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The final bell rang as teacher Marcus Jackson was putting tests in his note briefcase over the weekend. It was Friday, so all his students ran away from the classroom as if it were on fire. He got some farewells and some good wishes for the weekend from some of his more studious students, however, most simply ran away as a girl had lost her top outside.

After the last of his students left, another teacher, Philip Caan, entered his room.

“Hey, Marcus! Do you want to get wasted tonight? I hear the girl you love, Sylvia, is dancing tonight at the Royal Club.

Marcus was laughing. He and Phil often found themselves drunk on Friday nights and exhaled about their most troublesome students, although Phil tended to be richer in spirits this year than the previous ones. Anyway, none of them was in a hurry to go back to their wives and learn about the couple they met at the gym and is going to be forced to hang out with it over the weekend.

“Sorry, Phil. This is the second set of trials today, and after that, I’ll start classifying those tests right away if I’m going to have the notes added to the first set of study papers.

“Oh yes! I forgot you had these tonight.

“Yes,” said Marcus in a dejected voice.

Due to the low interest of the school’s teachers in supervising extracurricular activities, the school board decided to force each teacher to coach or supervise at least one team or club in order to increase student engagement. Phil was in charge of the school’s teacher-student mentoring program, which means he would give one-on-one advice to students who were struggling with things like confidence or anxiety problems. In Marcus’ embarrassment, he was appointed coach of the school’s cheerleading program.

He had no choice in this matter because he was slow to apply to lead another group that was more in line with his interests. Most teachers with extensive experience in physical activity have been coaches for the most prominent school teams, such as football, basketball, etc. Marcus had been involved in the administration of the school’s weightlifting team at the time there was one, and as he had experience in supervising an athletics team, although it no longer existed due to low interest, one entrusted him with the responsibilities of coaching the school’s cheerleading team.

Marcus didn’t know much about cheerleading, other than that he liked women in cheerleading uniforms, and the reason he was assigned to this team, the one that apparently no other teacher wanted was because their team, well, Sucked. None of the teachers who led the program really cared about him, so the team never really did any good during the games, or the official competitions, so no one wanted to be in charge of such an embarrassing team.

Most of the time, the girls on the team took it upon themselves to work on the routines themselves, which led them to be very sexual in nature, almost as they danced in a strip club rather than performing at pep gatherings. Yet their dance style technically increased the “pep” of many of their comrades, or at least the men, which led to another reason that Marcus did not like his position as the cheerleading team coach: he was always excited by Cheerleaders.

Although he tried to resist, Marcus couldn’t help but make a boner every time the team performed. The team consisted of girls aged seventeen and eighteen, usually the most attractive teenagers at school, and combined with their suggestive routines, it was impossible for any straight man, or lesbian girl, not to be excited by the team cheer school. While many men would think it was a golden opportunity, Marcus just thought it was an excruciating punishment, because how nothing would ever happen between him and one of the girls on the team.

“Well, I’m sorry you can’t join me, Marcus. I guess I’ll see you next week. Phil started leaving, but something must have happened to him because he went around and spoke to Marcus once again. “By the way, I heard two students, Becky and Harper, say they were thinking about trying the cheer team together this year. Did they ever sign up?

“Yes, there are two students by these names who audition for the team. What for? Marcus asked.

“Well, they both see me for the teacher-student mentoring program, and they talked about how they planned to join the incentive team, so I was just curious if they followed through on that.”

Marcus was a little confused.

“Hmm, that’s weird. Both girls, especially Harper, seem quite confident and happy. Why would they be part of the mentoring program? He thought for sure that he saw the other teacher smiling ever so lysly.

“Yes, but it never hurts to get a little extra advice in some, areas, so to speak, that they might not feel open to asking their peers or classmates about, that’s what I’m helping with as a neutral party. Anyway, I’m glad they’re trying. How are they doing so far?

“Phil is really interested in the students he helps,” Marcus says.

“Well, most places are pretty much guaranteed, there really is only one place left. Becky is doing well, not the biggest, but good enough for the team. Harper, however…” Marcus ran away.

“What’s going on?”

“Harper has the mind, but his dance is erratic enough, to be honest. If she can’t do well enough dancing, how will she handle the acrobatic components of being a cheerleader?

