Watching Him Fuck Our Daughter

See him fuck our daughter

A true story,

I guess by letting my sexual urges just go, little by little they made my sexual desires grow. I really enjoyed it. It was so exciting, it makes me wet, just talking about it. Jamie had the benefit of a hot and excited 24/7 girlfriend, and I was constantly hot by what was going on.

I have to explain that Tina had always crawled into her bed between us in the morning, for years now. We found it cute and leave her. Now she was still doing it.

She had full breasts, a warm figure, smooth legs and she wore nothing under her nightgown. I watched her snuggle up with Jamie, and he always put his arms around her. They kissed and rubbed each other. It was like she was training for a boyfriend on Jamie. Watching them do this every morning was no longer a hug and snuggled up, they started doing it a little sexually.

It was slowly making me warm. It was like watching a live show right in front of me. I found myself slipping my finger into my panties and scrubbing my secretly. Watching them really surrounded me.
I began to fantasize about them going further with their feeling of each other. I imagined her feeling her beautiful breasts and her feeling of boner. I was wondering what little can happen under these blankets, even now.
I found out one morning.
While they were ‘mushing’ they called him, I reached on it under the covers and found her hand on her boner. She quickly shook him, but I grabbed his hand and put it back on his boner. She paused as I heard her sudden heavy breathing and felt her trembling hand. I kept my hand on his and guided him again to caress him. She relaxed and began to caress him.

I took my hand off and it went on. Jamie winked at me and we smiled. It was the first sexual contact she had with him (which I knew). All this warmed me and I felt my become very wet between my legs. Now I put both my hands on my, fingered with one hand, massaging my clitoris with the other. I guess every woman has these things that light them up. It was mine.
Looking at them, feeling the bed and blankets move, hearing their little moans and knowing that their hands felt each other was on top for me. I orgasmed several times, right next to them!
It was the hottest I’ve ever had.

I ask Jamie later how it did it.

“It happened slowly. His body felt so good against mine that I couldn’t help but start getting it. When she felt them against her body, she slowly let her hand rub against them. I let it happen. She carefully guided my hand to her breasts and moved it all around them. Today was the first time she felt my hard heart directly. We can cut that if…” I interrupted and said, “Don’t dare. Let her do what she wants and you and I, we will light up as an advantage like no other. It keeps me all the time, and I know it makes you, too. Just let this happen expensive…. let it happen. She’ll find a guy who satisfies her and eventually gets what we have, and that’s what we both want. “

Jamie said they could feel me rubbing my and hear my breathing. He made them warmer than they had ever been. I was lighting them.
I was wondering what Tina thought of all this. Later we had a private conversation and she told me everything, now that I wasn’t angry about it, but in fact,… I liked it.
She said to me:
“I think I have the best mother and dad in the world. Dad makes me so happy when he rubs me that I have sexual tingling. It was very tense when you were right next to us, while I touched him a little bit. I felt the panic when you found my hand on her…. Of course not… you hand it over and everything went peacefully in me. Please let me keep doing it mom, I get desires that I didn’t know I had.

I told him to keep doing, and let those desires flow. One day, she’d find her own boyfriend and be happy. In the meantime,

We’re going to share Dad…..

She had this little smile on her face and whispered, “Mom, you and Dad have such hot sex after I left, I listened at your door. I have to masturbate. I want to have so much sex with my dad now. Could…. Well… maybe talk to my dad…. And… A… Well…. you can look at us, I know you’d like that.”)
I whispered: “.”. just let that happen..”)

The idea of her and Jamie sleeping with me is our business,….? It sent the biggest shot of hot juice into my I had ever had.

I didn’t tell Jamie right away about his desire to sleep with him. I think he already knew that, and I also knew he’d like to have sex with her. I’ve had a wet all day. I have over and over again in my mind on how to make this happen. I have a plan.
That night I started on Jamie and got hot. I took my time sucking his dick. He tuned in on licking my extra wet. I turned around and put myself on him, put his cock in the pussy and I leaned over and whispered. (“… I want to look at you and Tina, make love. Would you like that too?”) He smiled, and murmured two words:
(“… silly question…”)
We turned all the lights and had the most intense sex we had ever had then. He called me ‘Tina’ and I called him ‘Daddy’ and we fucked so hard, I think our moans must have woken up the whole neighborhood.

Tina stayed with her boyfriends that night.
This Saturday morning, she came in a dress. She crawled in her bed between us as usual. She went under the covers, then completely removed the dress, ripped it off and on the floor she left. I just knew she was completely naked. No bra, no panties.
It was.
Jamie was sleeping naked, so now they were both naked. My hands were heading to my to enjoy this.
What I didn’t know was that Jamie and Tina had a private conversation of their own, when I had gone shopping.
Tina’s thoughts:

“Mom was so cool to let this happen and to be thrilled, I talked to Dad. It is so sexy for me, I had nervousness in my stomach all day. Tomorrow morning, it was going to happen. I said how cool Mom was, and we should make it special to her. He agreed and we both wanted to give her the ultimate sexual thrill she’s ever had. We made our plans.

