Waiting Out the Storm – Final Chapters

Chapter 4

The ice maker was at the end of their room so that helped kill a little time. He wanted to give him time to get in position and wait as long as possible. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to do next, except that he knew that putting ice cubes in his was going to be involved. He also knew that she was going to be there with her full of a fresh bottle and a vibrating egg that could go out at any time with her in the air waiting for the deviant things he was going to do to her.

“Maybe the storm will last a few days,” he thought. “Not sure we could last more than one night. She is an extraordinary woman and he thanked her luck in finding someone who was so open and loved his deviant activities as much as he did. He checked his memory and thought it would be a good idea to take another of these blue pills. He checked his pocket and found that there were still a few left. There was a drinking fountain near the ice machine and he swallowed one more helper.


She did what she was told, anticipating almost too much for her to bear.  She wondered what he was going to do with the ice, but she could imagine the possibilities.  It would need a bit of “cooling.”  As she lay on the bed, her knees apart, her in the air, she took the time to gently massage her clitoris, taking care not to enjoy again – she wanted to enjoy for him – with him.

He reached the ice machine and filled the bucket. The cubes were the little rounds with holes. “Perfect,” he said to himself.

He went up to the room and quietly opened the door. She had turned off the lights and the city lights were opening the room through the large windows. They were on the upper floor so the curtains could be opened without the fear of exposing you to the people below. The snow was falling heavily now. It quickly covered the city with a foot or more of snow. The snow has a sound sanitation effect so it was very quiet even in the heart of the city.

As he closed the door and his eyes adapted to the light, he saw it and it was something to see. He stopped and looked at her. She had done as he asked and it was a sight to behold. She did not notice that he was back in the room and was gently rubbing her around the bottle that was lodged deep in it. Occasionally, she pinches her nipple and lets out a gentle moan.

He didn’t want to disturb her, but he couldn’t stand it anymore. He took one of the ice cubes and slowly walked towards his upturned. He gently placed the cold cube just above his. She jumped and gasped loudly. He could see that she was looking back and had a big smile on her face. “You’ve been gone too long.” She sighed.

“The ice machine was on the other side of the hotel. I went as fast as I could.

“Of course you did,” she smiles.

He continued to rub the ice along the crack of his. He would stop at the little piece of skin between her and the, then go around her and back up again. As he did, the fresh water would drain along his crack and run on his little rose button and bottle.

He remembered that the control of the egg was in his pocket. He reached and pressed the button to see if she followed her instructions completely. She did it. She jumped and he could hear the egg vibrating against the bottle making the whole thing a big vibrator.

“Oh, my God!” he cried. “It’s fucking amazing. I can feel it all the way through my body.

He grabbed the end of the bottle and pushed in a little more – the bottle hit the egg and vibrate more. He didn’t want to push too hard for it to hurt him. She wriggled and moved her from side to side, feeling every little thing she was made of.

He slowly pulled out the bottle and as he did, she let out a moan. He was covered in his juice and he took a lick to taste the sweet nectar of her. He took another cube and placed it on the side of her and he ran along one of his swollen lips, then to the other lip – slowly going up and down. All the while, she was rubbing her clit/h and jerking her to try to get away from the cold intruder. As the cube melted, it became too small to handle. He then slowly put the cube in her and left it right at the entrance. She started to move her hips, even more, to get the cube from either go out. He just looked at the beautiful site before him. Grabbing another cube, he placed it in her and slowly pushed it in. He could not go far as the egg was in the way.

He could hear the cube rattling against the vibrator inside her very wet. It was difficult to tell whether the moisture came from it or from the melting of the ice. Especially both. She began to rub her clitoris faster and moving her hips even more. He took one more cube and placed it on his clitoris. It made him scream.

“I’ll enjoy it again. Ugh. He could see her start shaking as she came on the cubes and vibrator. As she did, he took the cube and put it against his. This made his sperm even more difficult.

“Oh, my GOD. Jesus who feels good, she said as she continued to rub.

He was getting very hard again. The pill was doing its job. There was so much more to do. Luckily they had all night and it was only seven o’clock.

She came down from her orgasms and overturned and collapsed on the bed. He suggested that they order room service so they could keep their strength.

“Get the egg out and here’s a towel to dry you,” he ordered.

She did so by pushing the egg from her beautiful hot house and dropping it on the bed. She got up and wiped water from her crotch and.

“I have some things we’ll do in the meantime, though, ” he said with a wink.

“Have you ever had a pleasant eneath?” She shook her head no.

“Well, I want to fuck you in the ass and I want you to be nice and clean inside. Also, you may find it a great experience. I took a kit from Target and we can use it to clean you up.

She gave him a look like he was crazy, but it did look interesting and the fucking ass sounded even better.

“What are we doing?” she asked, lighting a cigarette.

“Well to begin with, you can lite me one of these and then look in the bag I raised. There’s a box in there that has the items we need.

She took a cigarette and lit it for him. Moving and she sat on her knees in the big chair in the room. She took a long trail of him and bent down to kiss him. As she did, she blew the smoke into her mouth. Then she slipped her tongue into her mouth and they French kissed softly while the smoke enveloped their mouths. After a few moments, she took her cigarette and put it in her mouth and held it while he was taking a trail. After he did, she pulled it out so he could exhale. She continued to hold her cigarette while he smoked it until he was finished. She was making a move after he kissed her as before. It was the most sensual cigarette he’s ever had in his life. After their cigarettes were made, she put both on and bent down to kiss him deeply. They kissed with intertwined tongues and nibbling on their lips for ten minutes. He would occasionally twist his nipple or rub his clitoris during their little make out session. She could feel her cock start to rise again on occasion. After they kissed, she looked at him and said with a smile: “It was really nice. That’s funny. What happens next?

She found in the bag a laema kit that included a two-quarter bag with a hose and nozzle. She also found a metal butt cap with a pink jewel at the end. She grabbed both and brought them to him.

“Take a towel and put it on the bed. I’ll prepare you,” he ordered.

She took the towel he gave her and spread it on the bed and lay down. As she did, she heard it in the bathroom running water and humming.

“What did I get into?”

After a few minutes, he came out of the room holding the bag in one hand and the nozzle and a tube of lubricant in the other. He was naked and his cock was at all the bobbing attention as he walked. He handed her the nozzle. It was full of hot water.

“Take the KY lubricant and put it on the nozzle.” She did it, doing it well and being put on.

He then took the bag and put it on the bed and took the lubricant from her.

“Now, if you have left on your left side and bend your knee a little.” As she did, she looked at him and gave him a little wink.

He took lubricant and rubbed it on his, then pushed it into it. He took another glob andsseed deeper into her. She moans at the cool intruder, but has no mind. He took the nozzle from her and placed the tip at the entrance of her and slowly slipped in. After it was fully in it, he grabbed the bottle and held it in place.

“Are you ready?”

She nodded her with a little more apprehension.

“Let me know if you’re feeling cramps and I’ll stop the water.”

She nodded her with even more apprehension. Not sure exactly what was going to happen or how it would feel?

He released the clamp so that the water would flow slowly. She closed her eyes as she felt the hot water began to flow into her bowels. After a minute, he began to rub his belly helping the water to move in it. She kept her eyes closed and after a few minutes the bag was about a third empty. She started moving a little more.

“How are you?” he asked.

“I’m starting to feel really full, but it’s a good kind of full.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Not yet,” she says, closing her eyes, taking advantage of the feeling of being full in this way.

After about half the bag was gone, she became uncomfortable. He could see her belly rising with the water he put inside her.

“The bag empties. Do you want me to resign?

“Not yet. I can handle a little more I think.

As the bag arrived at about two-thirds empty, she had had enough.

“I really have to go,” she pleaded.

I said, “Okay. I’m going to help you in the bathroom.

He cut off the water and pulled the nozzle out of his. She got up and walked slowly to the bathroom. He could see her belly was distended from the almost twp quarters of water inside her. It was pretty sexy in a weird way. She arrived at the toilet without any incident and as soon as she made the water gushes out.

He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the forehead, “It will take some time for all the water and the “stuff” to come out. I’m going to leave you alone and order us some food. Get out when you’re ready.

He left it to herself and ordered room service for both. The operator said it would take about 30 minutes for it to arrive.

As she came out of the bathroom, she was rinsed and smiled.

“I never thought I’d feel so clean. It was really interesting. But now I am clean for you as you requested.

He smiled and lit a cigarette for both. Handing her the cigarette, he grabbed his arm and pulled it down for a nice sweet kiss.

“It’s good. The food won’t be here for thirty minutes, so we don’t have much time, so I want you to put the plug so you can stretch your little for me some while we wait. I also have you an outfit that you can wear in the meantime.

She smiled and handed her life to the lubricant that was still on the bed and put some on her finger and slipped it into her. She put her foot on the bed so he could get a good look at what she was doing. She then took the buttock cap put it in her mouth to get it good and moist. Keeping her eyes on hers, she put the tip to her and slowly slipped the cap. He was not a small one and had to stop when he started stretching his. She came in and out a few times, then with a dip, she pushed the plug entirely into her freshly cleaned crumpled orifice. She closed her eyes as he lodged his in her feeling the fullness and the slight stretch he provided.