Again, Marcus thought he saw a smile hiding more than simple happiness under her on her colleague’s face.

“Don’t count Harper yet, Marcus. When she wants something, she does whatever it takes to have it so that she can surprise you. I have to go, I have to see a student quickly before I leave. Have fun and I’ll see you later.

“In the opinion, Phil.” “Is it just me, or was Phil trying to involve something a second ago? And what did he mean by Have fun?’ He shook him like nothing, probably just being tired after teaching all day. He finished putting his papers in his briefcase and walked to the gym; the second round of trials was about to begin.

Marcus was in the office adjoining the gym, which was reserved for teachers who ran one of the school’s sports teams. Currently, the office was vacant, as all the other teachers had left for the weekend and the gym was booked for cheerleader trials. As no one was there, and the gym was still incredibly hot, he decided to take off his buttoned shirt and change it to a plain white T-shirt instead.

As Marcus removed his buttoned shirt, he looked at himself in a mirror that was mounted on the desk wall. He was twenty-nine years old and a handsome guy. He was six feet three feet three with black hair and light blue eyes. Thanks to both two hoops he played with some of the other teachers, he had been able to stay in pretty good shape, and thanks to his time in administering the school’s former weightlifting team, he was also quite muscular as well.

“Let’s finish it,” Marcus thought, sighing and leaving the gym.

“All right, everybody. Start. I know you really want to start your weekends, so start performing routine number seven from the documents you received earlier and I’ll evaluate you that you’re going. Harper, Becky?

As soon as he finished talking, two girls stood next to each other instantly stopped talking and looked at him like a bunch of kids caught up in the act of trying to steal cookies just before dinner.

“You two still need to do your individual evaluations, so after everyone leaves, could you please stay behind for a few minutes?”

“Yes, sir,” said Becky, followed by Harper, “Of course, Mr. Jackson.”

“Okay, then, start.” Marcus hit playing on a boombox and a CD full of pop music started playing as the girls started their routines. Most girls were guaranteed a place, which just left two girls with little to moderate skills to compete for the final place. Becky and her best friend Harper knew they were competing for the last place and had to give it their all if they wanted to team up on the team.

While all the girls contributed to the erection he was constantly fighting to hide, Marcus found himself focusing mainly on Becky and Harper, in part because he knew he needed to decide which of the two girls were going to be part of the team, but mostly because thex girls were the sexiest girls to tryouts. Becky had brown hair and brown shoulders and eyes. Her legs were long and toned, and she had a pretty normal bust for a seventeen-year-old girl, with a small but tight-looking.

Harper had red hair that was pulled back into a ponytail, and green, piercing eyes. She was a little shorter than Becky, but she also had bigger breasts, probably small C’s, and an so perfectly round that it was hard to believe it belonged to a seventeen-year-old. While Marcus probably would have liked to take care of either girl, he couldn’t help but find himself more interested in Harper and his exquisite. He had always been a bit of an man, something that led his wife, Tracy, to the wall, as she wanted nothing to do with an game, to her great disappointment.

Both girls had been given a uniform to wear during the trials, which included a red and white cheerleading top with the school team name written on the chest, a pleated red skirt, athletic socks at knee height with three lines red horizontals around the top, and a pair of white running shoes. In a sneaky twist, Marcus made sure that both Becky and Harper got tops and skirts that were a size or so small, telling them that if they made the team, new ones would be ordered for the one who got the place.

As a result, the tops were so tight that neither girl could wear a bra underneath and had to resort to wearing the joy top on her own, occasionally giving Marcus a view of their perky nipples trying to sting through the dessu s tight, while their midriffs were left slightly bare, allowing her to see the navel jewelry the two girls had swayed flat stomach. Because the skirts were too small, they were so short that they came to rest slightly short from their mid-thighs, which meant that even the slightest jump made them fly and expose their underwear. For Becky, she wore a pair of simple baby blue boy shorts, nothing good, but still warm enough, and Harper wore a bubblegum-pink, lace thong.

Becky looked a little nervous because of the way she was exposed, which made her hold back on her jumps and try to pull down the skirt as much as she could without exposing anything else. On the other hand, Harper seemed to appreciate the cramped nature of the outfit, another reason why he was disappointed that he was not going to give him the final position. Both girls had performed quite well, but Harper had made a lot of mistakes in performing the routines, never seeming to be able to synchronize his movements to the rhythms of the music or the movements of the rest of the team.

Only part of the trials remained: a private audition in the office, away from everyone. Marcus wanted to focus on each girl one at a time, but he didn’t want one of the girls to wait in the office or wander the school hallways unsupervised, so the best thing to do was to have a girl perform in the office , with the other waiting outside in the gym so she could practice while she waited.

“All right, girls,” Marcus said after turning off the boombox. “The first training session will take place on Monday after school on the football field. Harper and Becky, please stay a few minutes to perform your individual routines. Harper will go first, so could you wait here for a few minutes. You can use this time to practice, and you can use the boombox here to play your music, I have another one at the office.

“Okay,” said the two girls in unison.

I said, “Good. Everyone, have a good weekend and I’ll see you on Monday after class.

The rest of the team quickly cleared the gym and Becky started practicing while Harper walked with Marcus into the office, closing the door behind him so Becky’s music wouldn’t distract them. He felt really repressed after watching the tests and was in desperate need of pulling on a charge before his balls got all blue. Originally, his plan was to finish the trials and think about them while he masturbated at home before his wife came home from work, but he realized there was no way he could do it beyond the girls’ private performances without his cock starts to hurt to be erect for so long.

He hoped the two girls were going to be so wrapped up in their routines that he might be able to subtly, slowly a little under his desk without them catching on. He knew he was taking a huge risk, but if he didn’t at least release Some pressure soon, he was going to have to cut short ratings to go jerk off in the bathroom, which was not something he wanted to have to resort to.

“Okay, Harper. You know how important this last segment is, don’t you? Marcus asked how he was sitting in his chair. She nodded with an enthusiastic smile.

“Well, wow me.”

Harper put a CD in the boom box on his desk and started his routine. As she began to dance, Marcus quietly unzipped his pants and began to caress his cock very carefully, conscious of not petting too fast, or else the whole movement would alert Harper to his perverse activities. So far she doesn’t seem to notice though, most likely because of her fast and erratic dance, so he has increased his caressing speed a bit. In addition to preventing her from feeling what he was doing, his dance moves caused her short skirt to repeatedly fly and give her a view of her pink, lace underwear. Obviously Harper did not mind to be exposed as she was, either because of not being shy, or she thought such a thing might give her an extra advantage by helping her nab the last place, but anyway, Marcus was really enjoy the show.

Marcus came so close to being able to pull a charge, but just as he was about to, Harper’s routine ended and she turned off the music. Although he could not believe how much he had been able to come, there was still Becky’s next hearing that he could use. Failing that, he could go home and finish the job, happy to have at least got Some Relief to watch these hot teenage girls dance in their tight and sexy uniforms.

“So how did I do it, Mr. Jackson?”

“That was ok, but I’m not sure if that’s enough to get you the last place, though.” “No, he wasn’t, but he was so damn sexy!”

“Well, was that at least enough to fuck you?”

Marcus almost jumped out of his chair, which he fortunately did not do, considering that his pants were undone.

“What, what are you talking about, Harper?” he choked, swallowing all the saliva he had left to coat his rapidly drying throat.

“Oh, please. Come on, Mr. Jackson, All girls saw that you had an erection while we were performing, and did you really think I wouldn’t notice you jerking off under your desk while I was dancing?

Marcus started to panic that his breathing came out of the cards. He looked all around the room as he said to himself, “I can’t believe it, I threw away everything I worked so hard for the outside, and for what? A few minutes of masturbation to a student because I was too eager to wait until I got home to do it, and I didn’t even cum! He was so distracted in thinking about how he was going to get away with it that he didn’t notice that Harper had walked through the room, around his desk, and that he was now standing right next to him. Without any indication as to why, she knelt before him

“Harper, Harper what are you doing?” Marcus stammered.

“I make sure I have the last place on the team,” she said as she began to massage her inner thighs.

“Harper, it’s wrong for so many reasons!”

“And you don’t have to list them all. Mr. Caan has already gone on each of them with me the first time we have done so.

