My Boyfriend Tried Using A Penis Extender During Sex With Me

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and our birthday was fast approaching, night is coming and I expect the usual, a homemade meal, a good glass of wine, the Nerdy birthday card swap and a late night watching horror movies while getting a little warm and heavy under the covers.

What did I get?

The hardest, fastest and by far the deepest sex of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I did threesomes and tried my deepest sexual fantasies, but I never thought that my boyfriend wearing a plastic penis would be the thing that made me squirt and got me so wet that I had to change the sheets and dry the bed with a hairdryer.

Okay, so now you have the picture of what my tight body went through, let me take you back and explain what happened and what toy it used.

The best penis extender he could find:

Side note: I never thought of showing a penis extender that my boyfriend bought online, but if it helps some women to cum and squirt like me, then I guess that’s how life goes past?

So anyway, here is the penis enlarger he used:

best penis extender
Boxed penis extender
Lovehoney penis extender out of the box
Penis extender scale

Now, for those of you who don’t know a penis extender, this is a sleeve that goes over a penis and adds a length of 2-3 inches and an extra girth.

Now, I had always assumed that this kind of sex toy was intended for the “smaller” member and I had never thought of using it on my boyfriend who had a nice penis. about 6 to 7 inches long with a nice circumference.

So, I was really shocked when he took it out and I dare say I was doubtful to use it, but after a glass of wine and pouring it down on me , I couldn’t resist the new toy.

How this toy made me cum on my bed

Let me take you back to last Friday (our birthday night), it had been working all day and I decided to prepare a romantic dinner for us and prepare our night celebrations by doing the following.

First step: put on warm underwear, stay sexy

Second step: make food, I made us a nice homemade pizza.

Third step: Wait… while drinking a glass of red wine.

Finally, he comes home and we take the next few hours to chat, eat and watch bullshit on Netflix.

Things are starting to get a bit sexual and I’m talking to her about a new sex toy that I want us to try (I updated this article and wanted to share the sex toy I was talking about: my favorite luxury vibrator, that’s when he awkwardly mentions that he had bought a toy to try.

It’s normal, we both work in the adult industry and we don’t think about buying new sex toys several times a month.

But I have to admit that I was shocked when I saw this penis extender like I expected a vibrator or masturbator, but I was secretly happy because I had never tried anything like this before.

Anyway, things started to heat up and, for short, underwear, on a bed with my legs apart and his mouth devouring me.

I am wet, horny and I give him the signal to get the new toy.

He runs to the kitchen which is where he was and turns it on while he’s out of the room, then turns off the light and orders me to put a blindfold.

I feel it go up on top and open my legs wider and start teasing me, then finally it starts to grow slowly inside and at this point I am dripping wet and ready to be f ** ked, hard, but it goes slowly, which creates more tension and drives me crazy (in a good way).

So, what’s going on in my head?

At first I couldn’t believe how much pleasure the added girth added, then my thoughts changed how deep it got, literally when I thought it was at the deepest point, bam, he was pushing a little deeper.

I just remember hanging on his back, spreading my legs as wide as I could and enjoying his dick, the extension cord and the bed several times.

I was a mess at this point and it only got worse.

The extender meant that my boyfriend could maintain the rapid and deep thrusts that make me come without accidentally ending up in me, this brought orgasm, after orgasm, until I squirt.

Now I’ve never squirted with a G-spot vibrator, I mean if I’m being honest, I very rarely have orgasm by penetration alone, so to orgasm several times then SQUIRT, it was revolutionary for me!

However, after squirting, I had to stop my boyfriend because I was on the verge of collapsing from all the fun.

We cuddled and then I let him come inside me without the extension like his treat.

I would like to say that we fell asleep in each other’s arms, but my side of the bed was soaked, I had to change the sheets and use my hair dryer to dry it, it’s all part of the fun;).

This penis extender is one of the biggest surprises of this year.

I wanted to quickly mention that penis extender is currently offered and is little stock so if you are interested i will grab it quickly as i know it wont be available too long.

girlfriend in red lingerie suit seductively laying on the couch

Have we used this penis sleeve again?

It is now Wednesday (5 days since we received it) and we have already used it twice.

I basically beg my boyfriend to put it on for the first ten minutes of sex, it just opens me up, makes me cum and then once he takes it off, I find it easier to enjoy with just his penis.

Update: It’s been a month since we last bought this toy and I’ve explored it to the fullest, here are some sexual tips that we found effective with penis sleeves / extensions.