She turned and leaned over. “Do you like my new jewelry?”

“It looks very nice on — I mean — in you. What does it feel like?” he said, lighting another cigarette.

She waved her, He actually feels really good. It is a bit heavy and gives me a nice feeling of stretching. I think I’ll be nice and ready for your big cock after dinner.

“I like to hear that.” He winked

“Well, why we’re waiting, I need a little aperitif. You know something to keep my mouth busy.

Chapter 5

She got up and went to him and took her cock in her mouth and began to take it down her throat as she did earlier. He still smoked his cigarette like her and leaned his head back to enjoy the sensation. He felt the boiling in his balls as she went up and down on his cock.

She could tell that he was almost there by the way his muscles tightened and his breathing had become more laborious. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, the desire to taste her sweet juices as they slipped down her throat. And as he did, cumming so hard that he almost slipped out of his chair, she took in every inch of it and felt his pulsating cock in his mouth. She reached under and gently slipped her finger into her asshole to make it cum even harder. He grabbed his hair and forced his head up and down even more on his cock; he loved so much the feeling of cumming in the mouth of such a beautiful woman.

She looked up at him as she sucked the last of her cum out of his dick. He was sweating and running away from the experience, but she could say he was happy. She got up and kissed him hard – he could taste his own juice on his soft lips.

As they kissed, he reached around and found the buttocks cap. He tapped on her lightly with his fingers. This drew a sweet groan from her as she felt the intruder vibrate inside her. He grabbed it and pulled it out just a little bit and pushed it again. This too, made him moan and she moved to allow him to have better access to her new friend. They did this for about five minutes until he broke the kiss.

“Room service will be here soon. You have to dress for the waiter,” he says with a small smile.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked with a little apprehension in her voice.

“Well, for sure you need to keep the plugin and then I took the liberty of bringing you some nice salon clothes for the evening. I hope you don’t mind.

“I will never refuse gifts. What did you get me?

“It’s hanging in the closet.” He smiles.

She gave him a little kiss and went to the closet and make sure she was waving her ass a lot. He could see the cap moving with his swing. It was a very nice sight indeed. The pink jewel captured the lights of the city. She came to the closet and opened the door to find a small straitjacket and a small set. The fabric was very pure and would not leave much to the imagination. It was also cut so that its best features would be shown well.

She took the set and got out of the hanger. She put the top on and as she did the shorts fell to the floor. She bent down to pick them up and made sure she positioned herself so that he had a perfect view of her and hip. As she was bent down, she reached around to run her fingers through her lips and then pulled the plug all the way. She ran the cork through her by wetting it with its juice. She then put the tip to her anus and slowly pushed into her moaning as she did. He looked with great interest and his cock began to stir again.

“It was getting a little dry, so I thought I’d moisten a little bit before I put the shorts on.” She smiles a little out of breath.

“Good idea,” he says as he takes out his cigarette. “You can never have too much lubricant.”

She stretched the street and put on the shorts. As she got up pulling them tightly, she turned. She looked like an angel in pure white outfit. Her nipples were pretty much visible and hard as a rock. The shorts fit so well that you could see the profile of her lips. When she turned around, you could also see that she had an cap inside her. The pink was just visible through the fabric.

“Perfect,” he said admiringly. “You look great.”

“Then you want me to answer the door in this?”

“Are you uncomfortable doing that?”

“A little. What if it’s a big guy who’s just going to grab me and rape me? What if it was a woman?

He smiled, “What if it is? Also, it’s a very nice hotel. I don’t think they would hire rapists.

She thought about it for a few seconds and asked, “Do you think she would join us?”

“I doubt it. Not a first. But she might want to come back later. If it’s a guy, it would be for sure. But you’re all mine tonight anyway. I just want to show you a little bit. He explained.

She sat on the bed with her legs spread a little too much giving her a nice view of her. He just looked at her for a while, but he had to get up and pee. He went into the bathroom and ran away and put on the dress that was in the hotel bathroom. There were two and he brought the other for her.

“If you want, you can put this on.”

She took it from him and put him on the bed. “Let’s give it a try and see how it goes. Si this looks like a great husky man I could throw the dress out.

A few minutes later, we were knocking on the door. “Room service.”

She jumped. It was a female voice. A beautiful sound too. Without missing a beat, she got up and opened the door. The girl was about twenty-five years old and stood there looking at the view in front of her. At first, she didn’t know what to say and stood there with her mouth open.

Then she beckoned into the room, “Can … Can I come in? I…. I have your dinners.

