I Tried Making My Vagina Tighter Using Ben Wa Balls (Results)

For those of you who don’t know my blog, know that I’m in my very late 20 years old and despite having a long term boyfriend, I have had my fair share of sexual experiences with a range of other people.

The reason I tell you this is because I want to let people know that my vagina is not a Virgin as he wishes sometimes. I mean, I love my vagina and just like all my former lovers (nothing like a little self-esteem) but it’s nice to give it a little treat sometimes of youth and make it feel even better than new.

You may be wondering how the use of Ben Wa balls came about, it was really very simple. I found that I didn’t feel as much pleasure as penetration and I started looking for ways to tighten it all up there.

Before I start, I just wanted to let you know that I have my own sex storybook, I’ve jotted down some of my wildest sex stories so you can enjoy them away from my blog.

The best rated Ben Wa balls (the ones I bought)

woman holding ben wa balls

These magnetic love balls are everything i needed. You put them on (tuned at first, it can be a little difficult, but after a few paces, it’s like second nature), once you’re comfortable, let them just sit in you for as long as you want.

The magnetic balls dilate your blood vessels making you more lubricated, stimulated and making you use your Kegel muscles, thus tightening everything for more powerful orgasm.

Ben Wa’s balls couldn’t be easier to use, you even forget that they are there and work your vaginal muscles.

I also talked to some of my gal friends and they tried the Ben Wa balls, one of my friends had kids and she mentioned that things have always been different there since having them and these balls made him feel much more confident after using them for a few weeks. I cannot comment because I have never had children but I notice that she has more of a glow about her these days!

The other girl I met who started using them mentioned that her partner had a small penis and that they were constantly looking for ways to make them more comfortable during sex and she found that these love balls helped her immensely.

Something else I loved about these love balls is that they help different women in different ways, some want to work their Kegel muscles, some want having vaginal training, others are looking for more control over their orgasms and others are just trying to make it just as tight as in the past, and they seem to help most women in these situations.

My process of buying and inserting these balls

Few women know the love balls and are told that there is nothing they can do to make sure everything is tight and that it is a game down, but that isn’t is just not the truth, these Ben Wa magnetic balls speed up the process of making Kegel exercises alone and allow you to see a noticeable difference much sooner than just practicing Kegel workouts.

When I came across these balls, it was as if a blister had gone out in my mind, I could imagine my new vagina, tighten around any socket, make you enjoy , any man in a few seconds and all this for a few hours of work.

I bought my love balls and waited for them to arrive, I found that the best store for me is XnxxToys, the shipping is discreet and the sex toys are always great.

I have read other reviews and comments online that it was best to use lubrication when first inserting love balls as they can be a little delicate without.

Once inside, I took care of my daily life, they felt a little foreign at first and I knew they were there, but after a few minutes I forgot about them completely and let them continue their work of tighten my vagina.

Have the pleasure balls tightened my vagina?

The recovery was easy, just squat and push and you will find the pleasure balls waiting to be recovered. I found a HUGE difference after my first use, i put it all on the fact that my vaginal muscles had just had the best workout of their lives and were screaming with joy.

When my boyfriend entered me, his facial expression changed, he looked at me with a sort of puzzlement and asked if I was doing something different there.

He noticed a huge difference in my vagina and grab that he had on his penis, even to the point of culminating in a few blows because he was just not used to it.

Seeing the difference it made really encouraged me to keep using these Ben Wa balls and I found myself picking them up almost every day for a mini vaginal workout.

I have always been confident about my sexual abilities and my boyfriend has never had a problem with my vagina, but seeing it so delighted and adored by my new vaginal tightness, has really given me a trust to reinforce, I felt like I now had a hidden superpower and I was responsible for it.

Aside from vaginal contraction, I also noticed a LARGE difference in the way I came.

Without going into too much detail, I always had a “strong” orgasm, orgasms usually leave me in a full bliss ball and I never thought they could be much better than they were already. However, the use of magnetic love balls has improved them.

I can’t say what they did to my orgasm but they made me cum so hardre. It’s like I have a new “pushing power”, it’s like there is a whole new lever inside my vagina that makes my orgasms tense until they explode. I didn’t think love balls would do anything but tighten up there, but I didn’t know that my orgasms would improve as much as they did.

One month after using the Virginiagina clamping balls

woman with amazing buttocks in sexy pink outfit

Did I think my vaginal muscles were just turned on and cheating on me? Yes. Were they? no.

A whole month after using the pleasure balls a few times a week for a few hours at a time and my the vagina is tighter than ever, my orgasms are more powerful than ever and my vagina grips my boyfriend’s penis mercilessly.

Sex feels better for me, orgasms feel better for me and my boyfriend wanted to mention how tight I had become and how much pleasure it gave him day after day.

We have both always had a strong libido, but since we have been using the ben wa balls, we can’t seem to stop testing my vagina!

All these things make me feel so much more confident, it wasn’t that I was worried about it at first, but just this little ego boost makes me feel so much less embarrassed.

Are Ben Wa’s balls uncomfortable in you?

ben wa balls and female cartoon in white bra

The first time I slipped them on, they felt a little out of the ordinary, it’s like no feeling I could ever describe. They just don’t feel bad slightly strange. However, after a few minutes, you forget that they are there and that you can take care of your daily life without even thinking about it. They even feel pretty good when they touch certain places inside your vagina.

Can I leave the house with them?

cartoon house

Ok not only are you crinkly to have thought that, but you are my spiritual animal. I thought exactly the same and the answer is yes, you can.

No one will notice them inside you unless they are looking for them and they are not making noise, so you will be perfectly safe in your grocery store with them firmly and giving you a valid training.

The only thing I noticed was that they made me realize that they were there when I was outside and therefore it didn’t matter to me. did practice my kegel exercises more, thus giving me a tighter vagina without even noticing it. Usually I cried at the idea of ​​exercising without too much sense but in this case, I had no complaints.

How? ‘Or’ What Maximize Your vaginal tightening results

woman in black lingerie laying on bed

The compression technique

When your pleasure balls are inside, also make sure to tighten the Kegel muscles, this helps the balls to get closer to each other and helps you work your muscles with a little extra weight. You can do this by gently squeezing into the same muscle that you use to fit in a pee. This will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and make your pleasure balls even more effective. Simply squeeze your Kegels a few times each time you remember them throughout the day and when your balls are in it. This is one of the best things you can do to tighten your vagina and the pleasure balls help to maximize this act of compression.

Bring them in

If you’re having trouble getting your pleasure balls into your vagina, squat down, apply a water-based lubricant to your fingers and pleasure balls and gently push them inside. To recover them later, do the same thing, squat, push and recover!

It’s so simple and any woman can do it and don’t worry, they won’t get lost in you.

Ben Washington Ball routine (to do)

Use pleasure balls frequently to get the most out of them. I use mine a few days a week, giving my muscles rest the rest of the time. I keep mine for a few hours at a time and make sure to wash them right afterwards to avoid any sort of build-up.

My friend that I mentioned earlier had children and she used the pleasure balls to tighten everything up there and gain a little more control over her kegel muscles. She used the pleasure balls every days for a few weeks and she noticed a huge difference in doing this. She mentioned that she sometimes forgot that they were even there and that the seconds it took her to make them appear worked wonders on her self-confidence.

Products that go well with Pleasure balls

I decided to add some of the sex / essential toys that I used with the ben wa balls to tighten my vagina and prolong the pleasure in the bedroom (I am looking at the extension penis for that).

My favorite lubricant of all time

lulu water-based lubricant

This water-based lubricant is my first suggestion, not only is it important to always have it with you, but by using it with any sex toy or accessory, it is much easier to insert.

How my boyfriend added 3 inches to his penis size

penis extender

A penis extender It may sound unusual, but if you and your partner want maximum tightness, role-playing and fantasies galore, try a penis extender. You can read everything about what happened when I did my boyfriend tried a penis extender on me for the first time but if you want to jump on it, try me when I say that it changes sex.

The best vibrant love egg

woman holding remote control vibrant love egg

Using this love egg after using pleasure balls, it’s like eating chocolate and drinking wine at the same time, absolutely great. This love egg nestles inside your vagina and plays with your G-spot like you’ve never felt before. Wiggling your newly tightened muscles around this thing is also fantastic and allows you to enjoy your new powerful orgasm and a tighter and more lubricated vagina.

vaginal tightening infographic