Sexual positions that make me cum

cartoon image making sex positions

Missionary: I always start here, it helps me to relax, because I can be quite tight at first, especially when my boyfriend goes there for the first time.

Dog: Then I go doggy style, this toy will rub your G-spot up and down until you have a shaky orgasm, don’t forget to go slow and relax, especially at first.

I lie on my stomach: I then move from the doggy style to this position and if I will squirt it will be at this point.

Cover your penis with lubricant

I’m really wet when I use this penis extender, but we always use a lot of water-based lubricant as it helps us go the extra mile. It is also likely that you are the biggest thing to get into your partner’s vagina, then she is going to be thankful for the extra lubricant.

Take a blindfold

cartoon headband

Does it sound boring?

Well we tried foreplay using this toy and blindfold and i really felt like having sex with another man, some will like not the idea of ​​that, but if you’re trying to involve your girlfriend, it could be the fantasy she’s looking for.

Add a massage vibrator

cartoon stickmen using vibrator

Do you want to be the best layman your girlfriend / partner has ever had? Obtain a penis extender and one massage vibrator and slowly pushed into it while the masseur is on her clitoris.

My boyfriend did this to me the last time we used it and my legs were frozen for at least 2 hours afterwards.

girlfriend in red lingerie costume laying on sofa

How to get your girlfriend to let you try a penis sleeve?

After writing this, a few men asked me how they should talk about it with their girlfriend / partner, so I decided to write some tips for talking about it.

Ask him an incredible question

Do you have sex toys that you would like to try?

Once she has answered, tell her a few that you would like to try, then show her a penis extender, maybe even this article and ask her if she would be ready to try it. .

At first she may be against it, but just explain to her that it will add a few inches in size, make you last longer in bed and that this is something that might be fun to try.

Surprise her with it

It’s risky … but it could work If you have an open relationship where sex toys are used.

All you do is go to an online sex shop (the best one I have used is xnxxtoys) and buy some sex toys, get a massage vibrator, maybe a ball vibrator, a little lubrication, even condoms and in addition add a penis extender.

Tell your partner that you have a strange sexy surprise that comes in the mail, then open it together, explain the toys, try a different one every day, chances are she will give it to you there is.

That’s basically what happened to me and I’m on the moon with it.

Tip: if you’re worried it might work, you can always mention the idea before you buy anything.

Shopping for sex toys online with her

Let him know you have an idea, get your computer out and both of you shop for sex toys online, do it together, be open about what you’d like to try, and encourage him to do the same.

Everyone wants to try sex toys, it’s just that most of us have not had a chance too.

collection of different sex toys

Over the past month we have tried many different sex toys with this add-on and we even bought a second add-on, so here are a few must-haves and other options that I recommend.

Penis Extender Fantasy X-Tensions

    Fantasy X-tension penis sleeve

This penis extender is the one my boyfriend got is best rated online and is by far the best I have seen, but I do like that kind of love, so I save for Fantasy X-tension because i heard realism is fantastic and i fell in love with its appearance and i will keep you posted once i have it in me.

Lulu Lube Natural Water-based (My Sex Life Saver)

lulu water-based lubricant

It generally seems like I wetted the bed after intercourse, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to apply extra lubricant on my natural moisture. So, when it comes to the lubricant, I’m a big fan of Lulu lubrication and this is exactly the one I used with my boyfriend on this extension cord.

On top of that, I use this lubricant for everything except anal sex, on my vibrators, during normal penetration and even during the mouth to start.

If you don’t have a lubricant yet, be sure to get it.

The best female sex toy

massage wand

Do you want your girlfriend to cum on your penis several times? Get that massage wand!

My boyfriend places this on my clitoris while we are making love and he enjoys making me cum all over his ass, until I can’t move anymore.

Mix this with the penis extension and you will give him the best sex of his life. Your girlfriend will thank you and probably never see anything like this again without you.

It has been my experience for the past few weeks and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I even wrote a real erotic story about my experience with this magic wand.

Will the penis sleeve replace my real penis?

The answer is no, it will not replace you, it will just make what you already have a little more exciting, fun and orgasmic.

The girls are emotional and even if I want to make love with this wonderful toy, I also love sex with my normal d ** k partners.

Don’t get me wrong, this month we got a little crazy with this toy and we had fantastic sex, but we also had fantastic sex without this toy.

In addition, this toy is always you, it is attached to your penis and follows your movements and is there so that you can experience the pleasure of your partner in a different way.

You only have one life, try the things that interest you.

penis extender infographic