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I have four months of teaching away, and my new school is paradise. My students are between nineteen and thirty years old, all starving to become the next generation of poets and thinkers. All except the boys in the back row, anyway. They take my course only because it will be an easy three credits. But the semester is almost over, so freedom is in sight.

I hear the end of the boys’ conversation as I enter the classroom. “I’m just saying,” Says Kyle, “that bitches should sometimes know their place.” The other boys smile. Bernadette, my star student, grimaces in the front row as if she wanted to beat them.

“Ahem.” I’m clearing my throat. “As I was about to say, the first part of our group study session is tonight at my apartment. Bring your most professional notes and attitudes. And don’t forget that the session is mainly for those who need extra help and a boost to their grades.


The night is coming fast. When the doorbell rings for the first time, I twist in front of the mirror, getting a three-sixty view of my black dress and open heels. My sleeves full of tattoos look like a million dollars.

It’s Kyle and his two friends at the door. I was hoping they wouldn’t be the first to show up, but I’m sure others will be here soon (hopefully Bernadette; the session could really use her voice).

“Hello, Mrs. Larson,” says Kyle. All three wear black binders crammed with notes. I guess they are there to learn after all.

Half an hour goes away, with me sitting in the partition between the kitchen and the living room, listening to them read aloud their answers to this morning’s question on Vita Sackville-West. They all need work, especially Kyle, so I’m preparing for the worst.

As I’m about to start, Kyle says, “Mrs. Larson, you look good.”

It’s inappropriate. But I’m not saying it. I’m just saying thank you. Kyle asks if we can take a break.

“I think we should get to work,” I say.

“Well,” he said, “we used to talk, and we wondered why you left the last college where you taught.”

I’m correcting his grammar. He’s a sourpuss.

“I don’t think we should discuss it,” I say.

The boys all moan. “C’mon, Mrs. Larson.”

I think back to my time at Wells Academy, and the student I fucked in my office. He bent me on the desk, got his way with my pussy, then pushed me to my knees and drained his cock on my face. It was the best sex of my life, but when I mentioned that we probably shouldn’t do it again, he said about me.

I’m here at the new school to create a new identity, a confident woman who is not so impulsive and does not surrender so easily, but I also know that if these boys try something … Hmm. I do not know.

“You’re blushing a little, Mrs. Larson.”

“It’s hot out here,” I said. I said, “Excuse me.”

I walk to my room to change. Maybe if I lose the sexy outfit, I’ll be less restless and more able to focus on the job. I slip from the dress and heels. But when I turn to the mirror, Kyle’s at the door.

“Kyle, what the hell is?”

“Sorry,” he said. “But I noticed earlier that you were wearing a thong underneath, and I couldn’t resist. I’m really sorry.

I am suddenly aware of the black strap up to my butt crack. Why did I wear a thong tonight? What did I expect? These boys are all 20 years old. I’m thirty-five.

I feel lubricant. Come on, Rebecca. What’s wrong with you?

“Well,” I said, “now you’ve seen it. We should probably go back there.

I can smell goosebumps on my skin. My heart is starting to run.

“Turn around,” he said.

I’m the one who’s doing it.

“Shake a little.”

I’m making my best impression of a stripper, grinding my hips to show her the thong. I pick up my bra as well, exposing my breasts, making her wait to see them. When I turn to him, the other boys are there too, and they all take their clothes off. Kyle’s dick is hard and ready. It’s bigger than I thought a little bastard like him could be.

Kyle approaches me. I’m shaking. I’m a foot taller than him, even without my slutshoes. But it changes when I get down on my knees and start sucking his dick. His hand immediately finds the back of my head and guides me as he fucks my mouth.

“I hear girls hate it when guys do that,” he says. I keep sucking without a word, and he says, “Good girl.”

I start masturbating when he calls me a good girl. One of the other boys gets behind me and rips off the thong. My own nudity turns me on so much that I suck Kyle’s cock even harder and start jerking him off with my hand.

He walks away, then plugs a finger under my chin and pushes my face up so that we have eye contact.

“Mrs. Larson,” he said, “do you think sluts should know their place?”

“Yes,” I said. My own answer surprises me and excites me so much that I don’t know what to do.

“Are you going to give up your ass like a good slut?”

I said it immediately, “Yes.”

I put myself on the bed, I run my hand along my cheeks to tease him, then he gently pushes me forward, bending me. Then the tip of Kyle’s dick hits my asshole. He pushes a little, and I bite the blankets as his huge dick penetrates me.

Kyle fucks my ass on my own bed.

It doesn’t last long, but long enough for me to know that it got me where he wants me. The other boys look silently as he fucks me. I am going against him with total abandonment.

“You’re so tight, bitch,” he growls. Tell me you want my sperm in your.

I want your in my, Dad. I want it so bad!

And then I feel it: his seed explodes in my, filling me to the brim. I scream, but he won’t let go, don’t let me miss a drop.

We stay like this for a minute: me bent, naked, ass full of cum, his cock still rests in me. He finally frees me and asks me if I know my place now.

“I’m not sure,” I said, “delighted to think of what he might do if I said no.” Even though I know my place now.

He gently brings me back to my knees. Surprisingly, it’s always hard. I take his dick in my mouth and taste my ass juice as I suck it.

“What are you?” he asks.

I take it out of my mouth and say, “I’m an anal whore.”