That’s why Phil smiled and told me to have fun! He must have known Harper would try something like that to team up.

“Well, no matter-” Marcus began to protest once more, but was cut when Harper gently grabbed his cock, that he never thought to return to his pants, and slowly began to jerk him off.

“I want to be on the cheerleading team, and I know you want that; you’re getting masturbiated to me after all, so the only question you have to worry about is: are you going to have fun and give me the last place in the team? Or am I going to have to tell Principal Riggs that you were masturbating while I was dancing for you, alone, in your office?

There was not much for him to think; he had been caught, and if he did not give Harper what she wanted, he was going to get in more trouble than he could understand. And when he was content with that, if Phil could getn shoot with a fucking student, why couldn’t he? It was an opportunity that was not likely to happen again often, if at all.

“Okay, Harper. I’ll let you continue your audition, and if you do well enough on this part, then you’ll have room on the team.

“Then I guess I’d better give you the best of myself, coach.”

After a few blows to completely harden Marcus’ cock, Harper wrapped his lips around his head and began sucking on it. He moaned as his tongue began to slip down his dick. After only her third bob head, she had almost all her cock in her mouth. He could not believe how good this teenager was at giving the head; her skill seemed to match that of most women, not someone most people assume had ever had sex, or at the very least was still clumsy when it came to the issue, but not Harper.

“Oh, oh Harper, you’re really good at it,” he stammered as the teenager looked at him and smiled as she swirled her tongue around the head of her cock.

Seeing how he had been masturbating a few moments ago, and he was incredibly excited by the fact that he was receiving a pipe from a student who was both trying to bribe And blackmailing him to become a cheerleader, Marcus only lasted a few bobs of Harper’s head. As soon as his cock hit the back of his throat on his first deep throat, he began to enjoy.

Oh, Marcus exclaimed with surprise how suddenly his orgasm came.

Several streams of pulled directly into Harper’s throat, quickly crushing him and making him choke a little as a few tears escaped from his eyes and some of the slipped on his chin. After swallowing what was in her mouth, she used her fingers to clean the semen on her chin and lick it with her tongue. She closed her eyes and moaned as she swallowed Marcus sperm.

“I’m going to go out on a limb and say it wasn’t the first fellatio you’ve ever given?”

Harper smiled. I said, “No. You’re the third. Man I’ve been with it though, as opposed to boys closer to my age, so I’m still getting used to bigger ones. You and Mr. Caan have been good teachers,” she laughs.

That lucky son of a bitch. No wonder he’s been so happy this past few weeks. I wonder who is the other man though? Putting the thought to rest, Marcus smiles and turns the boombox back on.

“I think I need to see you dance once more. If you want to make sure you’re on the team, you’d better have less clothes when the song ends.

A terribly sexy smile came to Harper’s face as she rose. She began to dance again, slower and more seductive this time, letting her hands wander all over her body as she closed her eyes and moaned. No longer needing to worry about getting caught masturbating, Marcus began stroking his cock again, now at Harper’s sight, and faster than he had been trying to be stealthy. Harper’s new style of dance would not have been moved to a strip club. She leaned at the waist while facing Marcus, causing her skirt to stand up on her pink thong, which she proceeded to slide on her legs slowly and throw away before resuming her dance.

Harper continued to dance a little before unwinding his cheerleading top and sliding it over his head and dropping it to the floor next to his underwear. Her breasts were amazing; milky white like the rest of her complexion, with pink, swollen areolas and large hard nipples. As the song was about to end, she was about to quickly remove her skirt, but Marcus intervened.

“Actually, why not leave that skirt on. I love the image of you in a short skirt, athletic socks and runners, it reminds me that I do it with a cheerleader.

“Looks like I’m a real cheerleader, no, Mr. Jackson?” Harper smiled with confidence.

“Not right now, but you’re damn close,” he said, asking her to lie down on his desk.

Harper climbed onto the desk and as soon as Marcus approached her, she grabbed the back of her head and pushed her lips to hers. She pushed her tongue into her mouth and kissed him with a raw passion that his wife had never made in her life. As they kissed, Harper began gently stroking Marcus’ cock as he began massaging her pussy. He could not believe how wet it was; before she even touched her, she was running away so much juice that he was surprised that she wasn’t hiding fruit between her legs.