“Of course, bring it and put the tray on the bed.” She said she turned around and walked to the bed. The girl looked at the cap and almost tripped over the shoes in the door.

“Sorry about that. I should have moved my shoes,” he apologized.

“Oh… Oh, that’s okay, she says quietly moving to put the tray on the bed again looking at the site in front of her. She made a sound that sounded as if she was going to say something, but held back. She stood up and held the bill. She could not take off her beauty eyes in front of her in her little top and shorts showed her well shaved. Eventually, she came out of her fate.

“I have an outfit pretty much like that. My boyfriend bought it for me on Valentine’s Day. I haven’t worn it in a while. Maybe I should this weekend. She did not tell anyone in particular. “Is… comfortable plug?

It takes a few minutes to get used to it, but yes, it feels good in my little. And I especially like the little pink gem at the end. It is made of metal and has a nice weight to it. You can really feel it move when you walk.

The girl blushed and handed the bill to the one who gave her a very nice tip. After he returned the bill, she took the bill and didn’t even look at it. She took one more step towards the woman and seemed to want to do or say something, but she stopped.

“I have to go home. The weather filled the hotel and we are busy. I have the rest of my deliveries are the following… Nice. She explained.

She went to the door and took a look back at both of them and shook her head a little and said, “Having a wonderful evening.” And winked and went out the door.

Chapter 6

They both looked at each other and laughed. They turned to food and dug. They were both starving and had a long night ahead of them.

“It was one of the most exciting things I’ve done in a long time. My is so wet. I almost want to go into the lobby and take a walk in my new little outfit and jewelry,” she says, unpund ingesting strawberries.

“Well, showing off in a room is one thing. Going out into a big hotel lobby so that will make you stop. It would ruin the rest of the night for sure. After we ate, you’re going to get your little ass fucked young woman.

“Mmmm. I can’t wait. She winked and adjusted her by moving the plug around the inside of her.

Ask them to eat their late-night snack, they played a little to grab and she started stirring a little more every few minutes with the buttocks cap still deep inside her tight rose button.

As they were about to do so, she whispered in her ear, “I think my ass is nice and ready for your dick to replace that socket.” He turned to look into her eyes and she shund her beautiful and slow hand giving her the signal and she was indeed ready.

His dick started coming back to life. She noticed this and began to rub gently with her long fingers.

“I know we will need some of the lubricant to make this right. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dick in there so please be gentle, she reminded him.

“I’ll go as slowly as you like, just tell me what you want and need and I’ll be happy to follow. But first, we have to get this little object out.

He moved to the bed and reached out to her. “Come here and get through my knees and I’ll make you beautiful and ready.”

She walked out and lay down on her lap so that her pretty little was high in the air. The site was too much for him and he had to give him a little slap on the.

Exchange. Exchange.

“What was that?”

“To be such a little slut by opening the door in your night and teasing that poor girl.” He explained.

She watched him in disbelief again rubbing his buttocks. “But. But it was your dummy idea.

“Yes, I know. But your on my knee was way too tempting not to slam.

“Well, I love it. Do it again, she said, pushing herself a little deeper, raising her.

“Hmmm. So you like a little spanking, don’t you? Well, you’ll have a.

Exchange. Exchange. Exchange. Exchange. Two for each cheek making sure to hit close to the socket so that it would move.

“Oh, my. It’s really nice. Harder!”

“As you wish to my dear.”

Exchange. Exchange. Exchange. Exchange. This time so hard the people in the next room surely could hear and his hand was painful.

“MMmmmmm. My is on fire.

He slowly pulled the shorts down revealing her newly blushing cheeks the pink jewel of her, but plug and very wet. In fact, the crotch of the shorts was soaked. He grabbed the base of the socket and began to slowly pull it out of his tight hole. It was fascinating to see his anus capture the grip as the invader left his body. After he got out, he grabbed the lubricant and poured a little into the crack of his and towards his now gaping running down his. He took his finger and slowly rubbed it into the now slightly open hole. He put a finger and worked the lubricant in it a bit. This made him moan a little and move his hips back and forth. He took his other hand and rubbed himself between his lips putting his finger in his hole. Having both holes being stimulated at once was something new for her and made her very eager to get another fuck.

He dribbled a little more lubricant on his fingers and and started working another finger in it. She gasped a little and clung to him a little harder.

“Am I hurting you, darling?”

“Oh not just enjoy the sensation of your fingers squirming around me. I’m not sure I can wait too long.

He smiles and puts a little more lubricant in the area and puts the bottle. He took his free hand again and began to run his fingers gently through his lips. She began to arch her back up and down by moving her hips to the rhythm he was doing with his fingers in his and on her now very sensitive. She started moaning a little louder.

