Thick: The Legend of the P.A.W.G. (Part 1)

It was a hot Friday night in Houston, Texas. Brooke Ashford was working normally. She was diligent when she came to her job and a good worker. The only thing was that it was just a job for her.  His work turned out to be a waiter in a bar/restaurant. Brooke was an attractive woman with a curved body that did not go unnoticed at all.

“Can I get you guys something?” Brooke said at a table with a group of four guys. She noticed them checking it up and down.


“Yes, beer.”

“Yes, let me get a great Pepsi. Someone must be the designated driver. By the way… When are you going down?

They all took a look at him.

“What about you, darling?” She said, without missing a beat.

“I’m going to have a … Pepsi too.”

“All right, my name is Brooke. Call me if you need me, she said.

She then flees with their drink orders. Brooke felt her eyes on her. The men wanted to touch her. The men wanted to feel it. Was she used to their eyes? Yes. Was she used to men trying to feel drunk? Never.

Damn, it’s a big…

“I’d like to do things to that…”

“Do you have the drinks for the eighteen table yet?” Brooke asked. She quickly got them.

“Yo, Brooke. I have something to show you,” said Mark, a friend and colleague of Brooke’s. Mark was one of the few men who did not covet her constantly. He was also a waiter who was very handsome. Mark also had a crush on Brooke. He thought the smallest things she did were so sexy.

I said, “What?” Brooke told him.

He held a flyer for a spring break contest. “It’s just in your alley.”

“I’ll be right back,” Brooke said.

Brooke went to deliver the drinks to the table.

“Here,sday, two Pepsis. And two beers. Are you ready to order? She said.

“Can I have a cheeseburger without onions, pickles on the side?”

“Of course, baby.” She said with a semi-flirtatious tone.

“I’m going to have the six-piece wing combo with, hmm… Sweet sauce.

“Don’t feel spicy, are we?” She fought back.

The second guy blushed a little while the others laughed.

“And you?” he asked. She said, bowing her head.

“Ten combo pieces, please. With barbecue sauce.

“What about you, darling?”

“I’m going to have the burger with fries.”

“Simple man. I like it in a man. Your food will come out soon,” says Brooke with a small smile.

“God, she’s sexy,” one of them said.

Meanwhile, as Brooke delivered the order to the line cooks, Mark finally got his way back to it.

I said, “Brooke. Are you doing this or not? You always said you wanted to be famous. That’s the first step,” he said.

“That’s right. That’s right, Brooke says.


“You’re right, I’m doing this. Let me see something on this flyer first…”

Mark handed the flyer to Brooke. The leaflet read:

“Spring Break Fest in South Padre! Music! Party! Food! Spring Holiday Contest that includes Twerk Contest! He understood the coordinates at the bottom of the flyer.

I said, “Mark. How thoughtful.

He shrugged and said, “The contest is in a week. Are you getting ready, okay?

“I’m ready,” she says with a smile.



“The service calls,” brooke said, gently removing food from the cooking area. She made her way to her table pretty quickly.

“Here we go, darling. Six pieces with sweet sauce. Burger with pickles on the side… no onions. Burger with fries for simple man. And finally… Ten pieces with barbecue sauce for the suave here,” they all laughed. “By the way… What are your names? You know, in case we meet again.


I said, “Kevin.”


I said, “Jalen.”

“Then you were the one who asked me when I went down… Kevin? Ballsy. Make him pay for the check. Oh, and another thing … come and see me, if you can, hmm? She said, handing him the flyer. “I’ll be back with your check.”

She went to get their cheque, already thinking about her future.

Brooke was an intelligent, charming and talented woman who just didn’t know what to do after finishing her studies. In high school, she was quite popular and one of the dancers of the school. She excelled in this. For this reason, the boys had a nickname for her that she later kissed: “P.A.W.G.” (Phat Ass White Girl)

After high school, Brooke tried to go to college on a scholarship to dance at Prairie View A-M, but to no avail. Since then, she has moved from one job to another. Until that opportunity presents itself on his lap. She typed the web address of the Twerk contest. She looked at the form. She quickly tapped the shape into her t-shirt and panties and sent it as she hydrated her long legs. At that point, she had a smile on her face.

She went on her music playlist and played “Scarred” by Luke. She took off her shirt, showing a purple bra. She showed off her twerking skills on the chair one cheek at a time. She unplugged her bra, but keeping it, teasing. She got up from the chair, and shook her buttocks as she watched slowly. At that point, she was about to tease by pulling down her black panties when a shot was at her door. She went straight and answered. It was Mark.

I said, “Oh. Brand. What’s going on? Brooke said, covering as much as her body as possible.

“Oh, nothing. I just left my shift. A guy told me to give you something. But you left shortly after they left. What’s all the music like? Mark asked.

“Hey, I wanted to dance. No reason…” She shrugged. After she shrugged, her bra fell off, showing her bravery. Fortunately, she was trying her damnedest not to let Mark see her naked. “What was it?” She told Mark. He entered his apartment and handed it over, not knowing what he would see next.

“Here. I don’t know where it came from… holy shit! Mark yelled.

“Do you think so? I wasn’t decent, Mark!

“I could have said that. I’m not a reader of mind,” Mark said in return. “So I guess you’re … Practice. Your bra fell out the door. ‘Pony’ is playing right now. His only good song in my opinion. I know you, Brooke. You were either excited or teased an imaginary audience. Because you’d never answer the naked door. You’re not that kind of girl.

“What if I said yes to both of them? Why don’t you catch me slipping? And no, I’m not that kind of girl. Brooke said, getting closer to Mark. Brooke finally noticed that Mark had a slight erection. His hand touched his chest. “Mark, remember when you showed me that flyer? I was training to see if I still had it in high school.

“Did you dance in high school?”

I said, “Yup. I was good too. I almost got a PV scholarship for dancing. I didn’t get it. So you want to know what the boys called me? Brooke said, with her other hand drifting down to her erection.

I said, “What?”

“It’s an acronym. P.A.W.G. She said.

“What does the blue hell mean?”

“Would you like to see?”

She made Mark sit, while she turned around and lowered her panties, twerking her truthfully. She had Mark dry for about ten to fifteen seconds. She looked back. Mark couldn’t do enough. She turned around and pulled out her underwear.

I said, “Okay. That’s enough. Are you sold out? Brooke told Mark.

“Hell, yes, I am. Wait, again. Let me see him.

“You see it all the time at work… in shorts!” She said.

“It’s true, but I’ve never seen you do that with it.”

“Oh, it means Phat Ass White Girl. I got when my came to high school. He’s been sticking it out ever since.

Brooke was walking to put on clothes. After her return, she asked this, “So, Mark …”

I said, “Yes?”

“Would you like to go to South Padre with me?”

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Thick: The Legend of the P.A.W.G. (Part 1)