4 Reasons Why Sex Toys are a Must-Have for Every Woman

Despite the many joys of life, I don’t think many people can object to the fact that sex is one of the greatest.

It’s an incredible feeling that never gets old.

And always leaves you wanting more.

That said, you may be wondering why sex toys are even necessary when sex is considered the gold standard.

In reality, they provide multiple new wrinkles that are lacking during regular sex.

Well-lit sex toy store with light dildos and other exposed sex toys
Sex toys are a staple for today’s society as sex shops like this are much more important today.

This is not to say that sex toys replace regular sex.

But there is rather a separate place in your life for sex toys.

Which makes it an absolute must for every woman.

Below we list the top four reasons.


# 1 – Sex toys provide new and exciting sensations

To put it simply, one of the reasons why a sex toy is valuable on a real penis (or the like) is because it is different.

Different shapes.

Different sizes.

Different materials.

And all of this leads to one thing: Different sensations of pleasure.

The biggest example of this is the vibrators.

And if this is the best example, it is because they do something that no typical physical object can reproduce: they vibrate.

Pink vibrator in the palm of the hand with a white background


Vibrators are the best example of how sex toys give you new and exciting pleasure sensations.

There is no better feeling in the world than vibrators on a woman.

In fact, stimulating your clitoris with vibrations is one of the best ways to ensure orgasm.

But even other sex toys offer new and exciting sensations.

Albeit slightly more subtly.

For example, a dildo longer or thicker than what you normally get from a real man offers a tighter fit in your vagina.

A giant black dildo on a white background


The use of a big black dildo will certainly offer a new and exciting feeling to most women!

Or anal beads that go up to 12 inches in the ass are an entirely new feeling than sticking a man’s penis there.

(Or even your own finger).

These new and exciting sensations can help you in two distinct ways:

Get more out of your masturbation sessions

Despite how incredible your fingers looked to you at the start of high school, this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Beautiful woman in underwear masturbating vigorously with her hand on a bed


If this is how you saw masturbation with only your fingers, you will enjoy yourself once you have incorporated sex toys into your masturbation routine!

Using only your hands to masturbate will certainly leave you with something missing.

But once you use sex toys, you will masturbate to the fullest, leaving you in a perfect state of sexual happiness.

Sex toys are the real deal and once you use them to masturbate you will see why you can never use your hands again.

Diagram showing vaginal penetration via a vibrator and fingering of the clitoris


Stimulate you with the unique and extra feel of a sex toy with your hands greatly improves your masturbation sessions.

Improve sex itself with additional stimulation

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys are not just for people.

And although there is another person who will occupy your time, sex toys can perfectly coincide with you and your partner.

The reason why sex toys can be turned into sex is due to the fact that there are many combinations of donors and receptors, as well as places to stimulate.

Diagram showing vaginal penetration in doggy style with a woman using a vibrator on herself


Why receive fair when you can add a vibrator to the mix to amplify the pleasure even more?

Sometimes the added sex toy will stimulate you while making your partner happy.

Or sometimes it will just double the pleasure you already get from your partner.

In any case, using sex toys during intercourse does not only make it better, it makes it more perverse!


# 2 – Sex toys fill the void of real sex

And as much as we like the real thing, there are obvious drawbacks to sex.

And regardless of the size of your partner in bed, some of these drawbacks are inevitable.

However, all of them can be corrected by the use of sex toys.

There are two main aspects that sex toys can help fill the void that can be a problem with real sex:


Let’s be honest: sex is quite difficult to find.

Even for people in a committed relationship, busy work schedules and other activities can reduce the time it takes to actually be able to engage in sexual activity.

Or at the very least, it can make your partner too tired (or lazy) to get along with you.

And for those who have no committed partners, sex is naturally even more difficult to find.

So when the time comes to meet your sexual needs and you don’t have access to the real thing, what are you going to do?

Sure, you can masturbate the old fashioned way, but using your fingers alone, you won’t get close to the feeling of real sex.

Which means he won’t feel as sexually satisfying as the real thing either.

This is where sex toys are so useful.

If you miss the feeling of having a long thick cock inside you, just let a dildo help you fill the void!

Or use an anal plug to simulate anal sex!

Or use a clitoral suction vibrator to simulate eating out!

Woman lying on bed about to use pink clitoral oral sex vibrator


A clitoral vibrator is the perfect sex toy to give you the sensation of oral sex when you don’t have a partner to eat yourself in person.

Remember that sex toys are an improvement over using your own hands.

So if sex is not an option for you at some point, they are the next best thing!


As in, the reliability of making you orgasm every time.

You see, even if your sexual partners (especially the guys) don’t realize it, they often leave you dissatisfied in bed, despite their best efforts.

Frustrated woman sitting on the edge of the bed while her boyfriend is sleeping


Is your man ever unavailable or simply unable to meet your sexual needs? If so, take matters in hand (literally) using sex toys.

For the majority of women, it just means that they weren’t able to get you to come in before they had to “type”, so to speak.

But even for the (very few) women who can come during sex, you can always want more.

