The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 7: Ash’s Dirty Secret

“So, um … Chad?

“Yes, Ashley?”

“I’ve been thinking. You know I have a boyfriend, and you could be the Only one who could listen to me. It’s kind of a confession.

I said, “What?”

Now let’s take a break here. A myriad of thoughts were running through my head at that time.


“Why me? Ashley doesn’t even talk to me much. What could confession be?

I got the answer quickly.

“Chad… She told me you pack a little, eh?

I cursed myself.

“I should have known. As close as you two are… I should have known. damn. I didn’t tell anyone. This includes my best friend. Of course not… I swore to keep the secret only for…” I was interrupted.

“Relax. Relax. It’s not that bad. She’s always been on the go Strong Advice. As for me, I’m more discreet. I mean, look at me, says Ashley.

For some reason, talking to Ashley has gradually become easier. Ashley was the prettiest of the two best friends. She was very intelligent and diligent. Sometimes more than me. She had the best body of both, too. She was tomboyish and as one of the guys, which probably explains why I myself with hordes of other men at this school checked it out.

“Why do you say that? You say that as if you had trust problems. You’re fine as hell. Do you hear me? I said.

She laughs and says:

“Oh, Chad. Let yourself be honest. I was talking about my boyfriend. It may not look, but it is a bit territorial. I have my fair share of male friends.

“Oh, him? Am I one of them? I said, really hopeful.

She smiled at her imperfect smile.

I said, “Yes. You agree with me.

“My daughter. Anyway, what was it about packing me? I said, tilting your head.

“Oops. Oh, yes. Don’t stumble on me knowing. She tells me everything. You know what, I’ll tell you my confession,” Ashley said.

I prepared myself, and looked straight into his brown eyes. She whispered something to me, which made my penis instantly hard:

“I want to get fucked in the ass.”

I fought for composure.

I said, “Wait. Something doesn’t add up here. Why won’t he do it…” I said, meditating.

“He’s not a fan of it.”

“He thinks it’s ‘gay?’ Says the guy with the sexy girlfriend, I say, rolling his eyes.

“I knew you’d have something to say about it,” Ashley said, without hesitation.

“Damn, if he doesn’t want to, someone will,” I shrugged. I was still tough.

A few moments passed. The class was still socializing with each other. She looked back again.

“Chad, do you want to see my panties?”

I looked at it, shooting.

“I see you trying to catch a look. I’ll let you see once,” she said.

She wore tight jeans on her loose hips. She subtly undone her jeans, sitting in the office. She pulled down her pants slightly so I could see them. They had a happy face emoji on it. I could also see some cheek butt as well.

“You see?” he asked.

“Cute. Innocent but cute,” I say simply, barely getting words to describe her underwear that she voluntarily exposed to me.

“You’re not going to say, are you?” Ashley said.

“On one condition… Joke. No, I won’t. I just wonder why you said it Me“Really,” I said.

She smiles at that cute smile of hers.

“It’s simple, really. I’ve read your stories. You’re male Zane. It’s nothing. Nothing. What was that condition? I’m just curious.

“Don’t worry, Ash. Let me get that loot from time to time, I joke.

She laughs.

“You’re so stupid,” she says. She turned around.


And so, I kept Ashley’s dirty secret. He stayed in my thoughts and dreams for a long time. Before we got out of it, the high school was over. Ashley and I graduated with honors. We went to different colleges in the city.


A few years later…

I was a middle-class man in college now. The high school was just a distant memory. It’s good to remember, but that’s the past. Until I saw her on campus… That’s exactly how I remembered her. Her soft skin. Her sexy pink lips that were just the right size to pout. Her wide hips swaying and her buttocks loose from hers. Oh, how I liked it.

“Chad!” She screamed.

“Ashley, what’s going on, girl?” I said, kissing her.

In this gentle embrace, I felt her hair, which was exactly what I remembered.

“Nothing good.”

“You’re going here now? Cool. Welcome to Cougarland, I say, showing off my pet nickname for my alma mater.

I said, “Yes. For the pre-law,” she said. All that was in my mind was:

“Damn, she’d make a hot lawyer.”

“What are you going here for?”

“I’m an English major. You know I’m a writer, I say.

“Oh, yes. Still writing, huh? She said.

I said, “Always.”

“Chad, just between us, did you write about me?” She bowed her head.

I looked at it. There was no point in lying. We were no longer in high school.

“Yes, in the poems,” I simply said.

“At least you’ve told the truth. Remember in high school when I told you my secret? She said, right away.

“And I wanted to get the loot? Yes, I say with a laugh.

We looked at each other. She whispered to me, “You can do it now.”

Five minutes later in his car in the parking lot…

“Mmm. Mmm. God, I want you so bad,” I said, “between breaths of kissing her.”

She laughed softly as if she already knew it. She took off her t-shirt to reveal her bra. My erection was as hard as it could be. I started kissing her on her neck, smelling her beautiful smell. She moans softly.

“Don’t stop,” she said softly.

I unplugged her bra to look at her little breasts. I sucked his perky nipples. My hands drifted on her soft belly as she breathed sensually into my ear, making my erection more difficult. They then drifted down his tight jeans. As I stroked her, she reacted, biting her lower lip in the process. I kissed her more aggressively.

“I was a bad girl. Go fuck me,’ she said softly.

She took off her pants, and leaned over. It was the same cute pair that day. I hit him.


I said, “Uhh.”

I hit harder.


“Uggghhh, Papiiiii Papiiiii…”

I lowered her underwear to marvel at her beautiful. At that point, my pants were down. I started tasting his wet juice inside. She moans as I cut her cheeks aggressively.

“You like mi culo, grandpa?

I answered with another slap. She moaned, then laughed.

“Come and get that dick,” I said, almost like an animal.

Yes, that ricochet!“She said, catch him.” How big is it? She was right.

I did not know whether I should be shy or proud of this statement. Her little lips lustrous, but pouty wrapped around my erect penis.

“7… 7.5 inches… My god. Keep going, I say.

She grabs my as her tongue drifted down.

Mmm, She simply said like a trail of saliva drifted as she sucked my. “The grown-ups too.”

She turned around on all fours. I cornered him, stroking his right cheek. I penetrated it slowly looking back. His juice was so good. Everything about him felt so good.

“Ugh! Ugh, it’s good. whore Grandpa! Fuck me!

Every time she called me “GrandpaI hit him in the. Her had marks on it now. As I fuck her, I said …

“Look at me. Suck your finger. Suck zet your finger to Grandpa.”

I said, “Yes?”

She did it, and it was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. I was hungry like I never was. I sucked my fingers and fingered his hole.

“Oh, Grandpa! Oh, that’s it!

Let me have that, I said avidly.

I looked at his blank hole. I marveled at it. I moistened my erection with my saliva. I entered his sweet innocent hole cautiously.

I said, “Ah!” She cried, partly in pain, partly in ecstasy. “Why are you so tall, Grandpa?”

“Sorry…” I said with remorse. She silenced me.

“Don’t be. Don’t stop. She said, biting her llower fever. I penetrated his deeper hole as it became wider. His moans became louder. I started to feel it. I fucked his ass with all my might.


“I’m coming. I’m on my way… Oh.

I looked breathless at her beautiful. His hole was now ajar. Her cheeks were scarred with my juice. His dirty secret was beautiful. And it was now up to us to keep.

A few months later…

I was on Facebook, and I see this status update of “The Sweetheart”:

“My bestie is getting married! I’m so glad I’m crying!

With a smile on my face, I type this: “Congratulations, Bonita. Your secret is always safe with me.

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The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 7: Ash’s Dirty Secret