My Wild Cosplay Sex Story (I dressed as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones)

If you have never been to a convention where people dress and cosplay then you will not know that you are guaranteed to meet strange people, it is not a bad thing, in fact , this is one of the main reasons why I love to attend these types of cosplay events. I love meeting new people who love who I am and it makes you feel like you are in your own little private community.

I love to dress up as favorite characters and I love to see other people’s creations and most of all I like to see how geeks react when they see a woman like me at one of these events. I’m not selfish, but seeing their geeky little eyes pop out of their heads like a blonde with huge breasts comes out of the shadows dressed as their favorite character and actually wants to talk to them and knows everything about the character that they are dressed as is actually quite funny.

I dress like my prefer characters I just turn them a littleā€¦ pigs. For example, this time, I disguised myself as a super-woman, but I had most of my neckline on show, a tiny blue skirt and knee-high boots. I like to do it, I find it a lot of fun and it’s just a way I like to cosplay.

I attended a cosplay event in a small town a few years ago and disguised as Game of Thrones Khaleesi, I had dropped it perfectly, the white dress, the blonde hair and even a dragon bracelet to go with it all. I went alone to the event and chatted with a guy who was dressed as a Joker, we succeeded right now. He was a big fan of Game Of Thrones and I just knew from watching him that he had probably masturbated on the sex scenes with Khaleesi.

We spent the whole day at the event together, he knew his stuff and so did I. We went to small performances, had a few snacks here and there, and even took photos with some of our favorite characters. He was a great guy, but I could tell that he was not so confident with women, especially with women who looked like Khaleesi.

I asked if he wanted to come to my hotel room

I said it casually, I told her that I had nothing to do tonight and that I was leaving the next morning, I said it like Khaleesi would. He agreed to come and told me it would be fun if we could watch some reruns of our favorite cosplay shows, this guy was too.

We went back to my room and sat on the big hotel bed, I was bored and wanted to explode that spirit now.

I knelt down and asked him if he had ever given a pipe before, he shook his head. I started to get him down, to unzip his cosplay Joker costume, his dick was average but it was hard and I suspect it had been hard since we entered the room.

woman sucking finger

I kept my eye contacrt with him while I sucked his average dick, sucking it deeply and popping my head in and out of my mouth every now and then. However, I didn’t want him to blow up his load too soon. I got up and aksed him if i were to take off my white khaleesi inspired dress and he nodded I pulled her over my head to expose my perfect breasts in D cup and Rosebud nipples and my black panties, my braided blond hair falling behind my back.


He just stared at me, his mouth wide open, his joker make-up smeared now, but I suspected that it would all be gone by the time I was done with him.

I lay on my back next to him and asked him if he had ever run into a girl before and he shook his head and I told him he was going to shoot me . I pushed his head between my legs and groaned as his inexperienced the tongue floated between my pussy lips and on my clitoris. He was surprisingly good at it and I called him the Joker when I groaned for joy.

We stayed like this for a while before telling him to stop and get on his back, he did what he was told while I sat down to overlap him and I & # 39; I pushed his cock inside my now dripping wet pussy. I started to ride him and he said “Go slowly Khaleesi”, it made me realize that he was also in cosplay roleplaying.

The Cosplay Sex Started


I started to ride it slowly, my breasts in D cup bouncing up and down. He had his eyes closed so I grabbed his hand and placed it on my chest, squeezing my pink button nipple while I was doing it. I moaned more and more his cosplay name “Joker” and I started to increase my rebounds, faster and faster.

He asked me if he could take a picutre and I forced him, he grabbed his phone and made me crop the head took a picture of my body above of his cock, making sure to have parts of my Khaleesi blonde hair and of course my amazing breasts.

I kept pushing faster and faster, making him moan my name “Khaleesi” out loud. He told me he was going to cum and I told him to fill my pussy with his warm semen, with that he started to cum inside of me and I felt his sperm fill up and his cock throb as he arrived hard in his wife dream.

We both lie down next to One and the other and gasped for a while, it was exciting. His Joker makeup was totally stained now so I asked him if he wanted to join me in the shower to clean up, he nodded and we spent the next few hours exploring each one other body in the tub and maybe even enjoy it a few more times.