Fortunately for you, sex toys will never become soft, making them useless for your sexual needs.

They will never tire of reducing their effectiveness as a means of sexual satisfaction in the same way.

In fact, sex toys will not only guarantee an orgasm, but they will guarantee you to reach them quickly and (relatively) easily.

Blond woman having intense face orgasm on light brown background


If you’ve never had that kind of face before, or if you don’t do it regularly, sex toys are definitely for you!

Plus, sex toys are anything but an absolute necessity if you want jet.

Otherwise called ultimate female orgasm.

Yes, it is possible to squirt during regular intercourse, but it is very unlikely.

And impossible to reproduce with consistency.

So whether you want to ejaculate for the first time or just want to have a satisfying orgasm for once, your sex toys will continue to work.

Do not stop until you are fully satisfied sexually!


# 3 – Sex Toys Help You feel Sexy

This line of reasoning stems mainly from the frizzy nature of sex toys in general.

Whatever type of sex toys you use, there is always a certain perverse side to using them.

It may have something to do with the taboo nature of sex in general in the past.

And although most of that feeling is gone, sex toys are still considered taboos in their own right.

Take the rabbit vibrator for example – it’s an indelible signal of perversity for all women who own or use one.

Purple rabbit vibrator held by a woman at a table


The rabbit vibrator evokes a frizzy atmosphere that makes women sexier!

The simple fact of owning such a perverse item makes you feel sexier about yourself.

Not to mention actually using it!

And that applies to pretty much all sex toys to some extent.

So even if you have the most basic sex toy imaginable, using it will help you feel sexier.

And most importantly, this benefit applies to more than one title:

Feeling sexy means better sexual performance

Blond woman in white top holding a white wand vibrator


Owning and using sex toys will make you feel sexier.

In the context of real sex, the use of a sex toy can actually improve your overall sexual performance.

As you can imagine, if you feel sexy, you will emulate that sex appeal in everything you do.

Your partner will certainly take this into account!

More confidence in social parameters

In fact, just having a sex toy can also have a positive effect on your life outside the bedroom.

It doesn’t matter if someone knows, owning a sex toy can give you confidence when you’re in social scenes.

In the back of your mind, you feel sexy knowing you are getting into sex toys.

And that confidence radiates in the way you interact with others around you.

Sexy confident woman flirting with man in bar


Owning and using sex toys makes you feel sexier and therefore more confident in social environments.

Or if you want a more tangible effect, you can even tell a guy that you’re flirting with the kind of sex toys you own.

In this way, you are immediately seen as more sexy and attractive in his mind.

They won’t stop thinking about how you use your sex toys.

Imagine what you look like using it.

What do you look like.

They will not be able to get you out of their heads.

If you do this right, you can really give off a really sexy vibe that is almost unbeatable when it comes to making guys want.

(Just make sure you’ve at least got to know him a little – otherwise it would be just annoying!)

# 4 – Sex Toys Help You Know Your Body Better

Despite what you thought you may know your body, you are probably just touching the surface if you have never used sex toys before.

For example, do you remember your first masturbation?

And you probably thought it was the most intense most intense thing of all time?

However, once you have received a real human penis for the first time, it is only then that you have realized what you really lacked.

The same applies to sex toys.

Despite how much you can enjoy sex, or even use your own fingers to masturbate, you may miss an entirely new set of sensations.

Those who can make you better than before.

Again, the most common example is the use of vibrators.

Almost all of the women I have spoken with have said they have never felt anything like a vibrator before.

And just about everyone internally wonders why they never used it earlier.

Because they have missed all these years.

The same goes with other types of sex toys.

Until you try them for yourself, you won’t know what you missed.

And the longer you wait to try them, the less time you have to integrate them into your sex life.

Woman with face of pure sexual pleasure masturbating in bed


Until you learn what turns you on sexually, you will miss! Sex toys help facilitate such self-discovery.

We firmly believe that sex and sexual pleasure are a journey.

New sexual arousals are always developing and new discoveries about what makes your body vibrate are probably the best part of sexual pleasure in general.

Without sex toys, we would ask ourselves the question: is there anything else I can do to improve my sexual relations?

And in fact, taking your first sex toy is probably the greatest step of all to unleash your full sexual potential.

Once you try your first sex toy for yourself, you will realize how little you know about sex and sexual pleasure in general.

Whether you like this initial sex toy or not.

This is when you really get the ball, experience and learn more about your body in the process.

It is truly an exciting prospect, and sex toys are the only way to fully discover everything about your body!

Now, for those who really have no idea about the types of sex toys, here is a fairly comprehensive list of the different categories of sex toys that you (or your partner) can try:


The dildos are more or less intended to simulate the penis of a real man.

In reality, nothing leads a woman to see it as the endowment of a man.

Size. The form. The texture.


Dildos therefore help to recreate this level of excitement, especially when you desperately miss the real thing.

realistic dildo that looks like a real penis


Dildos as realistic as this practically beg you to use it!

Dildos are used by simply inserting them in and out of your vagina (or anus) in the same way as you would with your fingers.