My was so wet standing there with Dad and he couldn’t hide her boner. I had to kiss her. Our hands started to go crazy feeling. I could have kissed him on the living room floor. It was hard not to. I felt her boner over and over again as her fingers slipped into my shorts and inside my panties. Oh my God, I wanted it so badly, but we owed it to Mom to let her watch us. I wanted to suck his dick at that time, but I only imagined what it would be.

Her big hot hand went up my blouse, under my bra and felt my breasts, I thought my nipples would burst. I squeezed his boner over and over again, I felt a little weak and dizzy. He grabbed my buttocks and drove her boner into my hard, then turned me over. He hit me on the and gently pushed me away. I felt an orgasm jolt in my. I shivered and went away with a soaked soaking.
I watched Tina snuggle up to Jamie and the movement under those blankets told me the hand and legs were going crazy. Their little moans made me tingle just as I heard them, I saw Tina’s head disappear on the blankets and looked her bob head up and down under the blankets. I look at Jamie’s face writhing with joy as he gasps for the air. My fingers were wet from my.

My was so sensitive that I could barely rub it. I saw Tina’s hand coming out as she was stepping on Jamie. They began to kiss with tongues darting all around as she lay naked on him. I was so close that I could feel the warmth of their bodies. They whispered something, and Tina began pushing down the blankets with her feet. My jumped as I feasted my eyes on their naked bodies. His boner stuck between his legs. She was moving her hips down on her.

Tina reach over and pulled my blankets down, as they both now looked at me with both hands on my. Jamie reached over and felt around between my jamb’re. I raised my knee and opened my legs for him. Her fingers joined mine by putting a finger in my. Tina reached over and began to feel my breasts gently. His fingers rolled my hard rock nipples between them.

I joined them with moans. Tina then pulled her knees up, lifted her hips and softened Jamie’s cock in her pussy. She slowly lowered herself on her. I was losing control as all my fingers started in my deeper and deeper. I watched Jamie’s head roll side by side in pleasure.

Jamie thought:

‘… Hell, I’m dead and I’ve been to heaven! I have the sweetest and tightest hot pussy in the world around my dick. My daughter fucks me slowly and how I feel her hot body. My girlfriend is has her whole hand in her watching, and masturbating. I can’t do better than that! I feel my full that they can explode from one minute to the next. Oh my god…. here it is … I can feel it coming… I…. Oh, shit! ‘
I watched Jamie and Tina start fucking fast and shouting ‘OH GOD’ … I was starting to peak so high, my voice screamed by itself. Tina was out of control and out of breath. She slammed Jamie’s cock quickly into her pussy. We all screamed and moaned loudly as it happened. I shook out of control as I saw Jamie’s sperm pull out of Tina’s. Her first explosion completely fill her, and was squirting on the sides of her pussy. She was slating her pussy on her dick. I felt blackout as my eyes came out of the accent. His bouncing body on him was so hot that I got dizzy and breathful for more air. My fingers were flooding with my juice. I kept peaking hard. I felt myfingers squid. My first time squirting. Tina moans so long that she began to lose her voice. Jamie was getting high, out of control. They continued to fuck and moan until there was no more energy in them, only uncontrolled nerve jolts and jolts. I couldn’t stop shaking and feeling my wet. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and my mind drifted somewhere. The sound of their little moans of pleasure was taking me away.

Thoughts adrift of Tina …..

“I knew it would be good, but I had no idea it would threaten my sanity. I ended up sleeping with my dad. It was much more than the other girls had told me that they felt like fucking their fathers. I just want to ask myself there forever… Oh, yes…. let’s just throw dad here…. it keeps me so nice… I want to have sex again. ‘
I kept feeling my trying to squeeze a little more on my fingers. I was so weak now, I just left my fingers in my. Tina kept moaning a little and slowly squirming her hips on Jamie’s cock. Jamie’s head rolled slowly as his mind had taken him somewhere.
That night, Jamie and I were overloaded to fuck each other like crazy. Tina danced around the house in her nightgown. She knew we were going to have sex tonight after the morning colossus session. We all took a shower and took naps. That night, Jamie and I were teasing ourselves knowing what was in store for us. Our hands went down our clothes and felt my pussy and her cock.

I lifted my blouse and bra in a motion in the garage and it sucked my nipples. I unzipped it and gave his cock a wet suck. Finally, he picked me up and took me to our room. We undressed each other slowly, feeling and kissing each other all the way. We finally got into bed and we were shot on high time. We had just turned 69 and were now out of breath and super hot. He got on me as we both shook and was just ready to put his dick in me….
… when the door to our room opened slowly. It was Tina…. Naked.
Jamie and I froze.
She came in and lay down next to us smiling. She rubbed her body and beautiful breasts on us, feeling both of us up very good. It made us even warmer than we thought possible. I felt her hand between mine and Jamie’s legs, I felt her fingers slip in and out of my wet pussy, she was strove Jamie’s cock.
She then posed beside us, rubbing her and whispered quietly: