Tipping Taylor – flash erotica

Taylor’s doing sales indoors, and I’m out of sales. It provides leads and follow-up. I go out, I do the demo and I close the sale. I am very energies, motivated, but sincere in my face-to-face presentations.

Taylor has a voice that sounds like she’s having sex with you. A soft, but husky, slightly breathless female voice. She describes the annoying product specs, but they all end up sounding like, “I’m so wet for you.” We were perfectly suited to our jobs and to each other.

If I went out on a call and came back without order, she called me. If I went to a prospect and they hadn’t been properly qualified, she was called by me.

We were constantly in each other’s faces. Taylor and I were a powerful team, and we were very successful. We thrived on it. Success can be an aphrodisiac and that’s how it was with us.

Six months later, we were no longer content to call each other sissy names, or tease, we needed to put something on the line. Something worth looking for in addition to commissions. It all started with her blinking of her perky, milky white, pink C cup buds for me. My last reward made him masturbate his last elitor in my office chair. She left a mas of her sperm so I could sit down.

Last month I was late for a call and missed a sale. Taylor’s punishment was to have me drive to the office without pants. I was then asked to rub one in the parking lot while she listened on the phone and looked from her third-floor window.

It was not a love story.  We’ve both had good marriages. Taylor and I were all business. Getting closer to each other towards the next quarter.

My phone rang while I was in the parking lot leaving my last call. It was the voice of the sexual call, “Well am I buying a new suite to eat, or did you screw it up?”

I’ve had my answer already scripted, Go buy your suite to eat, and when it arrives serve your on the table and your husband fill your tight back hole.

Taylor let out a cry, “I’d like that, but he’s not man enough, is he?”

“I’m man enough to know a rooster teasing when I hear it, and a girl who needs a spanking. I answered with confidence.

“I’ll be in the store when you get back to the office,” she laughs. “Maybe you can spank me tomorrow, I’ll wear the pink lace thong. You’re probably ready to spank something else, aren’t you?

“Just wear the Taylor thong, and that short pink skirt,” I said with some exasperation.

Close the agreement I’ve put together for tomorrow morning and my is yours for the afternoon. I hope so much that you can do it great guys, “and she put the extra emphasis on the words “do”.

I hung up the line using the button on the steering wheel of my car. It was like she was making him dependent on tomorrow morning’s presentation. I’m going to be up half the night thinking about her luscious.

This girl is driving me by my dick. This time, it won’t just be talking. If I win that, I’ll take it.

The customer I saw that morning was not even remotely interested in our product. His business was closed for retooling and he had time to kill. My time.

This little slut knew it and had set me up.

I was on the phone with Taylor at 10:30, instead I had the office receptionist who told me Taylor was working from home this morning. Apparently, she had to wait for her new dining suite to be delivered. I phoned her cell phone number, “You’re early, your meeting didn’t go well this morning and here I am in my pink skirt and all that’s a shame?”

“You couldn’t be any worse, sweet girl, he signed an order to buy on the spot, apparently they had been looking for a product like ours for some time,” I lied with conviction.

Taylor stammered. Taylor never stammered, “Are they closed?”

“I know perfect timing, the guy gave me 100% concentration, couldn’t have been easier. Has your dining room suite arrived? I asked.

Again caught off guard, she replied: “Ah no, they just call the can’t come until next week.”

“I’ll be right on top.” I hung up before she could answer. As I said, I know how to close the deal.

I was at her house for ten minutes. She answered the door in sweatpants and a t-shirt, and always looked lovely. “Where’s the pink skirt and the matching thong?” I asked.

“You fuck, get in here before the neighbor starts talking.”

“Are you going to change?” I asked. We both knew she was in a corner.

“Yes, yes ok, pink skirt, pink thong, come in here.”

I walked into the house, “I’ll wait in the dining room, I guess it’s empty, and Taylor skip the thong.”

She took her time, but she entered the dining room wearing a pink skirt. That’s all she wore, just the skirt. “It’s been a while since I sucked those beautiful pink nipples of yours, it’s nice to see them again,” I said with great pleasure.

She unzipped the skirt and dropped to the floor. “That’s where the table is going to go. Didn’t you say my husband should fuck my ass here?

“And you said he was not man enough,” I replied.

Taylor got on all fours on the carpet where the table was going to go, reached back and spread his cheeks. “Go ahead, we both deserved it.”




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Tipping Taylor