Although most dildos are much bigger than your fingers, hence the need for this simplistic but heavenly sex toy.

Getting penetration from something other than your own fingers is also a big reason why dildos are so good.

Rather than feeling like you are penetrating yourself, you will feel like someone else is penetrating you!

The very emulation of sex itself!


This is the heart of the world of sex toys, as most women who have ever used sex toys will attest.

The main reason is simply that there are many different types of vibrators.

Each with its own distinctive features that make them so unique to each other.

Your classic vibrator is a great start, with a straight, streamlined shaft.

But there are more complex vibrators like the Rabbit Vibrator which stimulates both your clitoris and your vagina.

Or the G-Spot vibrator which has a curved head to help reach this often difficult to reach G-spot.

With so many different options to choose from, it will be hard to say that the vibrators are not for you.

Take the time to learn and try them all and you will find at least one vibrator without which you cannot live.

In fact, you will probably like them all!

Anal plug

Anal plugs are a simple but very effective tool for those who love anal play.

The muscles and nerves in your buttocks that provide pleasurable anal stimulation are constantly under stress due to the butt plug, which creates pleasure.

One great way that most women describe is that you feel “full” on the inside.

Not just your buttocks, but your whole body feels like you’re full to the brim.

Very similar to the sensation during authentic anal intercourse.

Blue, pink and purple stainless steel butt plug placed side by side


The anal plugs make you feel full due to the tension created during insertion.

In fact, anal plugs are the perfect solution to simulate double penetration.

Or they can be used if your partner is not ready to have anal sex with you for some reason.

Either way, the anal plugs really amplify the pleasure for an often forgotten pleasure point.

Anal beads

These are so erotic just based on their appearance.

Anal beads are a set of connected beads that each create lasting tension in the anal cavity.

And when strategically removed one by one, they create breathtaking penetration pleasure.

Small anal beads showing flexibility and ring at the bottom


Anal beads work with tension and slow and controlled penetration.

Here’s why we love anal beads in general:

A long length of pearls that somehow manage to penetrate your asshole, one pearl at a time?

This imagery is so hot to think about it.

And it’s even better.

Especially when you take them off one by one for brief moments of sexual liberation.

Each pearl coming out of your body stretches your behind and numbs your entire lower body for a few brief seconds.

Until the pearl leaves you completely.

And then the next one will follow soon.

It is the perfect way to improve your orgasm.

There is a reason why we call anal beads the gateway to scary pleasure.

Male toys

Despite the plethora of sex toys that are primarily aimed at women, it are some toys unique to men.

The two most common are rooster ring, and the sex simulators (also known as Fleshlight).

The penis ring works by simply squeezing the penis at the base, which not only feels good, but can actually help men stay erect longer.

Black cock toy ring on white background


The penis ring is an example of a sex toy specially designed for men.

And sex simulators work by essentially simulating vaginal penetration.

Or for some men, they compare it to simulating a good old-fashioned pipe.

Although for you ladies, you can learn to make the perfect blowjob and prevent it from turning to such sex toys in the first place.

A typical Fleshlight sex toy on a white background
The Fleshlight is a very popular sex toy for men to simulate vaginal and oral sex.

Bdsm sex toys

When you think of BDSM, most people instinctively think of whipping, spanking and even choking in some cases!

These are all forms of pressure on the body, which exactly matches the number of BDSM sex toys used.

(But not always!)

Another element of BDSM toys in general is the psychological aspect that accompanies sex toys.

This is generally not present in the most common sex toys, but in this case, it is quite common.

A red sex toy dungeon used for kinky bdsm acts with various sex toys


Sex toy dungeons like this are great examples of when couples use BDMS sex toys.

Entering the state of mind of being dominant or submissive to your partner is a huge turning point for some people.

And that is as much the appeal as the way these sex toys are used physically on you!

These cover just about all sex toys, so use them as the basis for your self-discovery in your own sexual pleasure!


No matter how you look at it, sex toys are amazing tools for improving your sex life.

Most importantly, there is a huge world of sex toys that women can (and should) enjoy!

many colorful sex toys in a black bin


There are so many sex toys available to choose from!

From the point of view of pleasure, they allow us new and exciting sensations.

The ones we can use to improve the way we masturbate as well as our sexual relationships.

From a logistical point of view, they allow us to fill the void of real sex that concerns just about everyone.

Sex toys also improve us psychologically, helping us to feel sexier.

Not only when you use them, but also just when you talk to guys in social contexts.

And perhaps more importantly, sex toys are the gateway to self discovery and learning about our bodies.

Without sex toys, we simply do not live our sex life to its fullest potential.

there is no doubt.

Trying sex toys is definitely a big step, but it is absolutely necessary to unlock your potential in all sexual activities.

Until you try a sex toy for yourself, you will wonder what you are missing.

And believe me when I say that you really miss a lot!

So take the plunge and watch your sexual pleasure reach new heights!

Once you take that first step, you will open up to a whole new world of incredible sexual experiences and pleasures!

Well, good luck!