she threw my shirt. She turned and continued to grind her hips into my crotch. I put my thumbs under the elastic of her panties and slipped them on her legs.

I whispered to him, “I have to find something.”

I kissed her in the back as I crouched down to reach my shorts. In doing so, I pulled my boxers down. In one of my pockets, I had a bottle of lubricant. When I got up my erect dick brushed his bare skin. She shuddered with the sensation.

“Get down to me,” I asked. When she bent down, I spread her cheeks. I slapped the lubricant on his ass and rubbed it in his asshole, gently teasing his asshole with a finger.

Just to make sure I asked him, “Do you trust me? You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.

She said with a pleasure and lust-filled voice, “I fully trust you.”

“Okay, but if at any time it hurts or if you don’t like it just tells me to stop,” I added, being the caring boyfriend I was.

She nodded it, desperately waiting for me to fuck her ass. I touched the head of my dick to her hole and I swore I heard her purring. Her pussy shone and looked just as tempting to fuck, but we both knew what we wanted today. I pressed my head in his and saw her tense some. I took it slowly when I relaxed it. Go inch by inch, let his body relax and get used to my length. Once I was all over the way, I felt like I couldn’t get out, even with the lubricant. I managed to get a slow and sexy nice pace going. As his body got used to me, I was able to accelerate, but not much.

“You’re so tight baby, I can barely get a decent pace,” I said again keeping a slow pace.

She smiled sexy, knowing full well that I was a sucker for it.

“You like to fuck my ass, don’t you? You like the feeling of a tight ass around your hard, stiff cock,” she teased me.

All I could do was keep sliding in and out of it. Because what she was saying was 100% true. I loved the way her ass felt around my dick. Maybe more than her tight.

I was mowing his like it was my last. Our skin was slapping with each of my thrusts. I felt the signs of my orgasm approaching. My dick was rushing and becoming sensitive. I felt my body slowly tighten preparing to bust my load into it. I slowed down as much as I could to continue the action without torturing myself or my daughter.

I glanced down at the bottom of all the action and saw that she was fingering and working her clitoris. Two fingers were joined deep into her and her other thumb rubbing and circling her clitoris. Judging by the moans I heard she had her own climax going on. Looking at her finger herself excited me over. I grabbed her hips hard and started pounding up her. I was going so hard that his butt was slapping loudly against my pelvis.
Without real warning, my orgasm struck me. I pulled her hips tight for me as my body completely stiffened. I felt my pulse as I released my long repressed load in his. I was so weakened by my orgasm that I needed to lean on it so as not to fall. When the weakness calmed down a bit and I took off my weight from her, she got up with my cock still softening deeply dans his. His muscles treated me dry when I retired.

We were both exhausted after our experience. We slowly dressed, still recovering. After we were fully clothed again, I pulled her close and kissed her passionately. That was my attempt at thanks. As she broke the kiss, she went away. I slapped her and pulled her towards me. His back was to my chest once again.

I whispered in his ear, “It was great, we should do it again one day.”

She breathed and shuddered at the thought. He was taking it off again. I kissed from her ear to her mouth, between each kiss, she turned her mouth towards me until our lips met in a kiss. It has turned into one of our sweetest and most affectionate kisses.

It lasted a while as we shared a long and sweet goodbye. We followed the trail to the fair, it walked as best it could after what we did. We kissed again and said goodbye again and our “I love you”, none of us knowing when we might meet again during the summer. While feeling the love between us and never wanting to let go.

To bring us back to reality, my mom called my cell phone. We reluctantly separated. I turned around as she went away not wanting to lose sight of her, she turned too.

She said, “I love you.”

I said the same mouth and even blew him a kiss. I said, “Call you later.”

She blushed.

We turned to go in our opposite direction to our families. Keeping the fun on the pitch fresh, we had at the front of my mind. As I walked away, I had the slightest smile on my face and she had the biggest smile. The two wanting and waiting for our next time together.

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Weeks of waiting