To Marcus’ surprise, Harper broke their kiss and pushed him away from her.

“You know, I do a lot of work here, and I’m going to do even more. Why don’t you tell me why you’re such a good coach and work a little for me?

He realized that with all the pleasure she had given him and that she was certainly going to give him, it was right that he would give back some of it. Also, if he didn’t play ball with some of her demands, she could easily decide to stop all this and run to the principal at any time, so engaging in it also meant protecting her work as well. Harper lay down on the desk and spread his legs while Marcus knelt in front of the desk and checked her teenage. A small tuft of red pubic hair greeted her just above her opening, while the rest was shaved, leaving a perfect view of her beautiful pink epistle.

Marcus moved his head between the teen’s legs and gave her a temporary licker. The taste of her was one of the greatest things he had ever tasted. He couldn’t help himself and started eating it like a hungry man at a buffet. As he licked and sucked at her, he looked up at Harper’s face and saw the teenager with her eyes clenched, her mouth open and her deep breathing, and he knew she was having more fun than she usually was when a teenager made her the same thing, after all, he was an experienced man, not a punk kid who pretended to know what they were doing.

“Mmm, it feels good, Mr. Jackson. Are you doing this for all the girls on the team?

With a sucking sound, Marcus removed his mouth from Harper’s juicy.

“No, just those I think might need a little extra help to make their dreams come true.” “In other words, no, it’s the first time,” but he didn’t want Harper to know; he wanted to play cool, and luckily she didn’t seem to catch on as she smiled.

“Well, I think I’m going to need a lot of help, Mr. Jackson,” she teased.

I’m always there for my students, Marcus said, burying his face in the teenager’s.

This time he decided to focus almost exclusively on his clitoris, licking at her teasing before using his mouth to suck the little feather as hard as he could, and it really seemed to work. Harper’s breaths have become more jagged and fast. The last boy she was with failed to satisfy her orally, so she was happy to have a real man do it for her this time. While Harper wanted, in fact, a place on the cheerleading team and the adoration of the boys and the jealousy of the girls who came with her, she mostly just wanted to get fucked properly.

“Oh my God, I’m going to enjoy it so hard. Don’t stop!

Her praise energized Marcus’ tongue and made her lick her as if it were the only source of water in a vast desert. Harper peaked hard though, so hard that all his tremors and agitation almost brought down from the office. He was happy that Becky was practicing her routine outside to the very loud music, as the cry that Harper let out was anything but subtle.

“Mmm, I think it’s time you finally put your dick in me. Oh, and don’t worry about a condom, I’ve been on the pill for a while now.

Honestly, Marcus hadn’t even considered a condom, after being blinded by the prospect of having sex with such a sexy girl. At least now that he knew Harper was on the pill, he would keep the sudden fear of getting her pregnant free to jump into her head in the middle of their fuck.

Not wanting to waste another second and risk Becky finishing his practice outside, Marcus slowly pushed his cock into what he thought was perhaps the tightest pussy he had ever penetrated. “Damn, I thought that with all the boys Harper was with, along with two other men, she would be looser. Fortunately I was wrong.

Marcus lifted Harper’s left leg on to his shoulder, moved his skirt away from her so he could enjoy the view, and began to push. At first he was only able to fit about six inches of his cock inside the teen, but after about two minutes of gentle thrust, he was able to push himself all the way in. In order to keep his hands occupied, Marcus used his right hand to massage Harper’s clitoris, while his other hand kept his leg resting on his shoulder.

Rather than just sitting down and enjoying the thrusts she was getting, Harper also pushed her own hips back in time with Marcus’ to fit all her cock inside her and make her thrusts more energetic. She knew it might be nervous to give a girl as she rough treatment, so she took it upon herself to Do things a little rougher.

Although he knew he was close enough to cumming again, Marcus refused to miss the opportunity to fuck Harper’s tight asshole, so much to the teenager’s chagrin, he pulled out of her and told her to place his hands on the desk and spread his legs. Interested in changing her position, she smiles and complies. Once she was in position, he came up behind her and started teasing her asshole with the head of her cock. Surprised, she gave a little “Oh” in response.

