The Truth About the Womanizer (You Must See It)

Okay, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted an article on my blog and that’s because I’ve been busy.

Fortunately, I have not been busy with proper work or adult things, in fact I wanted to say that I was busy testing a sex toy that I didn’t know about until a few years ago. weeks.

This sex toy had so many reviews and opinions that I knew I just had to put it to the test, I think it is safe to say at this point that I have used enough sex toys to tell the difference between good and bad and the womanizer was going to be put under control and for that I needed a lot of time, towels and orgasms, the last part being of course for research purposes.

What is the Womanizer and why do I see it again?

woman holding womanizer starlet

the skirt-chaser is a so-called revolutionary female vibrator that “sucks” your clitoris to give you orgasms without making your clitoris sensitive, giving you the ability to go on and on.

The Womanizer W500 model has 8 different intensity speeds so you can adapt it to your specific preferences. The soft-suction silicone head also suck your entire clitoris so you can experience more intense orgasms and high sensations.

But it just keeps talking until I test it and really give this vibrator a run for its money.

Try the Womanizer for the first time

I was more than excited when the time came to try this vibrator, I had read so much about it from other sex bloggers and reviews on different websites.

The way it is sold, a gentle stimulation of “sucking” really intrigued me, I did not really know what it would look like and from what I had read, it was apparently out of this world and like nothing before.

It’s a bit of an expense, but I had saved up for something special and considering the reviews, I bit the bullet and bought the womanizer W500 and a few days later it landed at my door and we got to work.

I say it often with my sex toys but I like to try them for myself before involving my boyfriend, it gives me a chance to get used to them and learn what I love (he also does it with his sex toys with his sex toys). Once it was charged and I was ready, this so-called revolutionary new female vibrator headed for my room.

I lay on my bed, I applied a tiny bit of my favorite lubricant to my clit (please make sure it is water based) and around the edge of the silicone tip (as shown in the instructions) for more comfort and I immediately turned on the womanizer. I loved the crystal on / off switch, I think it adds a touch of class and made this sex toy even more luxurious.

The intensity of the vibrations is controlled by a high-low switch on the sex toy, it is easy to reach and really easy to differentiate between high and low when you are in the moment. Sometimes sex toys can get complicated when you use them, but this design is so simple and really easy to use.

I increased the intensity and moved the womanizer towards my clitoris and the suction cup was guided around my clitoris and instantly sent a wave of fun around my whole pussy.

I was blown away by the feeling of good, it was like the best oral sex I have ever been given, but I was alone and I wanted to instantly enjoy.

The sensations were incredible, it was one of the best sensations I have ever had with a sextoy, it was like a dream where I had nothing to do and I Was instantly aroused and on the verge of an orgasm. I arrived incredibly fast, I recovered and I realized that I could continue because my clitoris was not too sensitive as it can sometimes happen with other vibrators.

I spent the afternoon enjoying with such intensity that I even squirted, the extraordinary sensations sent shivers down my body and made me scream with pleasure.

The orgasm after the orgasm came to me and it didn’t stop that day.

I used it whenever I could get my hands on it, I play with the different vibrations and settings, I tried it in different positions and I even used it with my boyfriend present . He just loved to sit and watch me use it which was exciting and he couldn’t believe it when he saw me squirt.

How I got there using this suction vibrator

woman in latex skirt showing underwear

This is exactly what I did and I had no prior knowledge of how to use it, I had read a lot about it but I didn’t Had never seen anyone use it.

I made sure it was charged, it takes 120 minutes for a full charge, which is equivalent to about 240 minutes of play, representing the elderly.

I then took my new vibrator upstairs and applied a little lubricant on the tip (where your clitoris goes), then a little lubricant for me. This is not necessary, but it makes the womanizer w500 more comfortable and prevents any discomfort from dryness.

The vibration settings can be controlled easily, so start slowly on one of the lower settings when you place it on your clitoris and gradually increase the intensity as you adjust to the sex toy and as your orgasms increase.

Once I’m done for the day, I wiped it off with a little sex toy cleaning wipes and I let it recharge ready for the next day.

Use it with a partner

stick cartoons in different sex positions

I mention below in the negatives of the womanizer W500 that it is a solo sex toy and that using it with a partner can be a little tricky. With my boyfriend, I made him look at me and touch me when I arrived.

You can also ask your partner to hold the womanizer for you against your clitoris, but that can be tiring, so involving them in other creative ways is definitely a great idea.

Negatives surrounding the Womanizer

womanizer negatives in a picture

I only found a few things that can be seen as negative. The first thing is the price, although it is not the most expensive sex toy that I have tried (Hello sex machine), it is expensive and if you do not have the money for saving can be a bit of an expense. However, saving for it and getting it when you can afford it is worth 100%. The site where I always buy my sex toys also offers you a 100 day money back guarantee, so if you splurge and hate, you can get your money back.

The next thing is that I like to involve my boyfriend when I use my sex toys and you have to be a little creative if you like to do that too. My boyfriend holding it was too tiring for his arm and I preferred to hold it at an angle, so instead he looked at me and jerked off. We also played with the womanizer W500 and he used it on me by placing a pillow under his arm to keep it from hurting.

On top of that, this is an incredible sex toy that I would recommend to anyone looking for intense orgasms without increasing clitoral sensitivity. I would particularly recommend it to those who enjoy the sensations of great oral sex.

Does it sound like oral sex?

cartoon lips

Yes and no, the sensation of sucking on your clitoris is the same. For me, it’s like when oral sex is really, really good and you are at the peak of orgasm.

The silicone is smooth like the lips, but of course the moisture you get by having a mouth down is totally different. The biggest difference for me was not having my head down, using the womanizer w500 is very similar stimulation, just without the other person and the mouth.

The consistency of the suction is also different, but overall I would say it was a very good oral sex simulator (check out my other toys simulating oral sex).

girl in fishnet and pink lingerie

Thank you very much for reading my new article, if you have any questions about this amazing female vibrator, leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you!

Have a nice day,