Very Hot Time At The Hot Tub Party (Ch. 2)

My legs shaking a little more, Chris and Dave freed me from the sandwich they had squeezed me into, each giving me a deep kiss. My was gaping from the DP they had applied, my body was sticky with a mixture of and lubricant, and I could still taste Brian’s sperm in my mouth. A tingling sensation enveloped my whole body, and my head buzzed with an almost euphoric high.

Paul threw an arm over my shoulder and said, “It was amazing! What a sight! I think I know exactly what you need right now.

Handing me another glass of wine, he led me to an outdoor shower in a small enclosed corner next to the hot tub. I hadn’t noticed it before, but it was exactly what I needed at the time. I left the hot water waterfall in my head and body, washing the sticky remains of the recent fuck party. The shower was amazing, and I was in heaven. I washed, took a towel and went back to the party.

As I got out, a salvo of applause jokes and chants of “M-V-P-B!” greeted me, and I could feel my face blushing at their “Most Valuable Power Bottom” label.

With a smile, I announced, “Thank you guys; I’m here all night. Stay in the corner for the second show!

The other guys had all gathered in and around the hot tub. Dave, Billy and Chris were sitting on top of the hot tub, feet and legs in the water. Robbie was sitting in the hot tub between Paul and Brian. According to the appearances of things, Robbie was slowly shaking both under hot water. Everyone was naked, and the wine was flowing.

I walked to the group, dropped my towel and asked, “Room for one more?”

The band responded to an energetic “Yes!” almost in unison.

The hot plumbing water felt amazing as I slowly slipped into the hot tub even though I had to pause as my submerged to allow my very sensitive anus to adjust. The evening air cooled, and steam rose from the surface. Everyone chatted and laughed, enjoyed the wine and prepared for the next round of fun.

Robbie (always stroking paul and Brian) looked over and asked, “Did you ever use that huge cock of yours or are you all down?”

I smiled and i replied, “So far he’s only seen fucking action with women, but I’ve been dying to try to crown a hot and smooth ass. Do you have any ideas?

With this, Robbie rose from the hot tub, the water dripping from his naked body, hairless triathlete. It was slightly shorter than me, maybe 5′ 10″ but probably weighed no more than 150 pounds without detectable body fat. He had competed in Ironman competitions in recent years, and his tight and lean body showed the results of this rigorous training.

Robbie came out of the hot tub, grabbed two towels, and beckoned me to join him on one of the sun loungers. I forced, now fresh air that floats on my bare form, my cock begins to stiffen at the prospect of another “first” about to take place. He was lying on the flattened chair, his hardening cock rising in the evening air. I crawled up to him from the bottom of the chair, stopping to kiss the head of his cock and each of his balls, then lick and kiss my way up from his waist and hips to his hard six-pack, and to each of his erect nipples. It was obvious that his tongs were “wired” that his cock immediately began to harden. He pulled my face to her and kissed me deeply, his tongue probing my mouth as I kissed him back.

My cock was now hard rock, and I could feel the band’s eyes on us as I twisted my body on his to allow some “69” action. The feeling of fresh air on my cock was quickly replaced by Robbie hot, wet mouth, and I started licking and sucking his tool with the same vigor. Robbie spread his smooth legs, so I went further, taking each of his balls into my mouth, tonguing and sucking gently. He arched his back, so I went even further, sucking and licking his stain. He moaned approvingly and arched further, bringing his right pink hole to my tongue of waiting.

I flashed my tongue around her rose button (which was still hot from the heat of the hot tub) and then probed harder, working my tongue as deeply as I could in her greedy. The angle was difficult, so I urged him to turn around, and he quickly assumed position on all fours, his beautiful muscular pointed at me. I again sank my face up his, separating my cheeks with my hands and probing as deep as my tongue could handle.

Robbie looked back over his shoulder and said, “It feels amazing, but that’s what I really want in there!” pointing to my erect dick.

I reached for the lubricant and jerked me to fullness, then slapped my head several times on its moist, waiting anus. I did not earlier place the head at its opening when it pushed back, taking at least half of my cock with the initial thrust. His ass was wonderful – tight (despite being regularly fucked by Dave’s beer can thick tool) and hot. He felt as if he was using his internal muscles to squeeze and massage my cock while he did most of the thrust.

“So who’s supposed to be fucking who?” I didn’t ask anyone in particular as he picked up the pace of his pulling forward and pushing backwards. This continued for several minutes, then I grabbed his hips and pulled him firmly, his ass pressed against my pelvis, my cock balls hard deep into his rectum, and leaned over leaning my chest against his muscular, V-shaped back. Robbie then lay flat on the living room, and I started plowing harder and faster, my dick swelling with every blow.

“Fuck me!”

“You’re going to fuck me, buddy,” he grumbles in his ear. “I’m getting closer. Where do you want my charge?

“Cum on my ass!” Despite having just cum less than an hour earlier, I managed to pull several hot gobs on his cheeks and ass balls, then spread it around with the head of my dick before plunging my still erect cock back into his quivering ass.

As I held my cock inside him, I could feel his pulsating cock under our bodies. He flipped over, and I licked the length of his sperm-coated tool, and then I took it deep into my mouth. The taste of sperm was really starting to do it for me.

I had practically forgotten the rest of the guys until I realized all five were standing around us, cocks in hand, watching the show. I sat in the chair, just like Robbie. Since Paul was the closest, I pulled him towards me and began to blow it while stroking his and tickling his defilement. Robbie started serving our other host, Billy, orally. As we looked at each other peripherally, it was understood that the blow-fest was on, and it was a race to see what breath-er could do their first cum shot.

But it’s a story for another time …

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Very Hot Time At The Hot Tub Party (Ch. 2)