“Have you ever done anal before?” Marcus asked.

Harper made a little laugh. “Not yet. In fact, Mr. Caan was hoping to be my first.

“Well, Marcus started as he slowly started pushing his cock a little more into his incredibly tight asshole. “Shame on him for waiting too long. You wouldn’t mind if I took his place, would you? It’s for the team, so to speak.

Harper bit his lip. She knew she had promised Mr. Caan that he might be the first to fuck her in the ass, but she was so caught up in the moment that she couldn’t help but let Mr. Jackson be her first anal fuck.

“Well, I guess if you don’t tell him…” Harper teased.

With a smile, Marcus began to push his cock into it. To her surprise, he did a little more pain than she had expected, but at the same time the pleasure was so overwhelming that he almost completely cancelled out the pain of being penetrated there for the first time, almost.

“OWWW! It hurts Mr. Jackson. “Please be gentle,” cried Harper, “but Marcus could not even hear it; he was lost in the happy feeling of having his tree being squeezed by the seventeen-year-old’s.

If Harper’s was tight, Marcus had no way of describing his asshole; he was actually so tight that he had trouble getting in and out of it smoothly, but he kept to it despite the girl’s cries of pain. Harper’s teeth were clenched and his eyes clenched, his eyes clenched, a few tears streaming down her cheek as she was penetrated from behind. The feeling of pain increased when Mr. Jackson wrapped his ponytail in his right hand and pulled his head back; Meanwhile, he used his left hand to hit his left cheek, causing red marks to form on his.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh!” Harper cried at the mixed pain with a kind of understandable pleasure.

Despite the pain, she quickly began to appreciate the feeling. Eventually, her loosened, allowing Mr. Jackson to push more easily in and out of her, while his became numb to his slaps, leaving a strangely satisfying tingling sensation. As for her hair, she actually liked pulling it back, but it just seemed like a little bit much compared to how it was normally pulled, but like everything else, she not only got used to it, but started to really in Enjoy.

Ow’s screams were replaced by “Mmms,” Harper’s teeth were no longer gravel and his mouth was now open and deep breathing. His eyes were still closed, but now it was not because of the pain, but the pleasure.

“Mmm, it feels really good, Mr. Jackson, ” she cooed.

Marcus was happy to see that Harper was having fun now. He got a little carried away earlier and feared he had been too her.

“Yes?” Do you like to get your ass fucked?

“Mmm, yes, I love it, I love it. Please,” she begged between deep breaths. “Fuck harder me.”

As requested, he accelerated a little and pushed himself deeper into the teenager.

Yes, me harder, pull my hair harder, Harper ordered.

Marcus pulled his hair harder while trying to keep growing faster.

“Oh! Hell, it feels good, Mr. Jackson. Ram your dick into my tight little ass.

Her thrusts reached their fullest speed possible, which led him to almost insert her entire length into her, but the size of her cock and the tightness of her hole makes it impossible to fully bottom into her. “Perhaps with a little practice,” Marcus thought of himself.

“Fuck, I’ll cum,” Marcus said aloud as he quickly thought of where to send his sperm.

Wanting to see his sperm on the teenager, he realized that he would cum before being able to bring her to her knees and spray all over her face. Out of desperation, he immediately removed his cock and pulled several hot and gooey loads on the teenager’s ass, smearing it with his cum. Not content with just having her ass covered in cum, Harper reached around and started picking up the hot beads of the ejaculate and started licking tantally out of her fingers, something she liked to do when the guys didn’t cum inside her.

“Well, I think you’ve definitely earned the last spot on the team, Harper.”

“Really? YAY!” She screamed as she started jumping up and down in celebration, causing her breasts to bounce up and down.

Harper put on his uniform and started leaving. As she went out, she turned around.

“Thank you again, Mr. Jackson. I’m going to send Becky in my way.

Still a little out of breath and not thinking clearly, Marcus simply said, “Thank you, Harper.” Then he hit it: he still had to do The Next Becky’s Private Hearing, but in his current state, that was going to prove a little difficult.

“What am I going to do?” he says to himself as he hears the music in the cut-out gym and the steps head to the office door.

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