“I think I’m more than ready for you,” she said. She got off her knees and got down on her knees and grabbed her now very hard cock. The precum was starting to flow from the tip and she worked around preparing it for her most intimate place.

He was ready, too. She got up and took off the shorts and threw them to the side. As he stood, she went over and met him with a very hot kiss. She pressed her groin against her feeling of her cock against her belly. They kissed passionately for several minutes using their hands to feel each other’s body as they did.

She paused and looked into her eyes, “I will never forget that night.”

“I won’t do it either,” he murmured.

She looked down at her now nagging manhood. “I hope I can get that thing in me out there.” She smiled at him and crawled on the bed. On her hands and knees, she spread her legs and threw her in the air. As she descended on her elbows, she looked back and he and winked.

“Come and get him big boy. Fuck my ass like the dirty fucker you are. She began to move her hips back and forth advertising her preparation for the anal fuck she was about to get.

He put a little llube on his cock and placed himself between his legs. Using one hand to cling to his hips and the other to position his cock, he lined it up with his soft hole and began to grow slowly in. He pushed enough for his head to jump into his anus. The grip of the ring felt so good that he had to close his eyes and take in the feeling.

She moans, “Oh yes, baby. It’s nice. Mmmmmm really nice. Just wait a minute and then start pushing slowly into me”

He waited a few long minutes and she started to move her hips a little more every few seconds letting her tight little hole get used to the new visitor inside. The cap did its job and she felt almost no pain. And the little she felt was nice.

I said, “Okay. Slowly push that beautiful cock up my ass. Give me a little, then wait a while. Go easy until you are all the way in. My God, I forgot how big a dick feels in there.

He leaned back a little and began to push deeper into it. The ring of his anus stretching a little more swallow his cock as he slowly pushed in. He did what she asked and push in a bit and waited a minute or two, then pushed a little more. It was a good ten minutes before he was fully in. The head was so deep inside her that she thought she could see it coming out of her belly. At first she really felt the burning stretching, but as time passed the feeling became very pleasant. After a little while, she began to move her back and forth moving it inside her most private hole.

After a little longer, she put her head in the pillow and began to moan, “Pull out nice and slow, then push in just as slow. I want to feel every inch coming in and out.

He started to withdraw and when he got to the ring of his cock head, he stopped. He grabbed the lubricant and dribbled it on to the junction of his ass and cock. Then he started to grow back in beautiful and slow until he was entirely in his buttocks. He waited a few seconds and repeated the movement.

She started moaning and growling every time he pushed up her. It would add a little more lubricant all the other shots until they are nice and smooth and it could slip in nice and smooth. The feeling of his ass grabbing on his cock was starting to be too much for him to stand up. She could feel it moving in and out of it and was beginning to feel the waves of another orgasm.

“Fuck me hard. Fuck my little ass with that big dick. She cried.

He started petting her a little faster and waited a little longer between going in and out. She met him every time. They did this for a few minutes and he stopped with his cock right inside her. He slapped her on the ass again to blow her up a little and clinch her ass around her cock. “It really did me good,” he thought and hit her again with the same result. It’s time to go up a notch.

Slide that on me, he told her. She slipped back on him and reached under and started playing with her clitetme as she did. He had to stabilize with his arms to take the pounding she was doing.

After a minute of that, she started to. “Oh, my God. I’m coming. I’m coming with your dick up my ass. Oh, fuck. She kept rubbing her as she came. He could feel her convulsing around him as she came. That was enough to send him on the edge as well.

I’m going to enjoy in your tight little, baby.

“Oh yes. Cum in me. I want to feel your load shoot into my.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He drove to the bottom of it and let go. His cock pulsated by pulling on the walls of his bowels full of his man juice. She felt it cumming and it sent another wave of orgasm throughout his body. They both stayed that way breathing quickly and taking in the sensations. Every time she tightened her orgasms, he trembled. Every time he trembled, so did she.

After a few minutes, she fell forward pulling it out of its well-used hole. A little sperm dribbling and down to her. He looked at the sexy view and felt nothing but happiness. After a few minutes, he fell next to her and kissed her deeply.

“What a beautiful way to let the storm pass.” He whispered.

“That’s for sure,” she replied, kissing him again.

“Hopefully, we’ll have to spend the whole day here.” He hoped

“I’m not sure I could take it. But I’d love to try,” she muttered.

They just posed there with their eyes closed listening to the storm beating outside and finally falling asleep as they were naked, tired and satisfied.

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Waiting Out the Storm – Final Chapters