The other boys are approaching, and I’m getting ready to fuck them too, but they’re already there. We on my face, spraying my lips and forehead with a load of. The other boy bends me and watches me push Kyle’s sperm out of my, then he jerks off and pulls a stream that covers the sole of my feet.

Back on my knees, I look at the boys standing in front of me, pulling their clothes back.

“It looks like you’re the one who learned something today,” Kyle tells me.

“Yes,” I say.

“What have you learned?”

“That I’m a slut who knows my place.”


The next day, in class, the boys are still sitting in the back, laughing as usual, as if nothing had happened. Bernadette keeps eye contact with me the whole lesson, pushing her little upturned foot up and down. It promises to be in the second part of the study session, that for more advanced students.

When the class ends, Kyle is the last to leave the room.

“What reading do we have to do again?” he asks.

“Pages a hundred and twenty-eight to one hundred and sixty-two,” I replied.

“And what are you?”

“Your anal whore.”

He smiles, satisfied. We both know that’s true.


Bernadette is the only student who shows up for the Smart People study session, so we spend about an hour discussing the most recent reading. After a while, she shut up. I ask what’s wrong.

“Someone said something to me,” she says. “Something happened last night.”

“What did they tell you?”

She twirls her finger through her short black hair. “It’s embarrassing to say.”

“You can talk to me about anything, Bernadette.”

“Okay,” she says, and breathes deeply. “Someone said Kyle screwed you up.”

“He did it.” I can’t believe how fast I say it, as I admit it, that I even look proud.

“And you took it voluntarily?”

I’m starting to get wet as she keeps talking about it. “Very willingly,” I said.

“Rebecca…” It’s starting. This is the first time a student has called me by my first name. But I always felt something there with Bernadette, a rare confidence. I suddenly feel bad, as if admitting what I did with Kyle cost me something with Bernadette.

She’s slipping next to me on the couch.

“I appreciate your concern, Bernadette.”

“Rebecca, I didn’t come here to make you feel better.” She pulls me into a kiss, which I can’t resist. My heart makes thuds against my chest. “Tell me,” she said, taking quick breaths, “did you swallow her sperm?”

My did it.

“Oh, my God.” She kisses me again, as lit as I am, and we undress each other. I take her in my arms, her body warmth like I’ve never felt. Soon we’re in my room, and she’s dragging her backpack behind her for some reason.

“No glance, Rebecca,” she tells me. But I can hear what she’s doing: tie a dick strap around her waist. I’m about to give it up to a 22-year-old girl.

I bend over to Bernadette, and she kneels behind me, so that one of her bare feet is a few inches from my face. I feel his sweat, feel his desire.

Oh my god, baby, she moans, feeling my mind skinh her hands, running her fingers on my breasts and then on my cheeks. She rubs the strap-on against my and starts to get into me. I moan, I want her.

I mean, she’s here. It starts slowly, then starts to pick up speed. His young energy amazes me. I feel my ass smacking against her beautiful stomach, and we both moan in unison as we fuck.

After a while, she slows down and pushes her thumb into my. I’m breathless.

That’s where you like, isn’t it? She’s out of breath.

“Yes, Bernadette.”

“And that’s what you do? Do you lean for any student who wants to fuck you?

I can say that all this dirty talk drives her crazy with lust. She pushes her thumb further when I hesitate to answer.

“Unnngh,” I moaned. “Yes, Bernadette. I look for any student who wants to fuck me.

“There’s a word for that, you know.”

“I know, I know. I’m a whore, and that’s all I want to be.

“I know you’re a whore,” she says, then kicks my ass, hard, like she’s punishing me for telling her something she already knows. “I want you all to be mine,” she says, and starts fucking me again, pushing my asshole with her thumb as she does.

“Mmmph, Bernadettte.”

She thumbs her bare foot even closer to my face. “Suck my toe,” she says.

I obey, taking her big toe in my mouth as she fucks me doggy-style. The coppery taste of his foot makes me wild, and I feel more dominated than I ever have.

“Fuuuck, ” she moaned, looking at me.

She pulls the cock from my pussy, then takes it off and lies spread eagle on the bed in front of me. I know what to do without her saying anything: I put my face between her legs and eat her, drink her moisture as is what I was born to do.

“Tell me you’re mine, Rebecca,” she says, playing with my hair as I lick her clitoris.

“I’m yours, Bernadette.”

“Do you still want to take Kyle’s cock up your ass?”

“Yes, when he tells me to.”

“God,” she said, “it’s fucking hot.” I can say that she is getting close to Cumming. I put one of my fingers in his, moving it in and out as I eat it.

When he finally arrives, she screams her joy, pushing her against my face, letting me taste every bit of her orgasm. I suck the juice from my finger, and she seems to like it. She pushes my face with her foot, and I still kiss her toes.

Then we lie on my bed, face resting on my breasts. We’re catching our breath. I realize that I have not done any lesson planning yet tonight.

She looks her head up and looks me in the eye. “Rebecca, will you be my girlfriend?”

I mean yes so bad, but there’s Kyle’s question. Bernadette is a lesbian; There is no way she can join us for trios.

“Bernadette,” I say, “I really love you, but…”

“But you’re Kyle’s bitch.”

I said, “Yes.”

“Maybe you haven’t noticed, but that turns me on. You can go on if we’re together.

Well, then. More questions needed.

I smile at him. She smiles back.

“I love a girl who’s engaged,” she says, then laughs and kisses me. His tongue flashes against mine. I feel such affection for her now, as if I could keep her forever.

I guess it’s possible for a girl like me to have more than one place.

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